OccupyWallStreet Leftist: “I wouldn’t give a f*ck if 9/11 happened 911 more times”

The Leftist/jihadist alliance has been on abundant display during the Occupy protests. Here it is displayed most vividly, without apology.

(Video thanks to Pamela Geller.)

Is Stephen Walt responsible for inspiring NY jihad bomb plotter Muhammad Yusuf?
Jamie Glazov and Michael Coren discuss the Leftist/Islamic supremacist assault on the West
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  1. says

    Thats nice…

    “I wouldent care if another 911 happened right now, to that building right there where those g-ddamn (muffled antisemetic comment) motherf@$ers. My name is Adolf and… God bless?”

    God bless? Really? Who does this shmuck want god to bless? Im a bit confused here, does he want god to bless those (muffled antisemetic comment) motherf@$ers. Or does he want…

    What the hell do these animals want!?!

    It seems like they want to destroy all life, thier hatred is an all consuming demonic evil.

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    Confused? Or just an evil b*st*rd? I’m not sure! It’s very worrying that there are so many clueless individuals like him around wanting to destroy the society that has given them everything they have.

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    “….filthy…..” what?? Color me paranoid, but I couldn’t help but wonder if “Jews” was on the tip of his tongue, which he was controlled enough to bite just in time….

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    This is an empty headed loser who, even though young, just can’t cut it in society and spews the ugliest crap his little brain can come up with out of anger of knowing he’s a worthless loser.

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    Hey guys, I have this christian roommate at my new place and he clearly seems to have been brainwashed with leftist ideas. He says even if it is true that violence is rooted in quran/Islam itself, it is not a problem because Christianity used to be the same way, and just as Christians grew out of their violent ways, muslims too will.

    Now us JW’ers know that is not true, but since I am not a Christian, I am at loss to respond. Does anyone know of any books/articles/essays etc that I can show him so he can see the error in his argument? I told him about Robert Spencer and JW but I have a feeling it won’t help unless first his above argument can be rebutted successfully.

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    Dear liberty.or.death,

    NUMBER 1) Your roommate needs to prove that violence is rooted in Christianity. Your roommate needs to show where Christ preached specific violent acts, inequality, hate, misogamy, and all the cruel, evil things that Mohammad did and preached. If he can do that, then he has an argument, because he’s trying to equate the two and claims they’ll “grow out of it”. Christians “grew out of it” because it’s not in the preaching of Jesus to begin with. Period.

    NUMBER 2) Even if somehow muslims CHANGE THE KORAN and eliminate the violent commands from Mohammad attributed to Allah and “grow out of it” on a timeline like Christians, that puts them right in the middle of their own medieval inquisition. And they have a couple hundred years of violence and hate ahead of them. So — it is a problem for about another TWO HUNDRED YEARS to come.

    Cut and paste this post and give it to your roommate.

    You’re welcome.

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    911 x 911= 829,921. Maybe that’ll turn out to be the total number daid when NYC gets lit up again.

    Piety inevitably leads to anger, as the pious come to realize that those around them are failing to tag along. When you’re mad about other people’s money, well, now that’s a serious piety.

    The affinity and mutual respect between globo-socialists and Moslems tells me that a whole lotta people would like to see another 911, to teach The Man a lesson, which apparently he didn’t fully get the first time.

    Who is The Man? Cheaters, takers, hypocrites, those who would make mischief in the land.

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    @ Cuda
    You wrote: There is both violence in the Old Testament and the Koran.

    Wrong! There is a description of violence that happened 2,500 years ago in the Bible. The Bible is primarily an historical text.
    And by total contrast, Al Qur’an’s violence is for all times and all places. It is for the here and now.
    The essential difference, as far as violence in these texts is concerned, is that in the Bible it is ‘descriptive’ and in Al Qur’an it is ‘prescriptive’.

    Your attempt at moral equivalence between The Bible and Al Qur’an is way off the mark! To say that there is violence in both texts is a broad brush-stroke that means nothing.
    You’re behind the curve, Cuda, light years behind the curve.

    But education is at hand! Set yourself straight with 9 minutes of this video.

    PS. You won’t find anything in the Qur’an as beautiful as Psalm 23 in The Bible(King James).

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    The following question would have been interesting to ask
    Mr. cluless cause, who are you going to vote for next election?
    OK I’ll put my money on the table, 100:1, he is an hussain obozo supporter.

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    This is beyond despicable and repulsive! I only hope this pathetic creature does not even know what he is saying. Maybe he was on drugs? Wishful thinking, I know…
    There is absolutely no excuse. If any of these losers occupying NYC had a shred of decency, they would distance themselves from this disgusting evil s**t, and kick him out, or better still, send him to Taliban as their “goodwill ambassador”.
    I simply cannot believe that anyone could say something so evil, and that there are people who actually, support this scum and feed him, and clean after him. He is nothing but a waste of space.
    And to think he is blessed to live in America when so many other people, such as myself, are not as fortunate.

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    This douche-bag thinks he’s wearing a kefiyeh, but he’s actually wearing a dog’s tooth-check scarf. He can’t even get that right…

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    Let us not forget that day on The View when Rosie got all her cellulite into a jiggle over what really happened in the Battery that day, that evil day when elite white men murdered 3,000 innocents for their political conspiracy.

