Danish media on Toulouse jihadist: ‘Hunting a French Breivik’

Among journalists it is seen as a scandal that the media at first glance believed a Muslim Jihadist group was behind the Norwegian mass murder on June 22, 2011. Will they also consider it a scandal that they thought Nazis were behind the Toulouse serial killings and apologize for their rush to judgment? Anyway, I do not blame them for thinking that it could have been Nazis, since they have so much in common with the followers of the Quran. Both groups hate Jews and want to take over the world by violent means — by any means necessary, actually. Thanks to the award winning blog Uriasposten.netThe Toulouse man is a ‘French Anders Breivik’, says TV2 News – in spite of 100 percent Mohammed factor“:

From the Danish media, March 21st 2012:

Toulouse, BT-210312 Hunting nazi soldiers.jpg
BT news paper: After three attacks in France: Hunting nazi-soldiers

Toulouse, BT-210312-2, Neo-nazi suspect for massacre.jpg
BT news paper: Neo-nazi suspected for massacre. The executioners (Bødlerne?)

Toulouse, EB-210312, Hunting French Breivik.jpg
Ekstrabladet news paper: Hunting a French Breivik. An isolated extremist’s revenge against society – the killer thinks he is God, says criminologist

Toulouse, JP-210312, Europes extreme Right shoots back.jpg
Jyllands-Posten news paper: Europe’s extreme Right shoots back. While most of Europe have been talking about Muslim terror, the extreme Right has quietly build up a hate that several times resulted in killings

Toulouse, TV2-200312, Looking for killer among rightwing radicals.jpg
TV 2 national tv channel: Looking for the killer among Right wing extremists

Denmark: First graders are taught Islam in school
Four new mosques to be build in Copenhagen; Denmark gets its first mosque with minarets
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  1. says

    Given that the neo Nazis are a bunch despicable low lives, where is the evidence that they had ever been implicated in any terrorist acts against anyone after ww2?

    But I guess the western media finds it much easier to show photos of heil hitlering and marching neo Nazis than to show heil muhamedding and marching neo muslims.
    Now that the killer has been proved to be a muslims watch the media suddenly declare this a non issue while they make the typical case for so called moderate islam and muslims.

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    From the article in BT: “Europas ekstreme højre skyder igen” (The extreme right in Europe shoots again).

    Islamism is an extreme right wing revolutionary fascist and supremacist movement, so the article is essentially correct. The problem is that people do not realize this fact. They are confused because the extreme left embrace and defend Islam, and call themselves “anti-fascists”, and routinely attack the neo-Nazis both verbally and violently.

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    Confused propagandists aren’t they?

    NAZI’s are national “Socialists”.

    Socialism is on the left side of the political spectrum.

    NAZI’s exterminated Jews.

    Take this a step further, Islam is as much a political force – if not more so – than it is religious. From the inception of Islam, Muslims exterminated Jews.

    Islam is as viciously anti-semetic as NAZI-ism.

    08:33 Video: Islam and the Nazis

    Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism”

    Via Militant Islam Monitor:

    Head of Nazi SS troops Heinrich Himmler stated to Chief of Nazi propaganda Josef Goebbels:

    ” [I] have nothing against Islam because it educates the men in this division for me and promises them heaven if they fight and are killed in action. A very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.”

    Heinrich Himmler, Head of SS, and close colleague of Amin Al-Husseini, financed and established Islamic Institute (“Islamische Zentralinstitut’) in Dresden under the Mufti. The purpose was to create a generation of Islamic leaders that would continue to use Islam as a carrier for Nazi ideology into the 21st century.

    March 1, 1944. Amin Al-Husseini makes speech from Berlin addressing Muslim SS Nazi troops: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, History and Religion. This saves your honor. God is with you.”

    As the Baron astutely quips today,

    “. . . isn’t a Muslim terrorist a form of Nazi? Paleo-, neo-, or unmodified: the worthy heir of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.”


    Lan Astaslem لن استسلم‎

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    As if the Danish media weren’t bad enough . . .take a gander at the load of crap foisted on the American public via the
    Washington Post just 55 minutes ago:

    French suspect showed no sign of militant leanings, but spent time in militant Pakistani area

    or the UK Guardian 16 minutes ago:

    French suspect showed no sign of militant leanings

    It appears the AP is coordinating their narrative. Big surprise, eh?

    Contrast that statement/headline with:

    Here are 10 Interesting Facts About The French Shooting Suspect

    1. He was born in France in October 1988 and is of Algerian descent.

    2. He grew up in a northern suburb of Toulouse in a neighborhood described as ridden with drug-related crime.

    3. As a minor, Merah was often involved in theft and robbery, and was sentenced 15 times in juvenile court. He also served two short prison terms in 2007 and 2009.

    4. He used to work in an auto body shop.

    5. Merah is known to have traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan twice in 2010 and 2011. He has claimed that he trained with al Qaeda operatives in Waziristan in Pakistan, according to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins.

    6. Merah came under surveillance by France’s domestic intelligence agency after returning from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    7. According to Molins, Merah has communicated with the police surrounding his flat, telling them that he acted alone and that he planned to kill more solidiers Wednesday.

    8. Merah’s mother was asked to help police negotiate with her son, but refused, saying she no longer had any control over him.

    9. Merah has exchanged gunfire with police, injuring two officers so far.

    10. Police have found weapons in his car, and believe he has more stashed in his apartment as he continues to exchange gunfire.

  5. says

    When the goebbelian media, like that danish propagandist and disinformer tabloid, talks about nazism/neo-nazism they imply “right” wing, thing is nazism is a socialist ideology and socialism is intrinsically a dogma of the left. Besides thieves, buffoons.

