1. What else did you expect?That group is as anti-human rights as can be.And really,there are practically no Christians in Tunisia,So their action was,besides being evil,a waste of time.

    Have you ever heard of Irshad Manji?.Check this out:

    “Video by Muslim Liberal Irshad Manji where she says it is OK to Question the Koran”


    “Evidence Ataturk,Creator of Modern Turkey,Greatest Man produced by the Turkic Peoples,was an Apostate of Islam”

    “Ataturk and the Creation of Modern Turkey,Part 2”

  2. Happy Easter…Not so happy for Christians in Tunisia and other Islamic countries…Mahoundians make the argument that 9:29 and other nasty verses no longer apply, while at the same time their brothers in various places, are enforcing them…Clearly someone is misunderstanding something…

  3. “Muslim spokesmen in the West routinely claim that this verse has no applicability in the modern world.”

    Give one verse or one hadith that has any applicability in the modern world!!!

    This one may be?
    “It was related that Malik remained in his mother’s womb for two years. Al-Dahak also, remained in his mother’s womb for two years. And it was mentioned in the lectures of Al-Suyuti that Malik remained in his mother’s womb for three years. Malik said that one of his neighbours gave birth to three children over a period of twelve years through four-year pregnancies.”
    (Al-Sirat al-Halabiya, by Al-Halabi, v.2, p. 215)

  4. Tunisia: Islamic supremacists destroy crosses in cemetery, smear feces on church fresco, demand that priest convert to Islam or pay jizya

    This is what happens wherever Islam reasserts itself.


    According to the newspaper Le Maghreb, a Salafist burst into the church during April to deliver a letter from an Islamist party called “Hizb Allah” [not to be confused with the Lebanese party of the same name]…

    I’m not sure I’d say that. “Hizb Allah” in both cases means “party of Allah”, and both of them are groups of Muslim thugs, even if the “Lebanese party” is rather more well-known.


    …inviting the archpriest to convert to Islam or to take down his church’s crosses and pay the “jizya”, a tribute that non-Muslims were required to pay at the beginning of the Islamic era [and oftentimes since then].

    “Take down his church crosses””this is straight from the 7th century Pact of Umar, where no Christian in an Islamic state may openly display the cross:

    “We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it…

    We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims…”

  5. “Islamic supremacists destroy crosses in cemetery, smear feces on church fresco….”

    I think that’s an appropriate symbol for all Islamic writing and speech: mental excrement. And when Muslims en masse block public streets in New York, London, Paris and other Western cities to indulge in their arse-lifting prayers, it isn’t so much that they’re facing east as they are mooning the west, and expect the rest of us to wipe their butts. Some day some brave, impulsive soul is going to start kicking them.

  6. Hi JB, you said “I can never understand Leftist logic.”

    That just means you understand logic itself and that means that aginst the odds you got a good education. You obviously chose to go to the right University

    This is not about logic, it is about controlling the ‘Narrative’ and that starts with ‘winning’ the dialog. Whoever wins the the dialog ultimately let’s the left control the Narrative.

    The leftist modus operandi in discourse is to accuse and point the finger at anyone who tries to refute their unsupported claims. Anyone who challenges a leftist’s claim will be called a racist or a hate monger or an Islamophobe. No evidence just J’accuse.

    Racist has almost lost its meaning in the English language due to this tactic. Essentially, it is a code word to other leftists present to ignore or drown-out the ‘racist’. Sadly, this accusation can stick and a person so accused becomes a pariah. In other words, the slur has shut down the accused person’s ability to participate in the discourse, perhaps permanently. It is a doubly neat trick because the leftist never has to make a reply to whatever challenge precipitated the slur.

    This ‘technique’ has all sorts of applications. For instance, when it was brought to Al Gore’s attention that there were those who opposed his narrative on Global Warming he likened such people to racists.

    In a similar fashion, the rich leftists point a finger at the right and claim they are ‘fat cats’ flying around in corporate jets. Strangely, that is exactly what Obama and Gore do. But that doesn’t get pointed out by the leftist controlled Mainstream Media. They only beat on the right wing component of society falsely reinforcing the idea that only the right wing represents wealthy greedy pigs, that only the Republican party represents the well-to-do. This is particularly revolting when you hear the members of the Hollywood community reinforcing this claim. The Hollywood crowd is among the wealthiest group in America.

