Israel Security Council: Obama Naive on Muslim Brotherhood

Naive? Maybe. “Israel Security Council: Obama Naive on Muslim Brotherhood,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu in Israel National News, January 3 (thanks to Twostellas):

Israel’s National Security Council thinks that President Barack Obama is naïve in his attitude towards the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which stated Sunday it can’t fathom the idea of recognizing Israel.

Dr. Rashad Bayumi, the Brotherhood’s number two leader, said on Sunday, “No Muslim Brotherhood members will engage in any contact or normalization with Israel.”

President Obama has asked the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to mediate secret talks between the United States and the Taliban, according to The Hindu newspaper. The jurist previously has called for killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and has vowed that Islam “will conquer Europe [and] will conquer America,” whether by force or by the spread of radical Islam.

In early 2010, when American foreign policy experts could not imagine that the radical Muslim Brotherhood would emerge as the most powerful political force in Egypt, President Obama dismissed the party as a “faction,” adding that “they don’t have majority support in Egypt. But they”re well organized. There are strains of their ideology that are anti-U.S.”…

Strains? They’re dedicated in their own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

"The Muslim Brotherhood Will Become Much More Savage After Elections"
"Supreme Guide" of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood reiterates that caliphate is its goal
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    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Obama is most definitely not naive. What we are witnessing is treason of the highest order. What is all the more alarming – with alarming being the right word – is that Congress is doing nothing to check this out-of-control executive.

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    Bernard Lewis, renowned historian of Islam and the Middle East, says Islam imposes, without limit of time or space, the duty to subjugate non-Muslims

    In The Political Language of Islam, pp. 72-73:

    “…it is the duty of those who have accepted them [Allah’s word and message] to strive unceasingly to convert or at least to subjugate those who have not. This obligation is without limit of time or space. It must continue until the whole world has either accepted the Islamic faith or submitted to the power of the Islamic state.”

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    Israel’s National Security Council thinks that President Barack Obama is naïve in his attitude towards the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which stated Sunday it can’t fathom the idea of recognizing Israel.

    Why should that be a problem? These day, Barack Obama *himself* barely recognizes Israel…


    President Obama has asked the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to mediate secret talks between the United States and the Taliban, according to The Hindu newspaper. The jurist previously has called for killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and has vowed that Islam “will conquer Europe [and] will conquer America,” whether by force or by the spread of radical Islam.

    *God, the insanity*. And yet, all too many are now desperately trying to believe the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate”…

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    And here are JUST A FEW things about a human maggot Ron Paul who makes EVEN OBAMA look good:

    And he has a cult-like devoted following in the Republican party, “Libertarians” of all shades, and our young American imbeciles on Muslim-dominated-and-enslaved college campuses. This is but one of the multitude of symptoms of the severe degeneration of our American democracy which now acts as a gigantic toilet bowl floating the sh.t of the nation up to the surface.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    Candidate Obama who predicted during the 2008 race that his presidency would be a “great defining moment” in American history was right in the sense that he’s greatly and radically redefined the meaning of the word naivety.

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    There is no naivete here, just as there is no apostacy in Islam. The Dar Al Islam regards Obama as their undercover brother- my friends in Egypt have been warning and blogging about this for years.

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    Naive about the Muslim Brotherhood? George Bush obviously was. But Obama? The president who was (is?) a Muslim, attended a Muslim school, grew up a devout Muslim, and was raised in Muslim-dominated Indonesia? No f’n way!

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    What must the rest of the world think of President Obama endorsing the Muslim Brotherhood and dialoging with the Taliban? The media reports on it as if it is benign and as if there is really no opposition to his behavior. Perhaps we need more letters to the editors.

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    “…Obama Naive on Muslim Brotherhood…”

    “When the consequences of incompetence become indistinguishable from the consequences of malevolence, it is wiser and safer to assume malevolence.”(Goodson’s Rule.)

