UN Special Representative for Afghanistan: Punish Qur’an burners

Like NATO, the UN must know full well that it is validating a process which, for many of its backers, can only rightly end through retribution in blood, and even that will not be the end.

It will never be enough, because the response is not rational in the first place (41 dead at last count), and therefore has no rational end point.

“Qur’an burners “˜should be punished”,” by Amie Ferris-Rotman for Reuters, March 1:

The UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ján Kubiš, called at a press conference on Thursday for the US military to take disciplinary action against those who burned Korans at Bagram air base.

US President Barack Obama and other top American officials have apologiesed [sic] for the incident.

More than 30 people were killed in subsequent protests about the Koran buying.

Six Isaf soldiers have also been killed in the last week, apparently in revenge for the burning of the Korans.

“After the first step of a profound apology, there must be a second step of disciplinary action,” Mr Kubis said.

On Saturday, an Afghan policeman killed two US advisors inside the Afghan Ministry of Interior Ministry. The attack has raised questions about Nato’s strategy of replacing large combat units with advisers as the alliance tries to wind down the war.

After the attack Nato withdraw its staff from Afghan government institutions.

But a US military spokesman Lt. Col. Jimmie Cummings said that the Gen. John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, approved the return of selected personnel.

He could not elaborate which ministries were involved, but an Afghan official said some had returned to a department setting up a government-run security force that will guard international development projects.

The UN Special Representative for Afghanistan also said: “I know that the majority of the people of Afghanistan would like to see peaceful developments in the future. Let’s not allow the spoiler of the peace to misuse the legitimate religious sentiments of the people of Afghanistan and to turn this against these glimpses of hope as far as peace and reconciliation process is concerned.”

“Let’s not forget that peace process does not mean a return back to ten years ago, it means to build on these achievements of the past ten years,” he added.

Afghan clerics: Obama's apology can never be accepted
Afghanistan: Gunman in Afghan National Army uniform kills 2 NATO soldiers
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  1. says

    Is Afghan Government punishing those who shot and killed two US soldiers in the back?

    Sure – they are searching for him… – give me break! F…ing Pakistan, Afghanstan … they are all the same … Islam makes people to rot to a point that there is no humanity left in them. These sons of beaches never ever look to solve the real problem – ISLAM.

    I shouldn’t blame only the Muslims not seeing the real problem, our leaders are no different. They also know the problem, but they dare tell it to the problem makers. I guess if anyone opens their mouth, the gas prices will go ballistic.

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    Universal rights are universal and intermational law ain’t sharia law.

    So sociopaths like Kubis, who defend the undefendable and justify the unjustifiable, can simply STFU.

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    UN Special Representative for Afghanistan: Punish Qur’an burners

    The UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ján Kubiš, called at a press conference on Thursday for the US military to take disciplinary action against those who burned Korans at Bagram air base.

    God, the insanity. Can you imagine a howling Mohammedan mob sitting in judgment of civilized Americans on something that would not even be a crime outside an Islamic court?


    “After the first step of a profound apology, there must be a second step of disciplinary action,” Mr Kubis said.

    Why “must” there be?

    And why is a Slovak diplomat pushing Shari’ah law?


    “Let’s not forget that peace process does not mean a return back to ten years ago, it means to build on these achievements of the past ten years,” he added.

    Oh, yeah? Somehow, I think this is *exactly* what the Taliban and many of the “Nobel people of Afghanistan” have in mind’show trial or no show trial…

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    The UN at it again, legitimizing murderous, pathological psychopatic behavior. What a surprise!.

    The U.S. and the rest of the civilized world(what’s left of it) should stop funding such disgusting pro-sharia organizations.

  5. says

    “Let’s not forget that peace process does not mean a return back to ten years ago, it means to build on these achievements of the past ten years,”


    Oh……so lets just return to about 1400 years in the past and act like a bunch of barbarians.

  6. says

    It’s the dream on aspect!

    As far as things in Afghanistan not going back – some years.

    Thus far no comment from the US!!