    Even more disgusting: If you really listen to leftists they try to equate anti-black racism and slave owning with the right wing of American society yet is was that that element that led the U.S. into the civil war to end slavery. It was the Democratic party that supported slavery and fought Lincoln in the election leading up to the Civil War. It was the Democratic party that stood for retaining slavery.

    There has been a concerted effort by the left to change the Narrative about the Civil War, namely that it was not about slavery it was about States Rights. I wonder why they would do this? I think we both know.

    If you listen to Democrats nowadays they are always invoking Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) . They do so because almost everyone knows that Lincoln freed the slaves. The Democratic party want the uneducated to associate Lincoln with them not with the Republicans to whom he belongs both by history and by philosophy.

    Similarly, the left, through its social engineering has created a subset of the Black Community that almost mirrors slavery. The right has been trying to end this and make this group more self-reliant. The left argue this can’t be done, this group can’t protect itself and needs to be protected (by them). Now that is racist for sure; but by pointing the finger and screaming racism first, the leftists control the dialog and win.

    Sadly the right has never been good at countering the finger pointing. There are many reasons for this but the one I think explains it most is the lack a proper education. Students at Universities are no longer taught to think or reason honestly. That makes it easier for the extreme left to control them. That is why I mentioned your education above.

    By the way, you might try to do some reading about Saul Aliniksy to get a better feeling of why the left ‘argues’ the way it does. Alinsky wrote a book called Rules for Radicals which outlined the methodologies the left must followed to defeat Capitalism. If you read this book and just look around you can see Alinsky’s hand in almost everything.

    I have written a couple of times on Alinsky at Jihad watch. Possibly something in those comments might be of use to you:

    Anyway, that is how I see JB. Hope there was something worthwhile in all the soap boxing.

  7. Hi JB. Here are some articles on leftist thinking that appeared recently at PJMedia. As before, I hope they are useful to you.

    The following link is to a Victor Davis Hanson article that deals more with the Orwellian World that the left has created and continues to create:

  8. Skeen

    there’s this thread of sh*t-throwing that runs through Islamic behaviour.

    Here’s a creepy story that a commenter here at jihadwatch years ago shared with us all.
    The Religion of Peace.

    Take a look at some of the news reports that come out from time to time regarding the circumsizing of women. Cutting out the clitoris, and often cutting off the labia.
    You will find that it happens in the Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc., and sometimes among immigrant groups in the West (yeah, even here in Texas). Mostly Muslims.
    The more I learn about these people the more disgusted I become. I am a fifty-something year old lawyer.
    I have been a police commissioner and, later, spent three months on a grand jury in a major city. I participated in the criminal indictment of over 1,400 people for felony crimes. Rape, murder, all the rest.
    And I am filled with awe and revulsion at the constant stream of revelations of this Religion of Peace.
    It seems to me that evil (and islam and its fervent practioners are surely evil) has the ability to fascinate its victims and observers so thoroughly that they are immobilized–like a cobra fascinates it prey.
    People, most people, the public at large if you will, are going through great contortions of mind to excuse, overlook, ignore, or explain the horrendous atrocities that are perpetrated in the name of islam every hour of every day, over and over and over, one bizarre outrage after another.

    Through my work as a lawyer, I was introduced to a young soldier, about 20, who was visiting his mother while on leave about two years ago.

    He was in a transportation unit, and had flown on the flight (or one of the flights) carrying prisioners from Afghanistan to Gitmo.
    He told me that it was terrible duty.
    The prisoners would defecate in their pants, and although they were chained, some managed to squeeze their hands down and grab a handfull. They would throw this excrement on the guards as best and as often as they could.
I have heard reports, from others, that they have done the same thing at Gitmo.
    Of course, there, semen is often the projectile of choice, particularly for women guards.
    The prisoners refer to this process as “anointing” the guards.
    I serioulsy doubt if this ritual is limited to Gitmo, and when I hear of some Iraqi or Afghan prisoner being chained up in his own filth, I suspect that it is a punishment for such an anointment.
    The guards letting the prisioner have a taste of his own medicine.
    Anointment. The evil sacrament.
    Posted by: texan at July 20, 2005 4:37 PM

    And then there’s this, posted in a thread on a story from Albania, in 2009. I don’t know whether you were reading here, two years ago,. but in case you weren’t, here it is.