    They keep ignoring facts, history. They’re nothing more than a bunch of anti-semitic revisionist mofos, all these media who try to cover up the fact that socialism(communism, fascism and nazism) is comrade with the religion of pedohammed.

    A thief judges by his condition.

  6. says

    Similarities between Fascists, Communists, and Islamists:

    – Totalitarian ideology
    – Claims to world supremacy

    – Claims to “truth” (“true faith”)
    – Anti-Semitism

    – Anti-Americanism
    – Anti-modernism

    – Anti-individualism (including individual freedoms and rights, and claims to dictate how individuals should live their lives; i.e., in conformity with ideology)

    – Inequality (the “chosen ones,” whether master race, ideological elites, vanguard of the proletariat, or members of the Ummah, vs. “the enemy”) and easily inspired hatred of the “other”

    – Hostility to Liberal democracy

    No wonder many Nazis fled to the Islamic world after WWII and found it so easy to convert to Islam, and that some Communists converted to Islam after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

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    Let’s all remember that Nazism is a creation of the socialist Left, rather than the Far Right.

    Nazism = National Socialism
    Nazi = NazionaleSocialisteArbeiterPartie
    = National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party

    Nazism is a creation of the Left, and this is to the lasting shame of the Left. But since the Left are such slippery denial-addicts, they like to avoid self-criticism and introspection, even as they exclusively admonish others to do so.

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    The true tactic for working on a murder is to set it up like a Dart Board where you start at the center and look at the closest ties and then expand outward to engulf more suspects of leads.
    But this PC method , or LAZY method works fine for the Politicians and MSM that love to print the safe stories and report on Faiths or people that they know will NOT riot and kill when offended.

    The tragedy for the Atlanta Child-Killer was that it was a non-white/homosexual-pedophilie that raped his victims and then killed them to silence them. BUT, the Police and MSM found it much easier to assume the non-white boys being kidnapped/raped and then left for dead were victims of a derange white pedophile killer.
    During the hunt for a non-existing white/pedophilie/racist/killer , the list for missing non-white boys had grew becasue the Police were stopping white males while the MSM Nightly Alerts had people looking for fellow white folks.

    Today we have the same issue where the MSM and Police want so badly to find a poster-Boy for the Muslims to hold up a non-muslim/white/christian/neo-nazi and balance out the 18’500 Plus Terrosim Acts since 9/11/01 but muslims to mostly other muslims that are the victims of these Apostate crimes and islamic revenge crimes.
    The Police in Toronto canada have now been oh so PC that the Police Board responded to the Shariah mass-murders to the Shafia females for not wearing Hijabs and staying true to Shariah and Islam……by making the Uniform Shariah Compliant to allow for the islamic-wing for the Police with the Hijab-squad. The Police have also hinted that they would be open to the Niqab Uniform if it will recruit more female Muslims to rteflect Society and the Diversity in canada.

    Except for one thing, this could blow-up in their faces when the Hijab female cop is beheaded by her moderate husband if she ever offend allah and islam and show some skin or wants to stop wearing it in the future. Knowing the PC leftists in the Police…they will send out a team of Hijab wearing police to look into the killing and whitewash it as ” Domestic-Villence” to keep the peace with muslims.

  9. says

    That’s the thing – they want to go after what is known.

    They wish to categorize the Islamic insurgency in Europe in ways that are comfortable — it must be European racism that is at the root of it – they claim.

    It is much easier to go after white racism – especially with those who pose with raised hand in front a Nazi flag.

    While at the same time – backing, excusing away – Islamic racism and supremacism – because this emanates from minority immigrant groups – where it is thought, are in need of help – and not fully cognisant as they are.

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    BBC video of 3 blasts

    Three explosions have been heard at a block of flats in the French city of Toulouse where a man suspected of killing seven people has been holed up.
    The city’s deputy mayor confirmed an assault on the flat, surrounded by police for nearly 24 hours, had begun.
    The blasts were accompanied by flashes of orange light.

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    5. Merah is known to have traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan twice in 2010 and 2011. He has claimed that he trained with al Qaeda operatives in Waziristan in Pakistan, according to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins.

    I wonder where the money came from. If the French police don’t know, they will soon. And it won’t be easy for Merah. Tant pis! He chose it.

  12. says

    You’ve simply exposed the limits of profiling. Most murderous homosexual pedophiles in the USA have, historically, been white men–and I speak as someone who is male, mostly white, taken for, and not ashamed to be a “white man” my whole life. However, if you randomly pick an average white man off the street and ask him what he thinks of pedophile killers, or even of a Frank Lombard who prostituted his adopted son, you’d probably hear, “I hope the courts sentence him to hang”.

    This is also why I’m not for willy-nilly banning immigration from Muslim-majority countries or immediately assuming the worst from Arabs, South Asians, or Malays. There are plenty of vicious black and white thugs in my country who find Islam fully congenial (John Walker Lindh comes to mind) while lots of “Swarthies” (to use a “racial” term) are exiting Islam.

  13. says

    An isolated extremist’s revenge against society – the killer thinks he is God, says criminologist

    Not quite, He was a member of Al Qaida who traveled to Pakistan for Jihad terror training, and to Israel to”presumably”scout for targets.

    Elias X wrote:

    Similarities between Fascists, Communists, and Islamists…

    Excellent post. Elias. These totalitarian creeds do indeed have a great deal in common.

    One point that is seldom made, but it explodes the whole claim that the appalling Anders Brievik was an Anti-Jihadist, was his assertion that the would be *would be willing to work with violent Jihadists* to achieve his ends.

    Hardly sounds like an Anti-Jihadist to me…