Muslim mob torches Khartoum church

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Muslim mob torches Khartoum church,” by Mohamed Saeed for the Associated Press, April 22 (thanks to Tom):

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) “” A Muslim mob has set ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in the capital Khartoum, witnesses and media reports said on Sunday.

The church in Khartoum’s Al-Jiraif district was built on a disputed plot of land but the Saturday night incident appeared to be part of the fallout from ongoing hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan over control of an oil town on their ill-defined border….

The witnesses and several newspapers said a mob of several hundreds shouting insults at southerners torched the church. Fire engines could not put out the fire, they added.

One newspaper, Al-Sahafah, said the church was part of a complex that included a school and dormitories. Ethiopian refugees living in the Sudanese capital also used the church….

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    Ethiopian refugees living in the Sudanese capital also used the church….

    Ethiopia has Christian refugees living in Khartoum? They couldn’t flee to Kenya, Uganda, Central African Republic or anywhere else?

    What have they been smoking?

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    I know that few readers and commenters at Jihad Watch are willing or
    able to venture to South Sudan to engage in whatever activities one
    can in the struggle against jihad there and now becoming more intense
    as Sudan invades its neighbouring nation. I´m willing and able to go
    to South Sudan to do what I can to aid the resistance to Muslim
    oppression of others. To do so will require that I finance my journey
    through my own efforts, part of which depends on selling copies of my
    latest book. I´m not going to beg my way to South Sudan. You might
    help me get there by purchasing a copy of An Occasional Walker.

    Dag Walker,

    From the Amazon jungle somewhere in Beni, Bolivia.

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    War is war. The only thing Muslims know is violence and unless you fight war with war, it will never end. A burned church should equal a burned mosque. Start fighting back.

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    In addition to what I just said…a few years ago, it seemed that John Garang, the South Sudanese leader who wanted a secular and united Sudan, was so popular that a real possibility existed that he could have become president; that is, Muslims would have been happy to have him as leader of the whole country. Tragically, he died, and Sudan is divided and instead of becoming more secular, the north – Sudan – is heading towards Talibanisation.

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    Who is arming and supporting the Christian South? Certainly not Obama. That anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Democracy, anti-Freedom, pro-Sharia President of yours needs to be out these elections.

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    I don’t know whether this is the same event, or a different thing that happened on the same weekend.

    But it’s worth reading, because it includes something that the Associated Press version – written by one Mohammed Saeed – carefully leaves out.

    Hundreds of Muslims in attack on church

    Here’s the bit that matters:

    “A Muslim preacher known for fiery sermons took advantage of the excited climate to call for “jihad” against Christians during Friday evening prayers, prompting hundreds to attack the church the next day..”.

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    Muslim mob torches Khartoum church

    The church in Khartoum’s Al-Jiraif district was built on a disputed plot of land but the Saturday night incident appeared to be part of the fallout from ongoing hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan over control of an oil town on their ill-defined border….

    Bullsh*t. This is part of the ongoing hostilities of Islamic Jihad”the issue with South Sudan is just the excuse du jour. Before South Sudan even existed, the Muslim Sudanese were massacring the southern Christians and animists.

    And this is not just happening in Sudan”Muslim mobs are attacking and destroying Christian churches all over the Muslim world”in northern Nigeria, in Syria, in Egypt, in Pakistan, in Malaysia, and in Indonesia.

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    My sentiments exactly though I’d go further than just burning a mosque. In a war the goal is to completely destroy your enemies. This is just one front in a global war that Islam is waging against all of humanity.

    Non-muslims should be arming fellow non-muslims who are facing jihad and let them take care of the rest. As you said this will not end until one side finishes the other-muslims want war, non-muslims should give it to them.

    History has proven time and time again, nothing works against Islam except warfare.

    Muslim countries should be invaded, conquered and have Islam eliminated-to be replaced with democracy and freedom. After-all, these countries were formerly inhabited by non-muslims who were invaded/conquered by muslims.

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    Sadly, I agree with you. A burned church should equal a burned mosque; a bombed out city should equal a bombed out city, that’s a hard truth! That’s war and war is Hell!

    I also believe it’s gone farther than that, I believe that it’s going to take the mentality of “us, free men and women” removing the muslim predators from our streets, by force if necessary.

