Taliban attack Pakistan prison, free 380 prisoners, including jihad terrorists

A demonstration of their power. “Taliban attack Pakistan prison, free 380 prisoners,” by Ishtiaq Mahsud for the Associated Press, April 15 (thanks to all who sent this in):

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan””Taliban militants armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades battled their way into a prison in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, freeing close to 400 prisoners, including at least 20 described by police as “very dangerous” insurgents, authorities and the militants said.

The raid by more than 100 fighters was a dramatic display of the strength of the insurgency gripping the nuclear-armed country. The escaped prisoners may now rejoin the fight, giving momentum and a propaganda boost to a movement that has killed thousands of Pakistani officials and ordinary citizens since 2007.

The attackers stormed the prison before dawn in the city of Bannu close to the Afghan border, said police officer Shafique Khan. They used explosives and hand grenades to knock down the main gates and two walls, said Bannu prison superintendent Zahid Khan.

“They were carrying modern and heavy weapons,” said Zahid Khan. “They fired rockets.”

Once inside the building, the attackers headed straight to the area of the prison where death-row prisoners were being kept, he said. They fought with guards for around two hours, setting part of the prison on fire before freeing the 380 inmates, including at least 20 “very dangerous Taliban militants,” said Shafique.

One escaped prisoner, Adnan Rashid, was on death row for his involvement in an assassination attempt against former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, said Zahid Khan.

The prison in Bannu housed 944 inmates.

A Taliban spokesman, Asimullah Mehsud, claimed the movement’s fighters freed 1,200 of their comrades. The group is known to make exaggerated claims….

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    At the moment, there are concerted attacks going on in several places in Afghanistan. Kabul is being attacked by jihadists in several key areas.

    Rust and Jihad never sleep!

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    I wonder how much resistance was put up by the Pakistani guards?

    Watch for BHO to offer Pakistan a few more billions in aid, to strengthen their prisons.

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    Taliban attack Pakistan prison, free 380 prisoners, including jihad terrorists

    A demonstration of their power.

    A demonstration of their power, indeed. There is no really concerted opposition to the Taliban in either the Afghan or Pakistani “governments”. Even the Americans and the coalition are now “negotiating” with the Taliban, and busy pretending that these most vicious of Jihadists are some sort of credible “partners for peace”.

    Who doubts that the horrifying Taliban will be back in power in Afghanistan amost as soon as we pull out?

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    The attackers have stated that they didn’t lose a single man in the jailbreak raid. That should be proof enough of how much resistance was offered by the Pakistani guards (ie. none). Why would they risk their necks to protect infidel interests? It’s not like they feel threatened by fellow Muslims, no matter how fanatical, because Muslim militants mainly want to target infidels.

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    It is time to increase monetary aid to Pakistan for their “FIGHT” against “TERRORISTS”. I am just finishing my tax return and I will donate my tax refund to OBAMA so we can help Muslim Pakistanies fight against Muslim Taliban.

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    Now if only the Afghan’s would raid the Canadian prison and free their Militant brothers to take them back home and rid us of the Jihad Joe’s doing dawah on our dime and supporting the Mosque’s outside that recruit more Terrorists for their Jihads back home.

    I try to get the Crime Stats I cited earlier to show that non-msulims had the higest increases for hate-crimes and attacks in general.

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    Who doubts that the horrifying Taliban will be back in power in Afghanistan amost as soon as we pull out?

    Very few of us doubt it. Some people say that means we should stay there indefinitely “until the Taliban is destroyed”. I say the people of Afghanistan had ten years to choose a side. If the Taliban takes over again, c’est la vie.

    We can’t help people who don’t want to be helped.

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    Amen to that PMK. They hate us more than they hate the Taliban, so they can live with the consequences. Just don’t bring Afghan “refugees” to civilized countries!