    The one thing I find hard with this article to grapple is the notion that Albanian Muslims can be seen as honourable.
    After seeing the Kosovar Albanian refugees at Puckapunyal (Australian Army Base north of Melbourne), I find it really hard to believe that Albanian Muslims can be anything but ‘honourable’.
    The behaviour these people displayed whilst here in Australia could be summed up as nothing more than disgraceful and if the Australian Media reported on what happened at Pucka as well as Singleton (School of Infantry northern NSW) then these people (Albanians) would of been seen in a different light.
    If these noble Albanian Muslims did what they did why then has it taken so many decades to come to light?
    Posted by: Shelldrake1972 at September 5, 2009 1:55 AM

    When I asked Shelldrake for details, please, he replied:

    I was at the time posted to Puckapunyal as a part of training staff SOA (School of Artillery).
    Before the lovely Kosovars arrived at Puckappunyal we, (Australian Soldiers), had a visit from a really lovely lady, ermm hmm, from (Dept of Immigration Multicultural Affairs), she as you would guess was of Albanian descent.
    We were talked down on as if we were some kind of Neanderthals and barbarians who are uncultured and backward.
    We were told we “must’ respect these Albanians as they’re proud and honourable Muslims.
    We must not speak to their woman or look at them and accord them all the respect they deserve.
    It came as a shock when we found out that the Albanians had free use of the area pool of a nighttime, I think it was for 1 or 2 hours but the amount of mess they made in that time was despicable.
    These people could not go to the toilet so they took it upon themselves to defecate in the pool or anywhere for that matter, urinate everywhere they possibly could even on the heater in the sauna and funny thing of all they EXPECTED the staff there to clean up for them.
    That pool was emptied and cleaned many times only for it to happen again and again.
    Their billets were set out with all the latest mod cons, heating, televisions, computers
    their own cooks brought in to cater for them all at Australian taxpayers cost yet these selfish dirty ingrates weren’t happy with this.
    They had the nerve to complain about the accommodation and food they wanted more.
    These people couldn’t [not couldn’t; WOULDN’T] even use toilets they would poke their bums outside their door and crap over the side of the step, the toilet mind you was only 10 meters away.
    The lovely Australian Government also paid these people an allowance yet when these people were taken for shopping trips into Seymour they couldn’t be bothered buying items they just stole them.
    It was later leaked out as well there that the Albanian men were prostituting their children for cigarettes and money.
    Certain acts were observed by outside sources
    and there was a (hushed) case of attempted sexual assault of a female staff member.
    Few of us at the SOA actually heard that there were a few cases but were hushed up very quickly.
    I personally came to see for myself the disgusting way that Albanian Muslim men act especially around our woman
    on a couple of occasions I observed female soldiers in our Gym being preyed upon by this filth.
    Just imagine how vulnerable woman would feel being surrounded by 10/15 drooling Albanians who haven’t even evolved to using toilets. {Oh no, I’d say it was worse than that, I’d be willing to bet they knew perfectly well what toilets were for and how to use them, and that they were *deliberately* refusing to use them and crapping all over everything instead, on purpose. – dda}.

    To top this off when it came time for these lovely people to be sent home they smeared crap all through the billets, beds, walls, floors didn’t miss out on this assault either.

    When I saw these people on the news in no mans land suffering hardships before they came to Australia I felt truly sorry for them,
    after I saw the way they acted and treated people who bent over backwards to help them and cater for them
    I came to despise these people so much. ”
    Posted by: Shelldrake1972 at September 5, 2009 5:35 AM

  9. Very interesting post, and thanks for the links.

    I agree with what you say about the ‘liberal’ left being more of a problem than islam. They are trying to take our weapons from our hands; some still fall for it, but I believe many more are beginning to see through them, and call them out. Douglas Murray, for one !