    Maybe the Afghans can explain – they will just use a little Shari’a law – in the trial against them!! A moderate western version!!

    Googled him as well – but with a name like Ján or Yan – that would mean John – in English.

    There are no Johns in Islam!!

    Kubiš might be Ku-bish


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    “After the first step of a profound apology, there must be a second step of disciplinary action,” Mr Kubis said.

    I totally agree, Mr. Kubis.
    Those responsible should be court-martialled, found guilty, fined $1.00, and immediately re-posted to a base in the U.S., with a provision in their records that they are never again to be posted to a Moslem country. Oh, what a terrible punishment! Never again to experience the peace and beauty to be found throughout the Moslem world!

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    Move the UN to Bonn, Germany, former capital of West Germany. It should be ready to go, with multiple empty embassy bldgs and even a former house of parliament, which could serve as the UN general assembly hall. Just do it.

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    Wikipedia lists two men named Jan Kubis.
    The first was a Czechoslovakian freedom fighter who took part in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi governor of Bohemia in 1942. He was killed afterward in a gun-fight with the SS. He gave his life fighting the murderous Nazi tyranny.
    The present Slovak “diplomat” of that name, on the other hand, seems to be devoting his life to advancing the interests of another equally murderous tyranny, Islam.
    Two men with the same name; one an heroic adversary of tyranny, the other a craven lickspittle of another tyranny.

  10. says

    They always play the victim but it is they who should apologize for the killing of American troops, burning of Christian churches, shredding of Bibles in Saudi Arabia. They should be made to grovel and beg for our forgiveness. According to one primary source I read about the Franks, during the crusades, the only virtue that the Muslims admired about them was their courage in battle. They smell our weakness and are taking full advantage of it. Like Michael Savage asks, why are we in Afganistan?

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    Alright then, how about punishment for those responsible for the initial desecration of those precious “holy” korans, the terrorists who wrote messages to each other in them. I thought writing in them was sacrilege – some strict sharia punishment is in order at least 100 lashes each….that’ll learn ’em

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    Shariah enforcement in North America commenced with the Harding atrocity in Canada where the highest court upheld the attached decision.


    As much as I admire Spencer, for over a decade – and in face of World Net Daily articles dating to 1999 – Spencer refuses to both recognize the importance of Harding-sharia, or even acknowledge its existence.


    Please challenge your pathological resistance to putting your eyeballs on the pages linked above, and allow it to impact on your brain for the first time.

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    It should read:

    Latte drinking UN Special Representative for Afghanistan calls for punishment for Qur’an burners

    And when Islam came for them…

    [Nothing against lattes]

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    “but an Afghan official said some had returned to a department setting up a government-run security force that will guard international development projects.”

    It’s very obvious what the Afghans value the most, koran, islam, and jiyza. No thanks for the hospitals, schools, bridges, roads, and other infrastructures. just keep feeding them billions more and punishing our soldiers for any anti sharia oversights or insults to islam.

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    Mr Jan Kubis is Czech, eh?

    He does not seem to have paid attention to what some of his fellow Czechs have had to say about Islam.

    In this article, from 2004, we hear of some perfectly ordinary Czechs in a spa town frequented by Arab Muslim tourists, who were kicking up a stink about a proposed mosque, and giving very cogent reasons…including their having seen their Muslim ‘guests’ partying and celebrating when the news of the September 11 jihad raid came through.


    ‘Milos Kejzlar angrily recalls the reaction of visiting Arabs in Teplice following the events of 9/11.
    “The people of the town were very surprised to see a great number of Arabs here celebrating in the parks and the restaurants after they learned what happened in the U.S.,” he said, downing shots of slivovice at his well-kept house in a leafy suburb.
    Shocked by some Arabs’ response to the destruction of the World Trade Center and flooded by constant media coverage of terrorist plots, Kejzlar concluded that a mosque a few blocks from his home was a bad idea.

    “It seems that terrorism often springs from those who gather at the mosques and from those who preach from them,” said the 41-year-old high school math teacher.

