Even White House distances itself from antisemitic Center for American Progress that issued “Islamophobia” smear report

The Center for American Progress is the extraordinarily well-funded hard-Left organization that published a highly deceptive and misleading report on the Muslim Brotherhood neologism “Islamophobia” last year. It is no surprise that it would turn out to be antisemitic as well, given its energetic water-carrying for Islamic supremacists and jihadists.

And now its antisemitism has gotten to be too much even for the notoriously anti-Israel Obama White House.

An update on this story. “White House troubled by “˜anti-Semitic think tank,'” by Benjamin Weinthal for the Jerusalem Post, January 20 (thanks to Wimpy):

BERLIN — The media firestorm unleashed by allegedly anti- Semitic bloggers at a prominent think tank affiliated with the US Democratic Party resulted Thursday in a White House Jewish affairs official terming the situation at the Center for American Progress to be “troubling.”

According to a Washington Post online article on Thursday, Jarrod Bernstein, the new White House liaison with the Jewish community, told Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, that what was unfolding at CAP was “troubling,” and, “that [the attitude toward Israel at the think tank] is not this administration.”

The Washington Post wrote that the Cooper met last week with Bernstein to convey the Wiesenthal Center’s worries about CAP”s hostility toward Israel and American supporters of the Jewish state.

CAP is a Washington-based policy organization that serves as a source of Middle East ideas for President Barack Obama and the party.

Zaid Jilani had blogged for the Center for American Progress”s ThinkProgress website; he used Twitter to call US supporters of the Jewish state “Israel Firsters” and compared Israel to the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

A CAP employee who said her name was Amanda told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that Jilani was no longer employed by ThinkProgress.

Jilani’s biography and photo no longer appear on the ThinkProgress website “About” section. His Twitter feed no longer identifies him as a reporter for ThinkProgress. His last CAP blog posting was on January 12.

E-mail queries and telephone calls to senior CAP representatives, including Faiz Shakir, editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress, were not returned.


The Jerusalem Post exclusively obtained an e-mail in January in which Shakir described Jilani’s words charging supporters of Israel with dual-loyalty as “terrible anti-Semitic language.”

As a result of the alleged Judeophobia at CAP, the Jerusalem Post has learned from a Democratic Party source that CAP has introduced a new social media policy to monitor and prevent prejudicial writings. CAP declined to confirm the existence of the new policy.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee have all termed the anti-Israeli rhetoric of Jilani and fellow CAP writers Eli Clifton, Ali Gharib, Matt Duss and Ben Armbruster to be infected with Jew-hatred and discriminatory policy positions toward Israel.

Duss, CAP”s Middle East Progress director, wrote on ThinkProgress that “the entire Israeli occupation” of the Gaza Strip is “a moral abomination” comparable to the former Jim Crow South in the US.

Armbruster, who has attacked Jewish critics for pointing out alleged anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tirades from CAP writers, wrote “no comment” in an e-mail response to a query last week.

The think tank has been engulfed in the affair since December, electrifying the blogosphere and print and online publications in the US and Israel…

According to her article, shortly after a Jewish NGO slammed CAP for trafficking in hatred of Israel on its website in December, “Six days later, President Obama met for coffee with the man who oversaw the offending content “” Faiz Shakir, the site’s editor-inchief.”…

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  1. says

    well I’m not an American so i had to ask how does Obama became president ? aren’t you the ones who voted him ?!!! he sucks and his policies suck according to most Americans , even me as Coptic christian lives in Egypt i don’t like his policy so I’m just curious can someone answer me plz

  2. says

    Distances itself from its own front group?

    the facts:

    wiki: Podesta founded and is currently President of the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank in Washington, D.C. In addition to his work at American Progress, Podesta is currently a Visiting Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, where he has taught classes on Congressional investigations and technology law and policy. He is also a member of the Constitution Project’s bipartisan Liberty and Security Committee.[8]

    Discover the Networks

    Podesta co-founded the Center for American Progress (CAP) on July 7, 2003, and would serve as the organization’s president and CEO for the next eight years. He was hand-picked for the job by CAP co-founders George Soros and Morton H. Halperin, according to a March 1, 2004 report in The Nation by Robert Dreyfuss. Inside sources described CAP as “the official Hillary Clinton think tank” ” a media spin machine and policy generator designed to serve as a springboard for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions.
    Podesta was a featured speaker at the March 2008 “Take Back America” conference of Campaign for America’s Future, where he declared that global warming was a “severe national security problem” that President Bush had failed to address in any meaningful way. Podesta also has served as an Independent Advisory Council member of the notoriously corrupt community organization ACORN.
    After Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, Podesta and at least ten additional CAP experts served as some of his most influential advisers. He was the head of the new President’s transiton team.

