Syria: Sunni jihadists expel 90% of Christians from Homs

Democracy on the march. Nothing to see here. “Christians expelled from Homs,” from Notes on Arab Orthodoxy, March 14 (thanks to Palamas):

From the Syrian secularist website al-Haqiqa. Arabic original here.

For more information about the Islamist makeup of the “Free Syrian Army” from a source generally sympathetic to the rebels, see here.

For an excellent analysis of the bias and misinformation about Syria in American media, see here.

Armed men from the Faruq Brigade have succeeded in expelling most of the Christians of Homs and have seized their homes by force.

Al-Haqiqa has learned from church sources in Homs that the city has been emptied of almost 90% of its Christians. It is expected that a complete “cleansing” of buildings owned by Christians will occur within a matter of days or weeks by armed men from the Wahhabi “Faruq Brigade.” A source in the Orthodox metropolitan’s office told al-Haqiqa that armed men from the Faruq Brigade went to the homes of the Christians, house by house, in the neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan el-Diwan, informing them that they must immediately leave their homes and the city of Homs. The source revealed that the lastest [sic] attempt to expel Christians by force of arms occured [sic] yesterday. It included Dr. Taleb Mashhour Gharibeh, professor of mathematics at Baath University in Homs, his brother the musician Marwan Mashhour Gharibeh (a musician in Sabah Fakhri’s group), both of whom live in the Hamidiya neighborhood, their sister Marie Mashhour Gharibeh, who lives in the Bustan el-Diwan neighborhood, as well as their father and his wife the schoolteacher Maha Habou, who live in the new neighborhood el-Wa’ar. This wave of expulsions also included the residents of a six-story building in Hamidiya, whose residents include eighteen families, almost all of whom are from the village Uyoun el-Wadi.

The church sources said that the armed men informed the owners of the homes before they departed that if they did not leave immediately they would be shot and pictures of their corpses would be sent to al-Jazeera with the message that the government had killed them. The source emphasized that all those who were expelled “were not allowed to take any of their possessions with them, not even extra clothes. Immediately after they left their homes, the buildings were occupied by armed men who considered it ‘war-booty from the Christians!'”

It should be noted that the Faruq Brigade is operated by armed elements from al-Qaeda and various Wahhabi groups and it includes mercenaries from Libya and Iraq. Last month they destroyed two churches with rocket fire, burning one and severely damaging the other.

Iran misunderstands Islam, arrests a dozen Christians in crackdown on converts from Islam
Leaked emails: Assad adviser says Syrian President must confirm that "the Islam of the Syrian people is the true Islam" by showing "hostility to Israel, the first enemy of the Muslims"
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    No wonder that the Christians have refused to throw their lot behind the rebels. They’ve seen how well democracy has worked in Iraq, as they prepare to follow the Iraqi example and leave. Guess the next stop of both Iraqi and Syrian Christians will be Lebanon, until the Sunnis there take over that country as well.

    Of course, this will be no big deal for Obama, nor, I dare say, the GOP candidate either.

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    Muslims have been “ethnically” and religiously cleansing countries for 1,400 years, starting with the Arabian Peninsula. That is one way a country becomes a Muslim country. It is shameful that the Crusades were overdue responses to such genocidal jihad, but in our time the one country that uses almost equal force (according to the media, which is questionable) in defense of genocidal jihad (Bosnia) is condemned by the world and the U.N. gives the Muslims their own country within the country. We let the people of Darfur and other oil-rich African countries be exterminated and their lands conquered by Islam and the remainder of the people turned into slaves and sex slaves (captives referred to in the Qur’an). President Obama has sent U.S. troops to ensure the people protesting around the world for Islamic Constitutions enforced by Sharia law are protected. He also sent U.S. troops to Africa for the Muslim conquests by fighting the only opposition to the jihad, the Lord’s Liberation Army. (Obama must smirk about that.) Just because the Liberal Leftist (supremacist) elitists think they will be left standing and in charge if they ally with the global jihad, the U.S. has been politically hog-tied. In this sad situation the U.S. citizenry needs to stand up and take back the country.

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    Not surprising but still ominous. What’s so appalling is how those scum are so proud of themselves despoiling the Christians. With the money and other valuables they find, the funding for Assad’s downfall will continue.

    As much as the West shouldn’t directly intervene, we really should help the Christians to relocate as quickly as possible. Better yet, we should seriously consider creating a legion or a Battalion 32 unit for displaced Christians. That way they can defend themselves and their correlgionaries from attacks.

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    Biggest news of the civil war in Syria thus far, but not surprising. But will the blinkered Arabists in the White House and State acknowledge it? Or will those political criminals do another on Syria as they did on Libya, and supported in the rest? Bush too, that simpleton, caused the end of 2000 years on Iraqi Christianity, aiding the “religion of peace.”