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    Liberals are naive about Islam.
    However, Obama is a quasi-Marxist Islamist.
    A bit confusing, I admit.
    Please consider the fate of liberals and Marxists who supported the Islamic revolution in Iran back in 1979.
    I was in college back then and I knew a fair number of Islamic students (I was a liberal then and very naive) but even I realized that the Ayatollah regime was rounding up leftists, imprisoning and torturing them.
    And then there was the Iran-Iraq war in which about 10 million people died. After the war, Saddam began to shift his focus towards his consolidation of power – and invaded Kuwait. This is important, so please focus, during “Desert Storm” he asked Iran for permission to land his air force there – as a brother Muslim!
    I am absolutely convinced that Saddam shipped his WMDs to Syria (and they are still there) before the second war under George W. Bush. And of course the liberals jumped on Bush about the “non-existent” weapons of mass destruction.
    Today, many believe Iran is NOT building nuclear weapons – which is sheer nonsense and totally delusional.
    Obama is no friend of Israel, to say the least.
    He’s no friend of the American people either.

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    Obama is a quasi-Marxist Islamist.
    He’s no friend of Israel – or the American people.
    Many leftists supported the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 but the Ayatollah regime quickly rounded up and imprisoned them, and tortured or killed them.
    Obama is not naive.
    He’s a dangerous fool.
    “Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction,” Proverbs 1:7.

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    You can see I posted twice.
    I won’t apologise this time because it does reflect my thoughts – they develop over time and even though I thought I had lost my first post, the second one merely strengthens it.
    The biggest error Christians make is to buy into pacifism.
    We are at war with Islam.
    In some ways, I believe Ron Paul is even worse than Obama.
    I have no idea what the Joint Chiefs of Staff are thinking about or what the intelligence community knows about Obama’s real biography but if they can blackmail him into defending America, God bless them.

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    Wellington and Miriam Rove:

    The US policy community is simply putting a brave face on an unhappy situation–that US-Egypt relations are bound to take a tumble. However, I suspect that someone more conservative than Obama probably would not have made the Cairo speech. Further, someone with a strong and informed conservative Christian commitment would probably be a lot more wary about political Islam, at least in this post-9/11 world, and more psychologically prepared to keep the proverbial powder dry. My guess is that the whole Obama administration when beyond the range of the microphones and cameras is probably fouling its collective breeches in terror over the rise of **UGH!-fundamentalism! in the countries of the “Arab Spring” and utterly uncertain of what to do next–or even how to think about the situation.

    Also, keep in mind that since the 1970’s, American intelligence capabilities, especially human intelligence capabilities, have been something of a standing joke. There’s all this nonsense circulating about the omnipresence and sinsiter capabilities of the CIA, but the Iranian Revolution, when we were putting all of our effort into preparing for a Communist/Tudeh takeover of Iran and got blind-sided by Khomeini. Our intelligence “coups” of the past forty years or so have been more a matter of our enemies’ internal weaknesses, corruptions, and petty disloyalties rather than brilliant snooping.

    Last of all, the American policy community suffers a little bit from a democratic Messiah complex, at least since the days of Woodrow Wilson. We’d really like to believe that one-man-one-vote and clear constitutional provisions are the wave of the future and able to bring about a just and lasting peace; and every so often it makes a convert out of the rare political skeptic (Mr. George W. No-more-nation-building-efforts Bush after 9/11 being an example). Unfortunately, our policy community also tends to be better educated in things like law, American governance, public policy (in an American context), the sociology of the present, and the foibles and prejudices of its own college years than in history, languages,theology, and other things that might give better clues into the cultural DNA of other parts of the world. There’s also a lingering “culturalism” (and I myself readily admit to being a “culturalist”), if not “racism” which tends to think that the only foreign opinion that counts is Western European social democracy–and listens to now-Communist China more out of fear of a creditor who, at the same time, represents “something like us” (the social democratic ideals of early 20th century Westernized Chinese intellectuals) that has morphed into something sinister. As for dealing with the Islamic world, the average policy wonk in Washington would be unable to hold a sympathetic conversation with an Evangelical in flyover country or a Chasid in Brooklyn, much less any believing Muslim anywhere from the Kama to the Comorros, Mauretania to Mindanao, or Nigeria to Ningxia.

