Libya: 250 Muslim leaders meet to demand Sharia

They’re not in it for just a little Sharia. They’re in it for the package deal. Even Imam Rauf knows that Sharia does not lend itself to selective compartmentalization. “Islamists want new Libya based on Shariah law,” from the Associated Press, November 28:

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) “” Dozens of Libyan imams and other religious leaders have demanded the country’s constitution be based on Islamic Shariah law and have also urged the transitional government to get weapons out of the hands of former rebels.
Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, said last month that Shariah law would be the main source of legislation in the new Libya.

But he stressed it would reflect a moderate Islam. Other leaders said the matter is still to be decided.

“Moderate” is relative. “Moderate” is less extreme than the next guy, and therefore depends on the point of reference. This highly successful pattern of deceit depends on generalities and half-truths.

The 250 Muslim leaders met in Tripoli on Monday for a conference organized by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. They were seeking a common voice on pressing issues for Libya.

They urged leaders to deal with tribal tensions and disarm the ex-rebels who toppled Moammar Gadhafi, calling them “mujahedeen.”

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  1. says

    Another Arab country bites the dust and returns to a 6th century primitive and inhuman lifestyle.
    Arab Spring must mean to springboard back in time – boing!

  2. says

    Not too long ago, a Muslim who advocated for Sharia was considered an “Islamist”, another word for extremist. But as the entire Muslim world has moved in this direction, a change in classification was needed to maintain the multicultural fiction that Islam is compatible with our values.

    Presto! The “moderate Islamist” was born (in the West).

    Now, there are TWO Sharia’s. There’s the traditional one practiced in Iran and Saudi Arabia…and a new-and-improved ‘Sharia light’…taking hold throughout the region. Only problem is, they are indistinguishable.

    It’s amazing what we will resort to in order to avoid the ugly truth.

  3. says

    Imams are simply following well-established economic principles, such as Buchanan’s Theory of Public Choice. They are arrogating as much power and influence to themselves as possible.

    Unfortunately, these Imams have an extra incentive, as they are learned only in the Koran, and singularly lack any skills needed to be productive in any sense whatsoever. So, their self-interest has a quality of desperation. Unless they can bamboozle their flock, and arrogate contributions to themselves, they will be out on the street with a tin cup.