Iran: Twelve Christians to stand trial on Easter Sunday

Remember: those who make a great deal out of “Islamophobia” in the West are fronting for this, running interference for it. “NEWS ALERT: 12 Iranian Christians Stand Trial Easter Sunday,” from BosNewsLife, April 6 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)– Twelve Christians are to stand trial in Iran on Easter Sunday on charges including “crimes against the order”, an activist assisting them with advocacy told BosNewsLife.

Jason DeMars, director of the Present Truth Ministries group, said Friday that the Christians are facing the court in the northeastern city of Rasht, though “they were earlier for the same ‘crimes’ last year in [the Caspian Sea city of] Bandar Anzali.”

“This highlights once again, that it is illegal to be a Christian in Iran,” De Mars said.

Among the Christians is Pastor Matthias Haghnejad and his wife Anahita Khadeimi, he explained. Others were identified as Mahmoud Khosh-Hal and his wife Hava Saadetmend, Amir Goldoust, Mina Goldoust, Zhaina Bahremand, Fatemah Modir-Nouri, Mehrdad Habibzade, Milad Radef, Behzad Taalipasand and Amin Pishkar….

Iranian officials have consistently denied wrongdoing, saying they try to uphold the values of Islam and the laws of the land.

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  1. says

    Blessed are the saints, martyrs and confessors of the Church in Persia.

    I observe that most of these people, judging by their names – Fatemah, Amin, **Mahmoud**, Amir – are apostates from Islam. Adult converts to Christianity.

    May there come to be so many such, that the authorities in Persia will simply not be able to keep track of them all…

    Send forth your Spirit, Lord; renew the face of the earth.

    I can do little for them, beyond praying.

    Besides praying, the best that can be done for such people as these is to support organisations such as The Barnabas Fund or Voice of the Martyrs or Open Doors, as well as the Bible Society (who are busily, patiently translating the scriptures into many languages, including many languages spoken in Muslim-dominated lands) and those Christian organisations who broadcast the Word by satellite TV or by radio, into the heart of dar al Islam. These secret ‘house church’ Christians in Persia and other such places can be nourished and encouraged by radio broadcasts, just as truth-seekers and dissidents and Christian believers behind the Iron Curtain were nourished and encouraged by similar broadcasts during the Cold War.

    One can also join – if one has not already done so – those organisations and groups within the free world that have sprung up in the past decade or so, or even within the past five years or less, devoted to resisting Islamisation and attempting to galvanise our free-world governments – as well as our religious leaders – into recognition of (and active resistance to) a very real menace.

  2. says

    For a moment, I thought I read ‘Twelver Christians’, and wondered whether Iranian Christians were also undergoing a Shia-Sunni type split :-)

  3. says

    Being a Muslim must be impossible. Because for every law they have a nullification of that same law. How confussing is that?

  4. says

    vnbushman! Read ISLAM 101 at the top left of the home page of this website. The quran is confusing for us infidels because we don’t know how to read it.
    It is not confusing for them because the “true followers” know how to read it. What you don’t know is in ISLAM 101.

    2:106. Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We {Allah} abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?

    to make it short and not so sweet: any contradiction in the quran, the newest teaching is the “correct” teaching.
    The crazier stuff came after mohammed gained more power.
    The quran is not in chronological order. So! you have to know which books came last. SO! The crazy CRAP is the stuff true muslims follow. PEACE???? in islam?

    YEAH!!!! Pieces will be you! if you don’t join.