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    “Six days later, President Obama met for coffee with the man who oversaw the offending content ” Faiz Shakir, the site’s editor-inchief.”…

    Besides their shocking antisemitism, here is Faiz Shakir and the Center for American Progress presenting a grotesque and very dangerous whitewashing of the nature of Shari’ah law:

    “Debunking the Misinterpretations of Muslim Sharia Law”


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    dear truth,

    …well, it looks like you want to know the truth, and that you can *handle* the truth [just as well as col. nathan r. jessep…:)].
    but in all seriousness, the truth in this case is far stranger than fiction…
    this F.R.A.U.D. , has slithered his way under the radar of the average voter under total coverup of a criminal liberal mc-pc media for whom he could just do no wrong and he practically walked on water…
    by the time the smoke has cleared, this bastard (literally and figuratively) unpacked his bags at the w.h.

    the fact that he has NO PAPER TRAIL (!!!!) did not bother those criminals who are so enamored with their agenda, that if the facts don’t fit the reality…well, that’s too bad! just dump the facts and stick with the fiction….

    read “the post american president” by pamela geller and robert spencer, as well as “deconstructing obama” by jack cashill…

    i am saddened for what is happening in your country right now, and also concerned for its ‘neighbour to the east’, where i lived for 9 years. i hope that it will not be necessary to repeat ’67 and ’73 all over again.

  5. says

    You wrote: “well I’m not an American so i had to ask how does Obama became president ? aren’t you the ones who voted him ?!!! he sucks and his policies suck according to most Americans , even me as Coptic christian lives in Egypt i don’t like his policy so I’m just curious can someone answer me plz…”


    Maybe this will help?

    Quoting from Wikipedia:

    In his Paper hanger talk to 500 priests of his Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, at the Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary, in Chicago, Illinois, on May 18, 1937, Cardinal George Mundelein made these observations on the tragic transformation of German public opinion:

    “Perhaps you will ask how it is that a nation of 60 million intelligent people will submit in fear and servitude to an alien, an Austrian paper hanger, and a poor one at that, and a few associates like Goebbels and Göring, who dictate every move of the people’s lives?’ The Cardinal went on to suggest that the brains of 60 million Germans had been removed without their even noticing it.”

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    phoenix , well brother i thought Americans are smarter than get deceived like that and what makes it more shocking they are get deceived by their own media and politicians . i hope this won’t happen in the next presidency and i hope great leader to come and lead this great country back on top again
    thanks for your feeling ,i don’t know where will my country be heading in the coming years but i have bad feeling about it and i don’t want to see 67or73 again but the people in the power now (mostly Islamists) are screwed up in the head and the only thing which hold them from launching war against Israel they know they will lose .
    just want to ask question how can i sen email to jihad watch because i got some disturbing videos which i want to share ?

  7. says

    dear wildjew,

    “Phoenix, do the American people bear no responsibility for their behavior?”

    i hear you!

    not only that, but a huge chunk of our deluded coreligionists voted for this abomination…
    i cannot explain that any more than the behaviour of lemmings in nature…

    and this is why this coming election is BEYOND critical.
    and once again, the criminal media (aka john king from the crescent news network)in action… we saw at last night’s debates…
    **FIRST QUESTION**!!!! and i am pleased that newt chewed this pompous elitist ass (not enough, as far as i am concerned, but nonetheless, did not take it lieing down) for *this* is the problem: the “elite media” focusing more on scandal than politics.

    and back to husein…of course there were no scandals as the man has no past!
    REALLY? you attend classes in university and NOBODY has any recollection of ever seeing the bastard?
    i studied in one of canada’s oldest universities for eight years and i can *assure* you that i would recall someone from my classes.

  8. says

    ya achee,

    we’re together on this.
    re your videos: when you open the jw site front page, you will see on the left side a window CONTACT. click on it, fill the info and it will get to mr spencer.