Geller: Yet another media whitewash of an honor killing

Join us in Dearborn, Michigan, on April 29, the anniversary of the honor murder of Jessica Mokdad, for the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference.

“Media whitewash yet another ‘honor’ killing,” by Pamela Geller in WND, February 8:

Last Thursday, Fox News Detroit aired a revealing segment on my AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference
on honor killing and Islamic law, which will be held on April 29 in
Dearborn, Mich. The segment was originally supposed to air last Sunday,
the day that the multiple first-degree murder verdict came down in the
Shafia mass honor killing in Canada, but was inexplicably delayed. The
segment focused on the fact that Mokdad family members, one in
particular, are livid that we are using Jessica’s name in connection
with “honor killing.” Various female Mokdad family members, including
Jessica’s “stepmother,” Cassandra Mokdad, alleged that Jessica’s murder
was not an honor killing, despite the overwhelming evidence that it was.

The report was typical for the mainstream media and unworthy of Fox,
which, while not perfect, is generally much better than its competitors:
Reporter Alexis Wiley doesn’t bother to give even a shred of the
evidence that it was an honor killing, and instead gives the impression
that it is something I am making up. She doesn’t mention that initial
reports were quite clear — a shocking thing for the mainstream media —
that her stepfather killed Jessica because she “wasn’t following Islam” (report from and was “not adhering to Muslim customs” (Star Tribune).

Arab American News reported that the last recorded dispute between Jessica Mokdad and her stepfather was over the wearing of the hijab (head scarf), which he originally forced her to wear (just as in the honor murder of Canadian teen Aqsa Parvez).
Jessica didn’t want to wear it, thereby bringing shame on him and the
family. Her stepfather, Rahim Alfetlawi, who murdered her, was
pathologically controlling, after the pattern of honor killers. At one
point Jessica called her father and told him: “Dad, I can’t live here
anymore; he’s too strict. I can’t even go to the store to buy a pop if I

Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Bill Contaldo said: “He thought
she was becoming too Westernized. I think this was a very nice young
lady wanting to experiment with Western culture without control and
without abuse.” The Detroit Free Press
reported: “Mokdad’s mother told police that Alfetlawi felt so shamed by
her daughter’s Western ways. He killed her in an honor killing, Warren
Police Sgt. Stephen Mills said.” Alfetlawi was so concerned about her
behavior that he even forced her to go to a mosque and marry her

The Daily Mail reported this from London: “Devout Muslim stalks his stepdaughter over four states before killing her for being too Western.” The Daily Tribune reported: “Stepfather charged with murder in Warren, upset victim didn’t adhere to Muslim customs.”

And Alexis Wiley”s own previous report for Fox Detroit reported it as an honor killing as well: Wiley reported,
“He forced her to wear a traditional head scarf instead of allowing her
to make that decision on her own, and when she stopped wearing a scarf,
friends say he became furious.ЬӬ But last week on Fox and in the accompanying print report,
Wiley gave no hint of the existence of these reports or her own. Why?
Who is paying off Alexis Wiley? Or is it that she is scared,
intimidated, afraid to “offend Islam”? Or is it that her political
correctness makes it impossible to think of Muslims as anything but

But in that case, why doesn’t Jessica Mokdad matter?

Apparently she doesn’t matter to her family, either. These family
members” apoplexy about the conference shows that they”re more concerned
with offending Islam than with the honor murder of Jessica Mokdad.
Jessica’s “stepmother” Cassandra, though just a few years older than
Jessica, has been particularly vocal and vicious, with nasty Facebook
comments, denials and cover for the honor killer. First Cassandra
claimed that Saddam Hussein was responsible, then that the murder was an
act of passion. Then in last week’s Fox report she said: “He wanted to
have a relationship with Jessica as more than her stepfather. He wanted
to have a more romantic relationship with her.”

Even if this is true, it doesn’t mean the murder was not an honor
killing. He could have been angry with Jessica both for her Western ways
and her refusal to wear the hijab, and for rejecting him. Islam expects
women to be completely subservient and obedient — or else. If Alfetlawi
killed her for refusing him, either way, the murder is a reflection of
the attitudes of Islamic culture.

Read it all.

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Report: 58 percent of honor killings for being "too Western"
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  1. says

    Mooselimes scare me more than anything in this world because of the fact that their lack of soul or conscience or any natural familial affection is completely and utterly lacking, and this chilling characteristic is completely normal in their culture.

    Every natural instinctual feeling of love for family or fellow humans which is found in every other culture on earth except for them is totally absent. This is what I find truly frightening about these beings.

  2. says

    As a father of two grown daughters and five grandchildren, I can’t imagine killing one of them because they offended my “honor”. Islamic culture doesn’t fit in Western countries. We have no concept of “honor” killing. How can killing one of your children be “honorable”? It doesn’t make sense to me. These offenders need to be locked up forever. They cannot be allowed to run loose because their “religion” gives the ok to murder. Do they not have a conscience? Or is their conscience so seared that they can’t tell right from wrong. To murder your children is the sign of either an insane individual or an individual that “believes right is wrong and wrong is right.” Strange religion Islam is, it turns the whole concept of “right” upside down. There are only a few Westerners willing to stand up and call Islamic culture “monstrous”.

  3. says

    “First Cassandra claimed that Saddam Hussein was responsible, then that the murder was an act of passion. Then in last week’s Fox report she said: ‘He wanted to have a relationship with Jessica as more than her stepfather. He wanted to have a more romantic relationship with her.'”

    Oh, okay. That makes it all better. I totally understand now.


  4. says


    It is vitally important to STOP referring to these murders as “Honor killings.” They are good old-fashioned MURDER, plain and simple, albeit unusually abhorrent.

    “HONOR.” The very word and concept are degraded by the term. There is nothing whatsoever honorable about murder. This usage even lends a perverse incentive to engage in the practice by implying the piety and praiseworthiness of the murderer.

    The connection between Islamic law, Sharia, and murder MUST be emphasized. This is necessary both to help delegitimatize Sharia murder in the public mind and even among Muslims who may still be reachable, and to further general awareness that Sharia Law is not an acceptable system in any civilized society and is certainly not to be considered in Court decisions. Much more effective to do this using the short, accurate, pithy term “Sharia murder” than the other namby-pamby, whitewashing phrase and then having to backtrack to try to explain the reality.

    One Muslim attorney* says, “Negative connotations surrounding Sharia must be dispelled.” In fact the more negative connotations we can HONESTLY provide, the better.

    Therefore I ask everyone to stop using “honor killings” as if it were a legitimate term and instead to use the correct term: SHARIA MURDER.

    Calling things by their right names is vitally important–and never more than here.

    Thank you all; and as usual, thanks to Robert.

    Julie Krauss

    *Abed Awad of Awad & Khoury, LLP. Per BareNakedIslam at

  5. says

    “johnmatt | January 31, 2012 1:04 AM | Reply
    What most people who are uneducated about Islam find difficult to grasp is the idea within Islam that violence is perfectly normal, permissible, and business as usual. There’s nothing to see here, as far as Muslims are concerned, as in killing these girls, this man was going about his normal, everyday, permissible business as a Muslim, as laid out in their doctrine.
    Whenever I explain to people that there is no moral concept of right or wrong in Islam – only what is permitted, and what is not permitted – I can hear their brains seizing up. They don’t get it…”