    Only when muslims understand that their violence will be met with equal violence, and or more, will muslims stop and start to listen. This has been the muslim, non-muslim war legacy of history. Whenever muslim have made “jihad” – war against non-muslims and they have been met with “FORCE,” they have “tucked tail” and gone back to their “mud holes”. Mulsims attack because of the qu’ranic mandate to fight until “all people” call allah god alone or they (the conqured) are subdued. Sadly, the world awaits a champion, but society is being lead by the whishy washy and the idea that peace at any cost is acceptabe. Muslims… Islam… needs to be beaten back into the “Hell Hole” it crawled out of, it’s just that simple.

    And sadly now, because “we” the free world wants peace soooo bad, it’s gonna take alot of good men and women to do it. And that’s if we wake up real soon, like yesterday.

    Peace at any cost is not freedom, it’s surrender

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    The Ethiopians have been there for up to twenty years. Many have had children there who know no other place, and have businesses. Or are married to Sudanese but remain Christian.
    Khartoum wasn’t always like this. It used to be a very cosmopolitan and wonderful place, according to a Greek bookshop owner I met who is disgusted at what is happening (and doesn’t sell many books any more, either. Do Muslims need books?)

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    “In a war the goal is to completely destroy your enemies.”

    You’re absolutely right. But while I agree that Christians have the right and the duty to defend themselves and their families against any agression, I need to point out that the real enemy has a name: ISLAM (not Muslims). And it’s Islam itself, as a religion, that must and will be, by the grace of the Only True God, completely destroyed.

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    Im sorry, Just Me, Fitna, Aprilyn but i have to dissagree with your ideas on how to respond to Islamic violence.

    Revenge, especially by violence will never work and is never justified. It only motivates like minded people to commit even more violence.

    Ofcoarse a Nation has a right to defend itself, even with force, but this is very different from attacking a random mosque just because they happen to have the same religion as the people who are commiting the violence.

    This is the kind of bigotry that we at jihad watch are trying to argue against. This is the mentality of the islamists that you are sinking too.

    The best way we can defeat the islamists is by telling the truth about how the Koran and Islam promotes hate,bigotry and violence.

    When enough people become aware of this, governments will then start taking reasonable steps to safe guard human rights in western countries.

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    I agree we’re at war with Islam, but Islam is not independent of muslims-it could not exist without them. They are followers of this ideology, just as Nazis were followers of Nazism and that’s who we fought in WW2 to largely destroy Nazism. The same will need to happen with Islam/muslims.

    It would be nice if we could simple tell muslims that your ideology is evil so stop following it. But the fact is just like the Nazis they have been brainwashed and they are intent on destroying us and have Islam dominate the world because they think their moon-god demands it. So we have no choice but to fight them to eliminate Islam.

    At the very lead we will need to wipe out their terrorists/radical muslims and then give the ‘non-violent’ muslims the option to leave Islam-just as they would give us the option to join it ‘or else.’

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    To Mike Cee,

    I don’t like violence either and I sure wish it was as simple as telling the truth to muslim, but it’s not! I made the statments I made with a heavy heart, I’m a Christian and I don’t believe in bigotry or revenge killings.

    But this is not an act of revenge, but an act to perserve ones freedoms, ones way of life and in defense of ones country. It is not something I say lightly or with glee, I take no pleasure in the possible death of anyone.

    War is “Hell” and we are at war with Islam and those who believe in the tenets of Islam. The religion of Islam mandated the war against non-muslims, and it is muslims themselves who have taken up the “Banner of War” declaring war against freedom and free people everywhere.

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    You’re wrong Mike, a lesson that children in the West learn is that if you harm someone then you will be punished for your actions. It is the fear of punishment, of retaliation and consequence that keeps people in line ultimately-knowing that harming others will lead to harm for oneself.

    For this same reason the crimes of muslims cannot go unpunished either otherwise they will simply be emboldened and commit more atrocities against us. And this is not a little school-yard brawl or some silly misunderstanding between two peace-loving respectful people, this is a war of ideology between barbarians and civilized people.

    Everyone here knows that muslims are waging war against us to establish Islamic rule over all of humanity. This will mean the destruction of our freedoms, democracy, modernity-this is a life and death struggle for the future of our civilization.

    So the proper way to deal with muslim aggression against non-muslims is overwhelming retaliation so that they will think twice about doing it next time. But the ultimate goal for all non-muslims should be the elimination of the ideology of Islam, which is the real source of this war.

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    @ Mike Cee

    One point I forgot to add, ask Theo Van Gogh how helpful it was to try to talk to Mohammad Bouyeri and “tell the truth about Islam” as he was stabbing him to death.

    Ask the little 8 yr old Jewish girl who was executed by that French muslim, I could go on forever with the examples.