    There was strong applause from the audience as Rosie held forth. Watching this, what I thought about was all the women who drove into the studio for the show, in from CT and NJ, driving Mercedes and Lexuses paid for by their white husbands, would they be upset at the Moslems if NYC got lit up again, or would they revolt against the white men?

    Being decoupled from reality, living in a fictive reality, can lead to strange responses. I think many Infidels would secretly smile to themselves if another 911 goes down. Not dance in the streets like the local Moslems did, just smile.

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    I visited the OWS crowd in NYC. There was a definite jihadi presence. There also were hippies, communists, anarchists, fetishists, and even a small sober group of people expressing concern for how money influences politics in America. There also was the Arab man wrapped in the Israeli flag with a shofar in his hand expressing his love for Jews and Israel. Some OWS people want to destroy America (guess which ones) and some “just” want to see changes in weath distribution.

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    What a nice man. He is entitled to his opinion, after all….

    Me? I wouldn’t give a flying fart if he and his jihadist kind were deported and sent packing back to whatever hell holes they came from.

    But that’s just me, and that’s what I think of jihadist garbage.

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    There is a sect of Moslems who do reject Mohammed as the last prophet of Islam.

    Whoa, I knew Moslems were stupid but rejecting Mo and keeping the Islam takes the cake. Given that the great God Allah gave Mo such a rousing endorsement in 33:21, you’d think it would be logically impossible to have Islam w/o the Mo. Mo is everywhere in the Ko-Ran, Allah was blabbing about him all the time. Reject Mo, ya gotta reject Allah. And probably the Archangel Gabriel too.

    But, as I said, living decoupled from reality leads to confusion, resulting in unexpected responses. Staggering in a fog, they are, stumbling through a cloud of fictive bubbles.

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    There is no limit to these rats they keep coming out of the Islamic rat hole – at least a pro-Pali and anti-Isrealie (I am not jumping to any conclusions, I know enough about the body language to read this sucker like a kiddies rhyme!).

    This guy didn’t care much about schooling – wasted time – hated the guys got the good grades – blamed the teachers for his lack of learning – now he is blaming the society instead of getting on his a.. and get-going with life.This dude is a very pro-Pali. I think he should be locked up for life, because he condones over 3000 innocent people murdered by 11 f-Islamists.

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    Someone who lives in NY should make 500 photocopies of his face with his quote underneath and post them around OWS. This guy might have a Facebook profile as well. Shame him. I know the lefties will probably rip them down but it may have an effect.

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    Going back to uni and studying to be a teacher as a (much) older student was very revealing. We were expected to school the students in hatred for their own culture and forebears, and teach them that the “Other” was always innocent, encourage them to sneer at capitalism, idealise “revolution”, believe in their own stunning “creativity”, view themselves as capable of anything (except learning a humble trade), thinkng “globally”,and so on. At no time did I hear any teachers give students any concern for the invincible, powerful West, except from “global warming”, which was the West’s fault in any case and would hurt the innocent non-West even more.
    This young creep is the fruit of such education.

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    “I, for one, also believe there is a right to rebel against rulers who go to far…”

    And didn’t Confucius say it the people had a responsibility (not just a “right”) to rise up against unjust rulers?

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    Well, it could happen while they’re making fools of themselves or maybe the plane could fall a bit short of the building and “land” on their camp.

    Seems the twit didn’t think about that…

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    This loser seems to me to be pretty obviously drunk, stoned or a combination of the two, in addition to being woefully ignorant and prone to violence (which appears, unfortunately, to be the definition of the young, liberal lifestyle). If he’s representative of the OWS group at Zucotti Park, Bloomberg has some real problems coming his way.

    Nonetheless, his comments are abhorrent; someone needs to save this video and play it back to this piece of excrement when he sobers up and finally achieves his life-long goal of “3 hots and a cot” in the “public housing”” on Riker’s Island, or alternatively play it for his (god forbid he reproduces) kids 10 or so years from now so they too can bask in glory of what a piece of waste their father is.

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    That….vile person is profoundly consumed by anger, hate, and a sickening viciousness. He’s diseased like some rabid animal. What’s usually done with such a terminally ill and dangerous creature? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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    God forbid another 9 11 ever happens again in America. Having said that, if it did, here is hoping this idiot will be accosted by a huge ball of fire and remembers what he said right before …..

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    This yahoo just confirmed what many people knew about CAIR and the Saudi Puppet Hooper that pretends to denouce terrorism by saying the islam reject the killing of the innocent.

    Here’s my point, since the WTC towers had mini-Mosques and we saw several muslims killed that day, this guy is sayingthat he agrees with the Martyr’s or Apostates killed and is not outraged at the burned Qurans or terrosim attack on the Mosques.

    Why?????, because in Iraq we see muslims bombing each others Mosques as a favour to Allah because they see each OTHER as the apostates to be killed.
    As for CAIR and Hooper/Awad , they see the burned Qurans and attacks on the Mini-Mosques as part of Jihad to spread islam….. and they use Taqqiyah to fool the MSM morons by only denouncing all forms of violence by WILL NOT condemn the actual 19 Muslims that murdered civilains and attacked Mosques.