    ‘Last spring, after learning of a private company’s plans to erect a temple to cater to the thousands of Arabs, mostly Saudis, who seek extended medical treatments in this historic spa town, Kejzlar launched a petition against the mosque, which would be the country’s second…’.

    Then there is Jiri Ovecka, who did some undercover research to create a documentary called ‘I, Muslim’, which revealed some of the nasty things Mohammedans were saying to each other inside mosques in the Czech Republic, when they thought that only sympathetic ears were listening.

    ÄŒTV documentary angers Muslims


    I wonder whether UN Special Rep for Afghanistan, Jan Kubis, has ever bothered to watch ‘I, Muslim’…or if he even knows of its existence?

    And, finally, there is this redoubtable gentleman, Milos Zeman, a former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, no less.


    Former Czech PM sued over statements on Islam

    ‘”The enemy is the anti-civilisation spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales,” Czech news servers quoted Zeman as saying about Islam at the recent conference.’

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    The perfect response to this quizling bs was Spencer’s article in FrontPage Magazine. “Obama-Sharia Enforcer?”As usual he nails it.:

    Never mind that the jihad’s continued advance is best illustrated by Obama’s eagerness to appease, and by the collective Western failure to stand up and say what should be said to what General Allen called the “noble people of Afghanistan”: “What madness has overtaken you? None of the people you have killed ever burned a Qur’an. And are your Allah and your Muhammad so fragile that burning one copy, or even a few copies, of a book of which millions and millions of copies exist, really hurts them so much that you think killing people who had nothing to do with it is a proper response? No killing is appropriate in this case, even of those who did this. You people have gone mad. All decent people should rise and condemn you.”


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    I just read the transcript from the press conference. It was sickening. He wants to tar and feather “those responsible” for burning the trash. But he apologizes to those primitive bunch of murderers who rioted and killed innocent people. At the end he actually thanks the Taliban for THEIR contribution! I hope they know that they don’t, and this goes especially for Obummer, in any way, shape or form represent the American people or their feelings on the issue. These people live in the dark ages. I’m wondering if we’re not better off getting totally the hell out of there. We missed our chance after the Soviets fell in Afghanistan. Instead of helping the appropriate people we, the politicians, just turned away from doing the right thing. There was a good movie that covered this. Unfortunately I forget the name of it. Charlie Wilsons War?

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    Ján Kubiš is virtually spitting on the graves of the U.N. workers who were beheaded in Afghanistan after Terry Jones burned his Quran. Choosing to ignore those killings are you Jan?

  19. says

    Jan Kubis is a career U.N. do-gooder and likely a Slovakian Muslim. No mention is made of his religion. All links to his bio are just rewrites of what appears on Wikipedia, including the official U.N. bio. To wit:



    But, then, the U.N. is staffed with countless parasites insulated from reality and who have little else to do but butt their snouts into issues because that’s what they’re paid to do – with U.S. taxpayer dollars. Of course, Kubis would never get upset about “disciplining” Muslims who burn bibles, or copies of Atlas Shrugged, or of the U.S. Constitution, which his employer would like to override. No, wait. He has an apologist in the White House who is working to do that.

    It’s time to leave and evict the U.N. from American shores.

  20. says

    If Rasool Obama bows and apologizes more, and sends a big check, Kubis will forgive it, but the mob will not…I don’t think Rasool will throw the soldiers to the mob in an election year, but two or three years from now, who knows…

  21. says

    Repeating what I said a few days ago on this: If the Commander in Chief of American military forces in Afghanistan yields to this pressure and allows or provides for the trial and punishment of American soldiers for Koran-burning, Congress should immediately impeach him for treason. Furthermore, it has not been established (so far as I have seen) that the supposedly desecrated Korans were not planted for the purpose of discovery and inciting outraged rioting and murder aimed at NATO forces.

  22. says

    Sorry, that should be, “Noble people of Afghanistan”.

    Not that the proper spelling makes the assertion any less absurd, of course…

  23. says

    miriam rove wrote:

    I just googled him and he is from Slovokia. muslim may be?