    Add to this the lingering arrogance of the last great economy left standing in the wake of World War II, and you have an elite that is unprepared for a more chaotic world in which forces other than the so-called enlightenment project are in play.

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    Naive or co-conspirator…

    It is not realistically possible that Rasool, or at least one of his advisers, had never heard of MB’s tarnished reputation. Are we to believe that none of his advisers read of the ‘Grand jihad to destroy the filthy house of America from within’?…In fact, one appointed official said the MB was just a social club, or something like that…Ice cream and cake socials, bingo games, that’s them…The MB declared war on America, the Rasool Doctrine says, send drones, it does not say send chocolates…Those who send chocolates to the enemy are guilty of treason…

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    I rather doubt that lower level Israeli politicos are cleared to freely state the obvious about Obama.

    And I have little doubt that they are under specific orders to put the best face on American matters that that they can.

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    i think that it must be shouted from every rooftop for all to hear. as it has been pointed out on this thread by several posters, husein zero is NOT naive. he is a willingly abetting the enemy and destroying u.s. and israel (trying to, anyway)…
    the man is an impostor and a traitor of an unheard of magnitude.
    he should be punished accordingly to the full extent of the law as set in :

    Title 18, USC § 2381:

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    If you talk to far Leftist in the U.S., you find that they consider the U.S. a “representative” democracy, which to them means they are elected so they can do whatever they want, no matter what their constituents want. I’ve encountered this attitude many times in email exchanges with Congressmen. They basically tell you what they think and that they do not care what you think, their minds are closed around their empty rhetoric. If there is an election pending, they might make a political statement that sounds like they are concerned about issues, and some even take credit for actions, but that is merely throwing their constituents a bone. Their allegiance is supposed to be to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, U.S. law, and their constituents, instead it is to their political party (and that party’s alliances).

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    Have I missed something here or are we unable to figure this out..?

    In the ’70’s Muslim were beating themselves with chains begging for a fight with Israel and the U.S.. It was all shown on the manger net-works and can’t be denied.

    That was over 40 years ago. Forty years, forty years of aggression from Islam and we still have no clue why they hate us so much. We keep trying to appease them with money, food, weapons, bending and breaking our own rules to try to accomadate them. For forty years these has not solved so much as one problem.

    We don’t know what motivations Islam, we don’t know why Islam has so much hategred for the west. Forty yeas and we stall don’t know how committed Islam is to has thing they call jihad. Sadly forty years now and we don’t know what the Koran and Hadith say about kaffirs. We don’t know what taqiyya is or why its used.

    Naive is not the right word. After forty years, it’s closer to treason than any other noun. For forty years this U.S. government has appeased and endorsed the enemies of this country. The very same people whom say on national T.V. “we will dominate you”, our government supports, endorses, and appeases on a daily bases.

    This can not possibly be one or two legislators who’ve misunderstood Islams motivation the past forty years. This isn’t being naive, ignorant, or voter driven. This is plain and simple wrong minded “allegiance” with regard for the oath of office each of them took.

    There are people whom know Islam and its motivations. Some are even legislators. But because of the forty years of brainwashing, know one will lesson the truth with open minded and educated mindsets to people like Lt. Col. Allen West, or Geet Wilders. And why not let them speak..? What have you to hide. What are you afraid the west will learn..?

    The Koran has been decoded by people like Bill Warner, and hundreds of people are talking about its true meaning.. Thats what Islam doesn’t want you (us) to hear…

    There are people in this nation (U.S.A.) that are committing treason at this very moment..They wont hear the truth because they don’t want to hear the truth. And they certainly don’t want to rest of the free world hear the truth..

    So if they are naive, it is because they’ve choosen to be naive these last forty years…

    Nice work JW keep the truth rolling because the major net-works wont publish the truth so you must…

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    wellingto: let me ask you a question:
    do you honestly belive any other president weather conservative or liberal would do or say anything different?