    In Toronto Canada I saw a Public Transit Worker (TTC)
    just a week ago that wore a Pro-hamas scarf and they were just feet away from the TTC’s “Bill of Rights” for Passengers to have dignity and respect and be free of racism or vebal abuse while on the TTC property.
    Seems that the ATU and Suits at the TTC love to march in the PRIDE parade and let Buses go in the Parade to support the gay Rights in canada….BUT , in the TTC is just fine with Hamas murdering homosexual in Palestine .
    The Unions have a odd relationship with the Occupiers and just this week a young girl died in Vancouver from drugs and those Occupiers have excused it away and still think thay are on Souvereign Land and don’t have to call the Police of 9-11 . The Police and Fire Dept Unions fear enforcing the Laws for crimes or Fire safety , we even have Politicians repeating their threats to get tough some time in the future with a very stern letter detailing when they might really call in the police… sort of, kind of.

    Now that the islamofascists have shown their face at the Occupy camps, we now know that the communists
    and socialists are using the muslims as useful-idiots to bas hthe USA and the West, but there is no room for faith in Communism so these morons for islam are much like the Nazi SS troops that were the Msulim division under Hitler’s power for Africa.
    Funny how these outraged Muslims never want to leave the West or USA for a Utopic islamic hell-hole like Iran or saudi Arabia, no sir….they have more Human Rights here in the West than in ANY islamic nation.

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    If 911 were ( God forbid ) to recur 911 more times, let us hope that it occurs in Iran, Syria, Libya, and all the vermin infested Islamic habitats of the world.

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    If 911 were ( God forbid ) to recur 911 more times, let us hope that it occurs in Iran, Syria, Libya, and all the vermin infested Islamic habitats of the world.

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    If 911 were ( God forbid ) to recur 911 more times, let us hope that it occurs in Iran, Syria, Libya, and all the vermin infested Islamic habitats of the world.

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    Well, 9/11 has occured in many American lives and the anger against the financial community is understandable. My own pension was cancelled by Wall Street. I hope God strikes them down with His vengeance.

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    Islam is undergoing a transformation. Iran is the example and so is the so called Arab Spring. It is transorming into a more archaic, brutal, oppressive, fundamental expression of its prophet that contains curtailment of free speech,persecution of non muslim faiths, slavery of women and an insane pursuit of world domination through force. This transformation is now exhibiting itself throughout the world and this sad character is the perfect Zombie of Death to carry out this transformation.

  30. says


  31. says


    May his afterlife be a 9/11 Ground Hogs’ Day for all eternity where he jumps to his death again and again from the towering inferno.

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    Here people:

    This idiot doesn’t represent OWS. Most of the idiots they put on TV are idiots they LOOK for so that you can sit at your TV, eat your bon bons and say “evil leftists!”

    They’re not.


    This is something you should all read before clumping people into a group of evil doers. I know that none of you as christians, jews or whatever you may be appreciate being clumped in with crusaders or abortion clinic doctor killers, do you?

    You’ve managed to see the truth about islam, don’t close your eyes to the rest of the world around you. It’s all much bigger than that. And Robert does a good job of letting us know that islam is on the march and what they are doing, but this definately doesn’t fall into that category. Imagine… how FOOLISH the egyptians would sound if there was a christian protesting something and the rest of the country thought “the christians are behind this! they’re taking over!” apples and oranges.

  33. says

    “Unfortunately, he constantly conflates leftist (without defining the term accurately) with dhimmi and thereby confuses his message and marginalizes himself.”

    “The Leftist/jihadist alliance has been on abundant display during the Occupy protests. Here it is displayed most vividly, without apology.”

    Well, let’s take a look at what Spencer said. The above comment doesn’t mention dhimmi anywhere I can see. Andrea, I believe you may be off the mark on that one. He does say that the Left /Jihadist alliance has been on abundant display. Hmm. Well has it?

    Well, in Iran maybe.

    When I did a google search of Leftist and Jihadist and OWS, for the most part I was able to find only blogs that are reporting the Iran story I referenced. I went to Zombietime, becuase his pics are always a blast to look at and I figured he would have some shots of jihadists. Nope, just some angry protestors of all persuasions. There were stories about how Lech Walesa was not attending OWS because some he was “Not comfortable with the “organizations” behind the movement.” I think they are reaching there with that one.

    And then there are always the hippies who come out for these protests. The only thing I’d worry about with them is that I know where my weed and my lunch is at all times.

    And there were the homeless. Of course the homeless are leftists, that’s because they have nowhere LEFT to go. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

    And then there were the lone nut jobs of that Black teacher(who was fired for her comments. YAY!) and the anti-semite homeless guy in NY who has shown up at just about every recent protest there.

    So, it would seem, that maybe Robert is trying to smear too much peanut butter on his bread with this one. I would suggest that he use his knife a little more carefully and leave the smearing to those who really know how to smear: the jihadists.

    Robert knows that kids just love wearing those Kefiyah’s, they are SO fashionable these days! He should offer them fashion tips rather than castigating them for their fickle allegiances. He should really leave these youths alone as they will most likely grow out of it when they have there first kid. No? Well I suppose they could end up like Anjem Choudary, but didn’t he go from a crazy pub crawler, strip joint dollar bill slinging, wild youth into a crazed, crank yanking jihadist?

    I guess you can never tell what people will do with their lives.

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    Leftist elitist (supremacists) and some ignorant American Militia Movement members foolishly think that we need a revolution in this country. For some bizarre reason they think that will leave them in charge. They don’t seem to realize that the Muslim Brotherhood’s global jihad, which supports their efforts, plans on taking charge in the end. Then, the useful idiots, no matter how smart or macho they believe themselves to be, will have helped the Islamic conquest.