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    Only has defended the Christians of Syria in the only way possible by defending Assad unconditionally against the Muslim Jihad and the NATO

    Only 4international has fought to defend the Christians of Syria against the Jihad


    By not defending the Christians of Syria by defedning Assad despite differences you have struck a terrible blow against the Jews

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    From the beginning of this crisis in Syria I could not avoid that the Christian Syrians were supporting Assad, because they were afraid and right to be afraid of what would happen to them if Assad were overthrown.

    Whatever the feelings of Jews and us all for Assad you just cannot get around this.

    Assad should never had the chance to be a supporter of either Hizbullah or Hamas. that is the result of faulty Israeli leadership which should have broke from the US and literally wiped these groups from the face of the earth when they had the chance.

    There are many many precedents in the past for defending somebody even though you have definite differences with them, but it is done on the basis of preventing a greater evil to happen. Just basic tactics and strtegy.

    The greatest evil by far in Syria is that Assad is overthrown in these conditions and that is the great lesson of Robert Spencer’s report. There is not the slightest doubt as to what will happen if Assad goes. There will be a massacre of millions of Christians, and this is a very old community indeed going since the time of Paul.

    And it is like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. In these conditions of chaos which are created by the revolt and by the activism of the Muslim Brotherhood there cannot possibly be any alternative to Assad. Any attempt to crreate an alternative to Assad in these conditions will certainly play into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    And it will play into the hands also of Obama, Mrs Clinton,and the team that have come together around Obama in the past year, including such as

    I have never liked the Baathists, they are Stalinists,liars and antisemites. But they are secular. That is precisely why the anti secular religious Christians support them. Like many such minorities in the face of Jihad and Sharia they see secularism as being their only hope of being able to continue their millenia old religious practices.

    That is how I see it. Show me where I am wrong.

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    Save your tears. they are useless.

    Whether people like it or not IN THESE CONDITIONS Assad represents a secular view of living.

    That is why in these very peculiar and somewhat unexpected conditions all of these leaders, who hate Israel actually, are the best friends that Israel and America have.

    The very worst thing for the Israeli and the American people is that Assad is overthrown and that a Sharia dominated regime takes over.

    I would remind you that what drives Iran against the US is its hatred of the conquests made in the Great American Revolution, the central conquest being the separation of Church and State, that religion becomes a private matter, that Jews or Christians can follow their supernatural beliefs outside of politics and that these beliefs are no barrier to material or political advancement.

    That is the essence of the hatred of Iran for America.

    Iran in Bosnia was able to work very happily with the Bill Clinton Government because Clinton was in fact betraying those great principles so long at the centre of American life when he supported the extreme Islamist Izetbegovic and suppressed the Serb Christians. But that is because those in America like Clinton, his wife, and so many others are betraying these great principles.

    Mubarak was operating these principles also in his own way. His group would say “You think what you like we will do what we like”. It was saying keep religion out of politics. Worship who you like but leave politics to us. Mubarak understood though that the Muslim Brotherhood would not and could not do that. Mubarak understood Islam much better than the American Governments (so far)

    That was also the method of Ben Ali and Gaghbo while Muammar Gadhafi was more temperamentally orientated to Africa than to Muslim Arabia. He hated the latter. He was aware of their slavery heritage.

    An alliance with Assad on that strict basis of secularism is entirely possible for Israel and for progressive groups such as Jihadwatch. An alliance of this kind does not entail mixing up the banners or dropping the guard. Rather the opposite. It is an alliance of principle.

    I repeat you cannot construct an alternative as you are in the middle of the swirling stream and you are struggling for life. The only alternative is to defend Assad unconditionally. Nothing else counts. The fate of millions of Syrian Christians and an entire millenia old culture depends on correct orientation on this.

    Would that strengthen Iran as Debka contends. I am certain not. Iran is only strong because Israel refuses to break from US and Obama and delays hammering Iran with everything it has got. Time for action, the only medicine that Iran understands. Debka is wrong. Syria is quite separate.

  8. says

    Thanks David. I do not feel it. Only a sense of doom.

    Danny…In reference to your essay. I do not think their lives were bad under Gadhafi. There was a major improvement in the lives of Libyans in all the time that Gadhafi was in power. Plus the BBC were hiding why the blacks loved him so much. i am not idealising him but the truth needs to be told against these powerful lie machines.

    Also at the beginning you skim over an important fact. You say Gadhafi was no threat to us. That is misleading in this sense. Rather than being no threat because of the agreement with Bush and Blair Gadhafi was an ally against extreme Islam.

    You present it in the threat…in fact that is distorting the actual situation.

    This makes the crime of Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama all the worse.

    From the evidence as presented and if you appraoch the evidence rather like a cool scientist would then the plan afoot by the US Governments to date seems to be to create in the world Islamist Sharia States and Governments. So following the evidence I think that they will not stop until Assad is replaced by Sharia and that they will NOT attack Iran but will leave that Sharia government in place.