    All we can do is keep shouting the truth from the housetops, calling them out on their idiotic arguments, and keep supporting brave freedom fighters like Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, Tommy Robinson et al. No Surrender.

  10. Thanx Jan.

    There were a few more links and a bit of soap boxing I wanted to include in my response to JB but I decided to omit it in case I came across as a conspiracy theorist. (I do admit I sometimes have such an intellectual bent).

    Specifically, I left out discussing the left’s predilection to commit treason, if such an act furthers their agenda.

    Names such as Klaus Fuchs and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg come to mind on this matter as do many of the Hollywood ‘elite’ that came under the scrutiny of The House Committee on Un-American Activities during the so-called McCarthy era.

    Almost all who came under this scrutiny were Communists acting as ‘useful idiots’ for the Stalin regime. All of them lied or refused to answer questions posed by committee which unfortunately was pretty inept in handling the investigation.

    Today, most people in the West think that those investigated were victims of a hateful and mindless government intent on destroying the innocent in order to obtain their political objects.

    Not true. The liberal left media and Hollywood itself has done a great job of instilling the above perception into the public’s mind.

    The following link is to an article titled Hilton Kramer and his Pioneering Take on the Hollywood Blacklist
    You will have to scroll down the screen to find the article. If any reader doubts Radosh’ qualifications to make his comments, click on the bio link to the right of his picture.

    Radosh references an article written by Hilton Kramer. His link to the article didn’t work the last time I visited the article at PJMedia. If you have a problem accessing Kramer’s article, try the following link:—the-Cold-War-rdquo–revisited-3249

    Now for something U.K.-related. Paul Weston the leader (chairman) of the Freedom Party in the U.K. gave a speech in New York recently. The entire speech is on YouTube.

    The important episode of the set for me is the very first:

    In that segment, Mr. Weston points out that the destruction of Britain’s culture (as we now see it happening) is the result of a deliberate attempt by Tony Blair and his Labour Party to do just that.

    The mind-blower was the assertion (time mark 1:40 ff) that Andrew Neather, a speech writer for Mr. Blair admitted this publicly. I assume Mr. Weston is referring to the following article written by Mr. Neather:–london-needs-immigrants-6786170.html

    This blatant neglect by Mr. Neather, to acknowledge the destruction of British society is reminiscent of a scene from Erik the Viking, written, produced and acted in by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame:

    Anyway, it seems obvious to me that the Blair Government, or parts of it, were traitors to your country Jan. They did not have a mandate to do what they did but they felt entitled to do it anyway, sacrificing a thousand years of cultural, legal and scientific heritage, in a dispicible attempt to remake the world in their own image: soulless.

    Mr. Weston, later in this segment (Time mark 5:20 ff) discusses an article written by Patricia Morgan, a journalist for the Salsbury Review. She asked a leftist friend and member of the Labour party, who was bemoaning the bad effects of Immigration, why he had supported the immigration policy in the first place. His answer:

    “I was trying to make the revolution. So while it had not been possible to storm Buckingham Palace and to set up soviets in Westminster, we could change the population and supplant the hated other.


    Sorry for the soap boxing Jan, I just thought that the above, overly-long as always, diatribe should be said.

    As a final comment, you said: “All we can do is keep shouting the truth from the housetops, calling them out on their idiotic arguments, and keep supporting brave freedom fighters like Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, Tommy Robinson et al. No Surrender.”

    That is well said and I hope everyone in the West eventually takes it to heart. We will have to do our shouting from the housetops because no one is going to allow us to do it from the minarets.

    PS: I don’t know much about Mr. Weston but from what little I’ve seen, I think Britain might be better off if he were running the show. Hopefully, he gets good support from the British voters, while there still are British voters.

  11. Yes. Burgess, Philby, Blunt, Blair, Brown. Cameron and Clegg. ( and no doubt countless more who we’ll probably never know anything about.)

    I certainly intend to vote for the BFP, and do everything I can to help raise their profile.

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