  35. says

    All things considered, this guy is a moderate. He’s only calling for the deaths of 2.7 million people. Leftist hero Ward Churchill called for 8 million, and Michael Moore for everyone who voted for Bush.

  36. says

    Maybe one of the critics of my position would enlighten me to the working definition of “leftist?”
    The drugged out nut in this video and his remarks are in no way representative of the OWS movement. To argue that he is typical of the OWS movement and of the “left” is so absurd that serious thinking people will dismiss anyone who does so. And they would be right to do so.
    There are people who fall into the defintion of leftist who are not dhimmis, who do not believe Islam is an acceptable ideology and who even support Israel.
    To the extent Geller and Spencer attempt to equate the nut in this video as representative of OWS supporters and/or leftists they are as much crackpots as the multiculturalists who give Islam a free pass.

  37. says

    ‘darmanad’, you’re not very well-mannered, no matter what your politics are. As for your allusion to being a serious thinker, I take that with a pinch of salt.

  38. says

    OccupyWallStreet Leftist: “I wouldn’t give a f*ck if 9/11 happened 911 more times”

    **Repulsive**. And notice the “solidarity with the vicious killer ‘Palestinians'” Kafiyyeh, as well.

    Here’s more, with the revolutionaries at Egypt’s Tahrir Square in solidarity with the particularly violent idiots at “Occupy Oakland”:


    “From Egypt to Wall Street” indeed. If that were really so, it seems we could look forward to the public rape of women, massacres of religious minorities, and the imposition of Shari’ah.

    Or as the “Arab Spring” calls it, “freedom”.

    Mohammed’s Pink Swastika wrote:

    What the hell do these animals want!?!

    They consider it “purer” not to say. This is not a joke”it is *entirely serious*.

    *This* is what we’ve come to”violent demonstrators in the streets, demanding that we”who?”*someone*, make it all better, *or else*. It’s like a screaming two-year-old, who just wants his frustration to go away, and he will yell until it does.

    This is entirely understandable in a toddler”in supposed adults”or even “youth””not so much.

    Want to see what kicked this all off? An image in the Canadian anti-Capitalist magazine Ad Busters, from back in July or August:


    Even here, the poster just teasingly asks, “WHAT IS OUR ONE DEMAND? without actually positing anything at all.

    It is ambiguous what the role of the ballerina is. Is she a herald of the demonstrators, puckishly perching on the back of the famous Wall Street bull statue?

    Or is she a “bourgeois” symbol of the arts, to be destroyed along with the bull, symbol of productive labor? This is not clear.

    What *is* clear, though, is the nature of the hulking, masked “demonstrators”, emerging from the murky haze behind the bull. There can be no doubt that they are menacing, and violent, and headed right for you.

  39. says

    That’s what I was thinking. He changed it to pigs after thinking (I know, I know. How is an animal like this even able to tie his shoelaces much less think) about how it might sound on camera. But, remember, the Jews are the descendants of Apes and Pigs, after all.

  40. says

    What he is saying is correct in the first part but merely opinion in the second part. There is both violence in the Old Testament and the Koran. There are also good passages in both books. Christianity has gone through a reformation while Islam has not. Whether Islam goes through a reformation or not remains to be seen. I have little hope.

    What matters are individuals and how they interpret those books. An individual has the capacity to choose good or evil whatever religion or set of moral codes he or she becomes acquainted with in life. If I could recommend any books for you BOTH to read it would be the writings and letters of Thomas Jefferson.

  41. says

    “Christianity used to be the same way, and just as Christians grew out of their violent ways, muslims too will.”

    Christians did not “grow out of their violent ways.”
    True Christianity, is the act, and commitment to the following of Jesus Christ. Following the truly perfect man, is the highest ideal of Christianity. To pick up your cross and follow Jesus, not the sword. All the atrosities done in the “name” of Christ were not Christian acts.

    There is no “just” Christian war.

    True Christians do not have violent ways, because we follow the example of Christ. Christ did not have a sword. He gave his life, he never took a life. Therefore we are called to give our lives, never take the life of others.

    As far as moslems growing out of their violent ways. I’ve only got one word to answer for the violence of Moslems, and why it continues… Mohammed.

    Moslems are called to follow the example of Mohammed, he was their perfect man.

    Mohammed was a murderer.

    They will never grow out of their violent ways, because to do so they would have to reject Mohammed as THE example of perfect conduct, and behavior. Its never going to happen.

  42. says


    Before you follow mine or anyone else’s suggestions about your roommate, ask a few questions.

    How does he see God’s sovereign choice in giving His grace?
    Is the election of Israel simply an example of “Jewish arrogance”, or does it tell us something about the graciousness of God’s dealings with man?

    Does he ever criticize Paul, and try to pit Paul against Jesus?

    Is he down on the Bible’s “patriarchy”?

    If he’s negative about all of these things, he doesn’t know the Christian faith well at all.

    I question anyone who calls himself a “Christian” but looks down on the Old Testament as “inferior” or “something to outgrow”–except, perhaps, in recognizing that its civil and ceremonial laws (as distinct from the moral) were to distinguish Israel until Messiah comes. And, if he condemns Jesus’ description of Hell as a place of wailing and gnashing of teeth, where at least a portion of the human race is surely headed, chalk him up as one who needs a lot more learning and growing.