    I doubt it, miriam. According to the 2001 census, there are only 5,000 Muslims in the whole country”much less than 1% of the population. Even if that figure has jumped”and I’m sure it has”Islam still has a miniscule presence there.

    Ján KubiÅ¡ is a “career diplomat”. Never underestimate the disturbing influence of cringing appeasement and PC/MC.

  24. says

    eaglecap: we did the right thing going to afghanistan. my own son served there as marine and came back to camp Lejune just this past august. what we should have was to go kick theri asses demolish the country not that it had anything to be demolshed in the first place and got out. savage is right we should not be there. we should left in october of 2001. we got attacked on 9/11 and we should have destroyed them bu 10/11. one month of non stop bombings.

  25. says

    Hi Frank. Like miriam rove, I only got a vague sense of the Harding case from the link you posted.

    I Googled around a bit, and found this:

    “Mark Harding – the Last Canadian Standing”

    In the 1990’s Mark tried to bring Canada’s attention to the harm that Islam could cause…

    In the pamphlets he wrote about the dangers of Islam and quoted facts about Muslim atrocities from Canadian mainstream media sources. The protest didn’t end up well – under strong pressure from the Muslim community, Mark Harding was charged with hate speech, he even had to spend two days in jail.

    The case went to trial and he was convicted in 1998. He got two years probation and 340 hours of community service. The most humiliating fact about the service was that it consisted in Muslim indoctrination under the guidance of Mohammad Ashraf, general secretary of ISNA…

    …Ashraf told Harding that he must follow everything he says, otherwise he would send him back to jail. One of those things was the ban to criticize the warmonger Mohammed, the fake prophet.

    He forced Mark to read the book Towards Understanding Islam, a junk treatise, hostile to everybody who doesn’t follow Islam.

    The ordeal took its toll on Mark’s health, but despite several heart attacks, he had to continue to fight. He appealed his sentence all the way to the Supreme Court, but in the end the Muslim lobby won – in 2002 he lost his appeal…


    This does sound like an appalling case”and a very early one. Shari’ah law luring under the cloak of “hate crimes””and an ugly crushing of freedom of speech in Canada. This reminds me of the later trials of Mark Levant and Mark Steyn, on the same spurious basis.

  26. says


    thanks for posting that.

    I went and had a look round as well.

    Brave man! And he’s still going strong, totally un-cowed and un-dhimmified by all he’s been through – he was involved in the protest against the Mohammedan ‘prayers’ in the cafeteria of a Canadian school, last year.

    After reading about him, I think he should get a retrospective ‘Anti-Dhimmi Internationale’ award from Jihadwatch, for what he went through, way back in the 1990s, when there was virtually nobody else out there batting.

    (BTW, did you notice, We don’t seem to have actually *done* the dhimmi / anti-dhimmi awards, last year: there was one thread that dealt with it, but there was no final vote and no determination of winners. Maybe something else came up and it got sidelined. But I think it ought to happen. Me, I think the Anti-Dhimmi Award should be marked by a real prize, a real physical object – something the winners can actually put up on their shelf or their wall, or that they can wear).

    I’d love to sit him and Geert Wilders in a coffee shop and get them talking – comparing notes. I think it would a conversation worth filming.

  27. says

    Dumbledore’s Army wrote:

    (BTW, did you notice, We don’t seem to have actually *done* the dhimmi / anti-dhimmi awards, last year: there was one thread that dealt with it, but there was no final vote and no determination of winners…

    I have noticed that, DDA”and have commented on it a few times.

    I’ve been loath to write Robert and Marisol because they are so busy”but I think it’s time to drop them a quick email.

    Perhaps they don’t have an artist to do the honors”if I remember correctly, that slowed things up a couple of years ago as they lined up a new contributor.

    I’d be more than happy to offer my own services. Satirical art is not my forte, but just the chance to portray Christopher Hitches at the dais hoisting a stiff drink would be worth it (assuming that he wins, of course).