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    Hi Mary! happy new year! you can call it a treason or attach any name o this.our elected officails are elected by people. that is the extent of it. however our system of government is based on bribery. who ever gives more gets more. so to that end the lobbyist are calling the shots. period. no matter who is in the office. none of our elected officials are going to call a spade a spade. noone is going to call Islam and islamists what they are and who they are. we can not depend on elected officila to solve this situation for us. you have a better chance of hitting a one billion dollar lotto than having our president call Islam what is is. it is not going to happen. when Goerge Bush was in the office a day or two after 9-11 all Bin Ladens family were flown out on a private jet out of our country. and Bush supposedly was one of the most conservative presidents we ever had. we can only rely on sites like this and others who are educating our people on the evils of Islam and believe me it is having an effect.

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    Were Allen West President, miriam rove, I am certain he would have a different take on not only the Muslim Brotherhood but all of Islam. Short of West, folks like Bachmann and Gingrich, while perhaps not prepared to give what needs to be given, i.e., a new Evil Empire speech with not the Soviet Union in the starring role but rather the Islamic world, would nonetheless not coddle to the Muslim Brotherhood nor would such folks ignore what Sharia means to America, to its people, to its Constitution. Even the previous President, while certainly naive about Islam (though I have to wonder if he still is), didn’t go to the lengths Obama has to put a happy face on this deeply disturbing religion. As for Presidents before Bush and Clinton, Islam wasn’t even really on their radar screen and so trying to calculate how a Truman, an Eisenhower, a Kennedy, a Reagan would have dealt with Islam is an exercise in anachronistic and futile history.

    Coming to grips with all the pathologies and malevolencies in Islam will come in stages. The first stage is already essentially at an end, whereby Islam is looked upon by the vast majority of Americans as just another religion. Already at least a large minority of Americans sense or know that Islam is trouble, is something not good for America. Just a dozen years ago or so not even 10% of Americans would have been aware of the dangers inherent in Islam. At least a third of Americans now are. And another third, it is my educated guess here, are reconsidering things where Islam is concerned. And they’re not doing this with Buddhism or Hinduism.

    A decade from now I have no doubt that politically correct politicians and other elites will have an even more difficult time, at least twice so, in adhering to the “Islam is a noble and peaceful religion” crap. In fact, I predict that multitudes of elites who now give Islam a pass will some ten or fifteen years from now maintain that they knew all along that Islam was trouble. Count on it. Well, it’s often a phony world but on the matter of Islam the tide’s turnin’, something I believed all along would be the case. Still, though, there’s much trouble ahead. Heaps. In part due to continued denial by an ever decreasing number of non-Muslims who are stupidly and suicidally tolerant and in part because Islam won’t go quietly.

    Hope you and yours are doing well, miriam rove, this new year, when millions more in the America and in other Western nations will come to the realization that Islam is bad news for freedom, equality under the law, alcohol, bikinis and other good stuff which Islam knows nothing about, which indeed it wants to eradicate. Take care, pal.

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    I happen to agree with you!!speacially alcholl! if they need had a stiff scocht once! they don’t know what they are missing! by the way non parctising Iranian muslims are fast becoming master wine makers in Iran!!in fact the Iranian government has sent note to whole sale fruit dealers that grapes can only be sold to retailer!! but like anything else the Iranians have figured out a way around it. I got plastered on new years eve!!!!!!!!!

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    Wellington, Take a look at what Adams (JQ) and Jefferson had to say about Islam. In fact, Jefferson sent the nascent US Navy to the North African coastal waters to fight Islamic piracy.

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    my spelling is terible!! so sorry. I am at work while I am blogging and I am in the 1950’s when it comes to computer. I ahve no idea how to use the speel check. so sorry. but it seems I am getting my messages across.

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    Sorry, but public opinion doesn’t matter to Imam buraq hussain specially our opinions. Recall what he said, i will stand with the muslims. That means he wil stand with the muslim sagainst Christians, Jews, Hindus, and just about anyone else. Thats how much he despises our American heritage, religion, and culture.

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    Jefferson, perpster, called the Koran “demonic.” No ambiguity there. But until the modern era Islam in no way posed a mortal threat to American liberty. Now it does and a future President of the United States and a hell of a lot of other politicians had better realize this. The games about Islam being a noble and great religion and all that shit have to end, preferably sooner rather than later.