    As for the ban on the Canaanites in the Torah, it’s a warning that God can find a civilization or nation so rottenly corrupt that the only thing to do with it is sweep it away. Further, the covenantal cursings and blessings of Deuteronomy also warn that Israel itself (and Christendom?) might also so lose its way that it, too, will need something like the Babylonian exile. This is what the whole historical portion of the Old Testament tells us. This Christian, for one, will NEVER outgrow it.

    Also, while we’re on the book of Deuteronomy, I can’t help notice that God’s election of Israel imposes certain ethical responsibilities, and God repeatedly tells Israel that his election of them is gracious, not a cause to boast. So, if your friend has any hint of “chosen people=Jewish arrogance”, he clearly doesn’t understand the Old Testament, and may even have a very poor understanding of the Gospel of grace.

    Yes, there’s a just war doctrine which thinkers like Augustine of Hippo worked out from reading the Old Testament and meditating on the meaning of justice and the proper role of the civil government. I, for one, also believe there is a right to rebel against rulers who go to far (after John Knox, among others). BUT the governing texts stress the spiritual character of the Christian warfare (you win unequivocally if Muslims become Christians because of ethical example, prayer, and peaceable witness; you get only a “maybe” win if you baptize the Saxons or Saracens at swordpoint) in Paul’s Corinthian letters, while Paul’s letter to the Romans commands that as far as it is up to us, we must pursue peace with all men (Rom. 12:18).

    In short, for “just war” Christians (and I am among them), war and/or revolt is a very, very, very last resort; for Muslims, it is a continuing pillar of the faith.

  43. says


    I am participating in an email argument about recent events in the war in Afghanistan, and the person who I am arguing with has made the following claim:
    “All Muslim clerics who are true to Islamic/Mohammad teaching preach that anyone other than Muslims are infidels and subject to the sword.”
    I don’t believe this claim, but I am not a Muslim, and I know very little about Islam, so I don’t have the facts to counter this person’s claim. What is the Islamic truth here? How should I argue?.

    Praise be to Allaah.

    Your question to is indicative of a sincere desire to find out the truth, but before that did you not ask yourself: why am I content with this little that I know about Islam? Why don’t I get the full picture about this religion from its followers, even if that means that I have to travel to them? People often travel to earn money or for pleasure, or for other material purposes, or even for foolish purposes.

    It is the matter of one’s eternal destiny. Is it not possible that this truth that you are seeking is to be found in that which you do not know about Islam?

    It is even more serious than that, for it is the matter of eternal Paradise or eternal Hell.

    But in addition to that sincere desire to discover the truth, you also need an even more sincere desire to follow it and the will power to adhere to it, even if it runs contrary to what you were accustomed to before.

    Moreover, by asking this question you seem to be like a sick person who looks at the surgeon’s knife and its sharpness, and forgets the disease that is killing him, or curses the cautery for its burning and forgets the leprosy that is consuming him. This is not the way of the wise.

    First of all you should understand the motives for jihad in Islam, before asking about who deserves to be killed.

    These motives were summed up by Rib’i ibn “Aamir and other companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and were stated to Rustam, the commander of the Persian army, in the battle of al-Qaadisiyyah, when he asked them one after another, for three consecutive days before the battle took place: “What is this that you have brought?” The answer came: “Allaah has sent us to bring forth whomsoever He wills from the worship of people to the worship of Allaah alone, from the hardship of this world to its ease, from the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam. He sent His Messenger with His religion to His creation. Whoever accepts it from us, we will accept it from him and will go back; we will leave him and his land alone. Whoever refuses, we will fight him until we end up in Paradise or in victory.”

    This religion has always – and continues to and always will – be faced with resistance based on deviant beliefs and false ideologies, with political, military, social, economic and racial obstacles. All these obstacles combined may produce an attitude that rejects Islam altogether and prevents people from following it.

    If verbal discussions and debates, arguing in a way that is better, address deviant beliefs and ideas, then the jihad movement addresses other, material obstacles, foremost among which is the political power that is based on those combined factors. It aims its strikes at the military and political powers that enslave the people to something other than Allaah – i.e., rules them by means of something other than the laws of Allaah – and that prevent them from listening to the truth and following it with absolute freedom. Thus there is a need for both da’wah and jihad in order to face the real obstacles of life.

    See Ma’aalim fi’l-Tareeq, p. 59 ff

    Thus it becomes clear that the basic principle of fighting as prescribed in sharee’ah is jihad, and its purpose is that all religion should be devoted to Allaah, and that the word of Allaah should be supreme. Whoever tries to prevent that is to be fought, according to the consensus of the Muslims. With regard to those who are not involved in resistance and fighting – such as women, children, monks, old men, the blind, the chronically ill, and so on – they are not to be killed, according to the majority of scholars, unless they fight in word or deed… because we are to fight those who fight us, if we want the religion of Allaah to prevail, as Allaah says (Interpretation of the meaning):

    “And fight in the way of Allaah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allaah likes not the transgressors”

    [al-Baqarah 2:190]

    It was proven that our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) passed by a woman who had been killed in one of his battles, and the people were standing around her, and he said: “This one was not a fighter.” And he sent a man to Khaalid ibn al-Waleed – who was a general at the head of his army – and commanded him: “Tell him not to kill any children or hired workers.” Perhaps what is meant is those who were not bearing arms. Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2669; al-Albaani said: It is hasan saheeh; Saheeh Abi Dawood, 2324.