    Assad will be dislodged by Obama and there will be total chaos as if today was not bad enough. Some like Caroline Glick think this will aid in fighting the Iranian Fascists. But I think the chaos will aid the Iranian Fascists. They thrive on it. Also given all the evidence that is presented I think it is absurd to think as Caroline does that US and NATO will attack Iran.
    The key issue of Iran and Nuclear Bomb is the capability of those Fascists to build the bomb to order. In other words that they have the enriched uranium at 20 per cent and are in a position to increase it further on order, or that they have the fully enriched uranium ready for the bomb, have all the other issues solved, have the rockets to deliver, and that they have dug all of this deep inside a mountain so that they can produce the bomb to order.

    The Fascist Antisemites that are sometimes called and call themselves left or socialist or whatever are being devious on this point. (It is also the centre of the whole Obama programme…the Fascist Left are also defending Obama)

    To Israel and to the rest of the (conscious not sleeping) world it does not matter, having the capability to do so and to have that capability untouchable, that is the threat.

    They (Fascist Lefts like Raimondo) are presenting this report and that report, but they are distorting most of these reports. If a report says that Iran does not have the Nuclear bomb it is also saying that Iran is putting itself in position to quickly produce the Nuclear Bomb…it is the capability that counts.

    It is not difficult to understand this distinction. These Fascists in the left understand it very well. But they are dogmatists and their dogma is hatred of Israel and of America. They will close their eyes to any reality. It is not unlike Stalin making the pact with the Nazis. Nothing and nobody could persuade the brute that Russia would be attacked. Stalin had a nervous breakdown when it happened and the German tanks rolled across the Russian border.

    The Fascist left are playing that kind of similar role today.

    It is likely given all we know about Obama that he will find some way to dislodge Assad. It is in the plan to have Sharia Qaradawi type states surrounding Israel.

    It is likely also that Obama will defend the Sharia Iran because that is part of the general plan. I mean why dislodge Sharia in Iran and go to the effort of promoting it in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, that makes no sense.

    So delay and delay, until the Iranian Fascists have the bomb, then present the only solution as stripping Israel of its nuclear defence.

    Apart from what I said at the beginning I agree with Danny. If Obama is elected I can see US, NATO and EU directly attackinmg Israel and big sections of US Jewry egging them on to do so

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    Felix Quigley and 4international are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not to be listened to. Who knows what their real agenda is, but here are some quotes from 4international:


    Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Ted Belman, Eliyokim Cohen of Jews News, and a thousand others such as Caroline Glick, all now have the blood of the Christian Syrians on their heads and hands.

    And as well as betraying the Syrian Christians these treacherous Jewish leaders have also betrayed the Jews of the world, because Jews and Christians have to stand together today against the Muslim Jihad…and the Obama regime.

    Felix: go find a hole and crawl into it.

  10. says

    Felix, your 4internationale friends say that our own blog host is a “Jew” who won’t fall in with their viewpoint.

    As for unconditionally supporting Assad, he was always a nasty piece of work (as was his father), and won’t last forever anyway.

    I weep for the cleansing of Christians from Homs, too. The cleansing of Jews from Halab back in the late 1940’s was also a tragedy. But the day’s long gone when the West may simply impose its [more enlightened] will on the Middle Eastern states. My guess is that the region’s set on a trajectory in which the Islamist star will rise until it gets itself into deep trouble after precipitating a losing war with the Israelis or someone else.

  11. says

    I dunno about 4international, but I disagree w/ the notion that Assad deserves unconditional support.

    On the plus side, the Assad regime has been more supportive of its Christian population, sheltered the fleeing Christians in Iraq, and been a bulwork against Sunni fundamentalism, particularly the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. I read the article above about the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and its links to the Muslim Brotherhood, but I don’t agree that that organization is stamped out, since it has a lot of support in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    On the negative side, the Assad regime

  12. Supports Hizbullah and is supported by them, and is the conduit b/w Iran and Hizbullah
  13. Hosts Pali terror groups like PFLP, Hamas (Khaled Mashal) and Islamic Jihad
  14. During the US occupation of Iraq, the Assad regime tried to relieve the pressure on the regime by encouraging Sunni insurgents to infiltrate into Iraq’s al Anbar province and join al Qaeda/Iraq
  15. Has its own WMD program, which was partly destroyed by Israel
  16. I didn’t list human rights abuses above. Obviously, it’s desired that they not be there, but given the predicament of the Alawites, where they know that their Sunni neighbors ain’t the live & let live types (no Muslim group is), they survive in the only way possible – crack down hard on any signs of Sunni militancy. Which is essentially what the current uprising in Syria really is – it’s a Sunni-Alawite civil war. Regardless of whether the Christians had been supported or sheltered by the Alawites, they’d have been subjected to the expulsions that they’re undergoing.

    Also, the claims that the above mentioned people have been opposing the Syrian regime is all hogwash. JW has pointed out the true nature of the rebels in stories like the one above, w/o endorsing either side. Israel, knowing what the Muslim Brotherhood is, has taken a neutral stance, but is privately thought to be rooting for Assad to remain, given that it would be in a worse situation if the Muslim Brotherhood were to take over. But the Assad regime has by no means been good for Israel – after all, if it weren’t for them, Hizbullah would have withered on the vine.