Saudi Arabia nixes women in Olympics

If the Saudis allowed women in the Olympics, there would exist the horrendous prospect that people might, you know, see them. Maybe even without niqabs. Not to mention the need for elaborate chaperoning and possibly futile attempts to avoid interaction with unrelated men.

Otherwise, if you allow women into the Olympics, they will have sex.

Just like if you let them drive, they will have sex.

And if you let them out to run an errand without a male guardian, they will have sex.

If they go outdoors to enjoy good weather, they will have sex.

If they speak on the phone with an unrelated man, they will have sex.

You see, it’s all fun and games until Saudi Arabia disintegrates into an orgy because these strictures are not respected. Or at least, that’s how their enforcers seem to think. “Saudi Arabia says no to women Olympians,” by Joseph Mayton for Bikya Masr, February 17:

CAIRO: Less than three months after Saudi Arabia said it would permit women to participate in the London 2012 Olympic Games, it has reportedly reneged on their agreement, barring women from entering the Games.

The move will also threaten the country”s overall participation in the Olympics, with the International Olympic Committee saying that all countries must field female athletes as part of their teams.

The decision has been roundly criticized by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), which said in a press release that the move is counter to the Olympic Charter, which says, “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.”

HRW said it shouldn’t be too surprising, however, as state-run schools offer no physical education for girls and only men belong to sports clubs in the country.

“In fact, government restrictions on women essentially bar them from sports,” a new report says, HRW reported.

The IOC Women’s Chair Anita DeFrantz warned the country in 2010 that if female athletes are not allowed to participate, the country could face being banned from the global competition.

Dalma Rushdi Malhas, an 18-year-old Saudi woman, was the likely choice for the competition. She won a bronze medal at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics and has the ability to compete at the highest level.

The OIC required each country to field at least one woman in the Youth Olympics and Saudi Arabia included Malhas in its delegation.

In response to comments by the International Olympic Committee, last year Saudi Arabia said it would not oppose participation by a Saudi woman in the London Olympics — but that it would not invite her as part of its official team.

“Human Rights Watch urges the International Olympic Committee to uphold the values of the Olympic Charter and condition Saudi Arabia’s participation in the London 2012 Olympics on the country taking steps to end discrimination against women in sports,” HRW said in their statement.

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    I’m sure Gloria Allred and the gals over at NOW are all over this.

    You forgot to mention that they might find themselves matched up against (and no doubt soundly defeated by) Israeli or non-Israeli JEWS.

    As for having sex, it has always amazed me that Saudis and Muslims always assume that people have no more self control or morality than alley cats in heat. Tells us a lot about THEM, but not much about people in general…

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    With Islam it’s always one step forward and two steps backward.
    Correction: that’s NO steps forward and two steps back. Islam always regressing, never progressing!

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    Let’s all get together and nominate Saudi Arabia for the summer Olympics! We all realize that they are too shy to apply themselves and surely Allah will bless the kingdom with temporary blindness of all male Saudis for the duration of the games. When the games are over all the females will have disappeared.

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    It’s interesting to read this story after seeing a piece on TV yesterday about a young Muslim American woman who is trying out for the US Olympic fencing team. You know, one of those human interest stories, and they even interviewed her parents. Both she and her mother spoke about how proud they would be if she were the first American athlete in a headscarf.

    Barf out loud. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and the holiest site of Islam and yet the US is being the standard bearer for Muslims. She spoke about how if she were to make the team she would be proud to demonstrate that Muslims, and all women, can participate in sports.

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    Wednesday, November 23, 2011
    Saudi Arabia to send token woman to Olympics to evade sanctions
    By James M. Dorsey

    Saudi Arabia’s most likely female athlete is 18-year old equestrienne Dalma Rushdi Malhas who won a bronze medal in the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics. At the time, Ms. Malhas was not officially delegated to compete in Singapore on behalf of the kingdom.

    “I didn’t know whether I was allowed but when I got invited of course I didn’t think twice and went at my own expense, I didn’t care much about me being there as a representative of Saudi Arabia, because anyone could probably do that. But getting a medal was the key, and that’s not easy for anyone, and I wanted that ” and only that gives recognition to my country,” she told the Arab News.

    Discrepancy about women’s sports is reinforced by the fact that physical education classes are banned in state-run Saudi girl’s schools  Women’s games and marathons are often cancelled when more conservative members of the clergy gets wind of them.

    The issue of women’s sport has at time sparked sharp debate with clerics condemning it as corrupting and satanic and charging that it spreads decadence. Clerics warned that running and jumping can damage a woman’s hymen and ruin her chances of getting married. In defiance, women have quietly been establishing soccer and other sports teams using extensions of hospitals and health clubs as their base.

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    “…the move is counter to the Olympic Charter, which says, ‘The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.'”

    I completely agree with the Olympic Charter–hear, hear!

    But what HRW didn’t realize until now, is that allah*swine has the final say, and that islunatic law comes before any and all other laws, including the Olympic Charter.

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    Give the Sowds a medal made out of the most inferior metal known to man which symbolizes their lack of sportswomanship. Any metal experts out there with some good suggestions?

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    Good ones, you guys …or perhaps mercury mixed w/silver, since mercury is so dangerous to our health; hmm, just like islam & co. Awful waste of silver though …

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    Saudi Arabia nixes women in Olympics

    Ah”just as well. Kinda hard to run the 400-meter hurdles in a Niqab and floor-length Abaya…

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    Picture it: American and British women’s volleyball teams, both crewed with Sports Illustrated cover-worthy babes, battling it out over the net. Credible? Yes. It happens every Olympics (nationalities optional).

    Picture it: A Saudi women’s volleyball team, burdened with niqabs or burkas, getting slaughtered by an American team. Incredible? It won’t happen. Ever. King Abdullah and his witch doctors have spoken.

    Can you imagine a more ludicrous contrast? Yes? There’s Islam vs. freedom for you.

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    They behead witches, they hang gays, they lash women for driving and not wearing hijab, and they are US best friends, whose citizens were plunging planes into 9/11.

    And we are still having diplomatic relationship with those sick, sick sick hypocritical sharia run country from which we import oil and the money we pay for that oil goes to finance Jihadists all over the world and mosques were imams and mullahs spout delusional Jew and Christian hatred! Nice job Obama and Bush!

    I forgot fatwa against women touching bananas and cucumbers because it may remind them of sex, just as driving does ;-)! IT would be hilarious if those insane guys would not send their Jihadists to murder US.

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    Athletic Saudi women (and even the fatties) have embraced Saphic love wholeheartedly. Most Saudis have homosexual experiences in their early years. Even after marriage, many keep to that, specifically women who cannot receive any sexual pleasure from heterosexual intercourse with their incompetent, violent or sexually dysfunctional husbands. The web and even Arab talk shows speak about the problem. Islamic culture has always encouraged homosexual behavior though Islamic law spoke against it. This is one of the great contradictions that Islam is full of.

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    Well, if a woman leaves the house and a man sees her, he may rape her and then she would be stoned to death. If a woman has the freedom to drive, many more men will see her and they may rape her and then she would be stoned to death. If a woman’s hair escapes the headscarf, a man may see her hair and rape her and then she would be stoned to death. If a woman wears pants, a man may see her form and rape her and then she would be stoned to death. If a woman wears gymnastics clothes and runs or dances or lifts her hands in front of an audience of men, a man in the audience may rape her and she would be stoned to death. No, Muslim men need to “protect” women so they are not stoned to death for causing a Muslim “man” to rape her.