    Allaah has permitted killing to whatever extent it is needed to bring people to the right path, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “and Al‑Fitnah (tumult and oppression) is worse than killing”

    [al-Baqarah 2:217]

    i.e., although killing involves evil and mischief, the evil and mischief caused by the fitnah of the disbelievers (the tumult and oppression that they cause) is worse than that. With regard to the person who does not try to prevent the Muslims from establishing the religion of Allaah, his disbelief harms no one but himself.

    Al-Siyaasah al-Shar’iyyah by Ibn Taymiyah, 165-167.

    Here there is an important point to be made: fighting, aggression and oppression are old problems that affect mankind so long as people are influenced by greed and by whims and desires, and so long as both good and evil exist among men. Ibn Khaldoon said:

    “Wars and all kinds of fighting have existed from the moment Allaah created mankind. Their origin is the desire that some people have to wreak vengeance on others… This is something natural in man and no nation or era is free of this…”

    Moreover, what do the Muslims have to do with the terrible wars that have taken place between various Christian groups in the past, and what befell the Protestants at the hands of the Catholics?

    What do the Muslims have to do with the two World Wars, or with Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    We have the right to say, along with Count Henri de Christie: “It is more correct to say that the peaceful nature and gentleness of the Muslims is the reason why their state fell.”

    Allaah the Almighty has spoke the truth:

    “Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: “Our Lord is Allaah.’ For had it not been that Allaah checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allaah is mentioned much would surely, have been pulled down. Verily, Allaah will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allaah is All‑Strong, All‑Mighty”

    [al-Hajj 22:40]

    Think about that, then listen to the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Allaah wonders at those who will enter Paradise in chains.” (Saheeh al-Bukhaari, 3030). And he said: “[The verse] “You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind’ [Aal “Imraan 3:110] means, You are the best for the people, as you bring them with chains on their necks till they embrace Islam” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 4557) – i.e., when they fight others, they may take some of them prisoner, or others may submit to their rule, then they come to know Islam and enter into the faith, even though they disliked it at first.

    Perhaps if you do that, you will kiss the hand of the doctor, even if the scars of his scalpel are left on your skin.

    And Allaah is the Source of strength.
    Islam Q&A


    Does that answer your questions?

  44. says

  45. says

    Christianity doesn’t SANCTION the murder of people. MEN, mostly power grabbing wack jobs used Christianity as their authority to behave badly. That is not what God commanded.

    However, allah DOES command that infidels are murdered.

    For that matter, Christianity-Judaism-the bible and any OTHER religion in the world aside from Islam does NOT contradict the constitution of the USA. All men are created equal??? Not in islam. The bible doesn’t distinguish between male and female on most issues. “WHO SO EVER BELIEVES IN ME SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE” Notice there is no special treatment for men or women? The soul is the soul no matter what the genitals are.

    What you’ve got in your roomate is someone that may claim to be christian but has no concept of christianity. That’s common these days. TODAY in the world, the evil men have moved on to another “authority” to commit their crimes. The reason that has happened is because we now are able to READ THE BIBLE for ourselves rather than sitting in a pew while someone with a big hat tells us what it says and interprets it for us.

    No amount of literacy or intelligence is going to change the basic premise of islam. Christians (and not all of them) understand that “God is Love”. islam is about war in its entirety (when it’s not obsessing over sex). Stupid people can be lead to commit terrible atrocities in the name of Christianity, but Christianity itself does not sanction it.

    Maybe that helps?

  46. says

    I did not attempt to put the Koran on the same moral plane as the Bible. It is not even close. The Bible, particularly, the New Testament, is an infinitely better source of moral codes in which to live by.

    As to the Koran being entirely prescriptive, what about the mentioning of the Battle of Badr? Is this not a description of an historical battle which took place hundreds of years ago?

    And BTW, that video link is an excellent primer on Islam.

    PS. I prefer Matthew 5-7.

  47. says

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    One Question. If they did reject Mohammed as the example of the perfect conduit and eschewed the violent passages of the Koran, would they still be Muslims? Personnally, I assume some Muslim Americans may feel this way but are afraid to “come out”, if you will, to their fellow Muslims. I feel there needs to be a Jefferson Koran the same way that there is a Jefferson Bible. Unfortunately, this would probably leave the Koran the size of a post-it note.

  48. says

    Give Me Doughnuts wrote:

    Everybody on this forum is part of the 99%.

    Oh, pish-tosh, Give Me Doughnuts. I write this from my aerie/studio high above San Francisco bay, enjoying a view that few of the “little people” can ever experience.

    And this is just one of my fourteen”or is it fifteen?”stately residences. Giles, did we sell the place in Monaco, or just lease it that earl? So hard to keep these things straight…

    I may need to take my personal jet out to make a coffee run soon. Of course, I could send the help, but I do so like to mingle with the 99% of the population that cannot hope to share my fabulous lifestyle…sarc/off

  49. says

    “One Question. If they did reject Mohammed as the example of the perfect conduit and eschewed the violent passages of the Koran, would they still be Muslims?”

    There is a sect of Moslems who do reject Mohammed as the last prophet of Islam, and they are persecuted, and murdered by fundimentalist Moslems, as heritics. So I think the answer would be no, they might consider themselves Moslems. But like I’ve said many times before… “Calling your self a Christian does not automaticly make you one.”

    Personaly, I actualy agree with the fundimentals that you cannot remove Mohammed from the equation, and still equal Islam. It doesent work. Mohammedis central to what the Qur’an is all about.

    But what do I know?

  50. says

    Oh, looks like you’re having a meltdown. And you’ve been very rude and disrespectful to posters in the past. And now you’re getting a taste of your own medicine. Good, Very well done, and seek mental help while you’re at it. You’re just a waste of space, you bully.

  51. says

    Alarmed Pig Farmer wrote:

    911 x 911= 829,921. Maybe that’ll turn out to be the total number daid when NYC gets lit up again.

    Actually, the figure is worse than that, APF.

    2,819 people died on 9/11, so “911 9/11s” would result in 2,568,109 dead”over *2.5 million people*.

    “God bless” you too, Ralph.

    Did anyone else notice that Ralph seemed a bit discomfited when he realized his homicidal vaporings were being filmed? Not sure why, since he seems so proud of his murderous “opinions”…

  52. says

    2,568,109 daid sounds more in line with the religious operation Obama bin Laden had in mind when he sought out and was granted the fatwa to thermonuke a major Western city. The fatwa was granted rat under King Abdullah’s nose, to whom Prez Barack Osama so deeply and reverentially bowed.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Not sure why, since he seems so proud of his murderous “opinions”…

    Which brings us back to the subject of this thread: sedition and treason against the nation.

    The confluence of Infidel globo-socialists like Ralph and the Moslems is taking place to vent the building pressure from followers both systems, each of which infuses the individual with an ever mounting sense of anger and disbelief at the behavior of capitalists and those who treasure individual freedom.

    They gotta pay, so why shouldn’t the globo-socialists and Moslems team up on the prey?

  53. says

    “Whoa, I knew Moslems were stupid but rejecting Mo and keeping the Islam takes the cake. Given that the great God Allah gave Mo such a rousing endorsement in 33:21″

    Ok, they dont exactly reject Mo, but they do have differnt ideas on who the prophets are… Wink wink.

    “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad founded the movement on 23 March 1889 and termed it the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (community), envisioning it to be a revitalisation of Islam. Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims and claim to practice Islam in its pristine form; however, Ahmadiyya views on certain beliefs in Islam have been controversial to orthodox Muslims since the movement’s birth. Orthodox Muslims do not consider Ahmadis to be Muslims, citing in particular the Ahmadiyya viewpoint on the death and return of Jesus (see Jesus in Islam), the Ahmadiyya concept of Jihad in a peaceful format and the community’s view of the finality of prophethood with particular reference to the interpretation of Quran 33:40. In several Islamic countries today Ahmadis have been marginalised by the majority religious community; severe persecution and often systematic oppression have led many Ahmadis to emigrate and settle elsewhere.”


  54. says

    “It is ambiguous what the role of the ballerina is. Is she a herald of the demonstrators, puckishly perching on the back of the famous Wall Street bull statue?

    Or is she a “bourgeois” symbol of the arts, to be destroyed along with the bull, symbol of productive labor? This is not clear

    What *is* clear, though, is the nature of the hulking, masked “demonstrators”, emerging from the murky haze behind the bull. There can be no doubt that they are menacing, and violent, and headed right for you.”

    How fitting that they also use the same Europa symbol seen outside of the Tower Building of the EU parliament, designed to mimic the Tower of Babel. They are spot on with the woman riding the beast (Revelation 17:3), aren’t they? Yes, same old symbols, same old idiots, same old order being hailed as ‘new’, every single time it’s used against humanity.

  55. says

    Screw off you mean nasty beatch. What is your problem? You are sick. I pity you you foul-mouthed bitter nasty pathetic moron. Loser. You frickin’ Loser.

  56. says

    Ala Sux wrote:

    The Unions have a odd relationship with the Occupiers and just this week a young girl died in Vancouver from drugs and those Occupiers have excused it away and still think thay are on Souvereign Land and don’t have to call the Police of 9-11 . The Police and Fire Dept Unions fear enforcing the Laws for crimes or Fire safety…

    It’s been just the same in Oakland, Ala Sux. A woman fell in the “Occupied” plaza in front of City Hall about a week ago, and moronic protesters wouldn’t let EMTs in to treat her. Finally, some of the less idiotic helped her to the edge of the plaza where emergency workers could help her.

    The same thing happened a few days later, after the situation had gotten uglier. A driver found himself in the middle of a riot, panicked, and backed up, accidentally hitting someone (this was all caught on tape). So was the aftermath, where rioters wouldn’t allow the EMTs in to help the person who had been run over.

    Finally, they had to have a police escort just to get in to treat the victim.

    These idiots are yelling “police brutality””even at those who are trying to help them, at considerable risk to themselves.

  57. says

    That’s right. The vile Miss Piggy spewed her bile st me so I responded in kind. And she has done so on other threads as well. But as another poster said I shouldn’t get down in the mud with a piggy. Hopefully this will end it.

  58. says

    I am re-entering education as a mature student to complete training. During a small group discussion yesterday on why young men may become violent I said the dreaded word “jihadi” along with other suggestions for violence in young men. The lecturer told me to stop talking immediately when she heard the word jihad. When I asked her to explain what the problem was she would not elaborate. I pressed her further and asked her what words she would like me to use instead… or did she want me to deny that radicalisation exists in this world..she would not or could not answer me. When she clearly could not justify her rather heavy handed approach with an intelligent discussion I requested a meeting with the lead tutor…No one in the group could understand what was happening, half of them didnt even understand the word anyway.Freedom of thought, speech appears to have left the British education building. As to the bozo being interviewed above I would say he is definately under the influence of drugs/alcohol as well as whatever pc liberal “education” he has picked up.

  59. says

    Why oh why couldn’t it have been mohammed that gets kissed!?!? Still it will be interesting to see what comes of it. Hurrah for Charlie hebdo’s courage. They didn’t jab and then cower like south park’s matt and Trey

    “you gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight” Bruce Cockburn

  60. says

    Good on you, Andrea…keep going. But you might have to get used to “Coventry” because that is where they will put you!

    I was called a “fascist” the other day by my ex-brother-in-law (a university lecturer of Dutch extraction) for defending Geert Wilders. Water off a duck’s back these days. It could have been worse; he could have called me a “Conservative”!

  61. says

    What is wrong with my attitude?
    Spencer is great when he sticks to what he knows about. Unfortunately, he constantly conflates leftist (without defining the term accurately) with dhimmi and thereby confuses his message and marginalizes himself. He antagonizes many who would otherwise listn more attentively to his message about the totalitarinism of Islam. He is his own worst enemy.
    His politics in general are abysmal. This silly attempt to smear the OWS message is indicative of Spencer’s confusion about politics in general. As if this druggie really spoke for the OWS movement. What a disgrace, what pandering, what a crock of infantile bullshit.

  62. says

    “However, allah DOES command that infidels are murdered.”

    Actually, Allah didn’t command anything. A book that Mohammed wrote commands those things. He just SAYS that a little invisible man in the sky told him to write said book.

  63. says

    Conflate is a favourite accusation of the liberal left used to attack those who call them on their dhimmitude. It seems to be a blanket response and is frankly silly.

    “What a disgrace, what pandering, what a crock of infantile bullshit….” to whom are you refering here? Robert or the neanderthals who “allowed” the idiot join their protests and voice this vile treacherous vitriol? Your indignance that a gobby,drugged up, infantile twit could possibly be mistaken for a member of the OWS intellgentsia did make me smile with the irony of it all.

  64. says

    I didn’t say anything was wrong with your attitude…There are people who agree with goals but not methods…You are not the first to suggest that Spencer do something ‘differently’…Ultimately Spencer’s methods are Spencer’s methods… If you have what you think is a better method, then you should create your own web site…The internet is full of people who have done just that…There is always room for one more…

  65. says

    Brooke wrote:

    This idiot doesn’t represent OWS. Most of the idiots they put on TV are idiots they LOOK for so that you can sit at your TV, eat your bon bons and say “evil leftists!”

    Actually, most of the media coverage has been positive, even fawning”as has been the response from many politicians and other public figures.

    Oakland, California’s mayor Jean Quan and the city council have been praising and standing in solidarity with “Occupy Oakland” even as they’ve been rioting, burning, shutting down the port, and smashing out windows of local businesses.

    This has been true for many cities”including New York.

  66. says

    You can very easily establish the impression of not being a nut yourself with a capacity of a “seriou thinkinker”. You can do this simply by articulating your take on the merits of the OWS movement. Maybe then we will understand why it is the sensible position to take by a sensible person whom for now , I’ll presume you to be.

  67. says

    Firstly, I didnt say that the position of the OWS movement (to the dubious extent there is just one such position) is “sensible.” I simply said that to define the OWS movement by the words of the jerk in this video is not sensible. Rather, it is mindless, infantile bullshit and that to the extent Spencer (and Geller) seek to do so they are once again absurdly demonstrating their self defeating, self marginalizing, ill-considered condemnation of something considered to be on the “left” – still undefined, but obviously including the OWS movement. In my opinion, it is strategically and intellectually wrong for RS and PG to treat the “left” (however defined) as pure 100% dhimmi. In their exhuberance to do so they have really gone overboard this time by attempting to equate this jerk’s 911 musings with the OWS movement’s message thereby seeking to ridicule and discredit the OWS movement.

    Sometimes it seems to me that RS, whom I respect as a good-natured scholar, gets so frustrated with the inability of intelligent people to grasp the danger inherent in Islam that he loses all perspective on politics in general. For him the left is anyone or anything that doesn’t vociferously condemn Islam. Forget about anything else,
    including important domestic econmomic issues about which there is zero serious debate in his blog or the comments thereto.

    People of good faith can debate the central message of the OWS movement and its tactics. Most would agree that the OWS message in general is that Wall St and the large banks own Congress, i.e., that the current manifestation of representative democracy is broken because of the corrupt influence of these institutions, and the wealthy in general, on elected politicians. Additionally, the OWS movement draws attention to the unjust and dangerous concentration of wealth in our society whereby a privileged 1% of the population own a tremendous % of total wealth and how the very wealthy have vastly improved their lot in the last couple of decades while the overwhelmingly vast majority of Americans have not.

    The issues of corruption of the political system by wealth/banks/Wall St and unjust concentration of wealth are and should be real concerns. To engage in public protest to express one’s position regarding these issues is not a “dhimmi” position. In some ways such issues transcend the fight against the spread of Islamic ideology yet they are related in the sense that they are opposed to injustice and gross inequality just as those who fight against Islam oppose inequality and injustice.