Egypt: Ayman Zawahiri’s Brother Leads Jihadi Protest Against Military

According to Egypt’s Al Ahram, “Major Egyptian Islamist parties and groups””including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist Calling and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya””have issued calls for a Tahrir Square demonstration on Friday under the banner of “˜Saving the revolution.” “¦ Several non-Islamist revolutionary groups, meanwhile, have expressed their refusal to participate in the event. These groups include the United Maspero Youth, the Egyptian Brothers Independent group, and the Free Front for Peaceful Change.”

To appreciate this dichotomy””what Islamists are all about and why secularists want no part in Friday”s march””consider the sort of characters spearheading tomorrow’s mass protests: among them is none other than Muhammad al-Zawahiri, the elder brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and a seasoned terrorist in his own right. According to Youm 7, Zawahiri appeared yesterday “at the head of hundreds of protesters,” including “dozens of jihadis,” demonstrating in front of Egypt’s Military Council near Cairo. They waved banners that read, “We are a people who do not give in””Victory or Death!,” chanted “Jihad! Jihad! The [Military] Council must leave,” all punctuated with cries of Islam’s primordial war-cry, “Allahu Akbar!”

Sheikh Muhammad Zawahiri also confirmed that his followers of the notorious al-Gama al-Islamiya””the “Islamic Group,” a terrorist organization famous for the 1997 Luxor Massacre, killing over 60 tourists””are going to be participating in this Friday”s “million man” march, stressing that they will not relent until the Military Council hands over all power.

Zawahiri was only recently acquitted and released from prison, where, since 1998, he was incarcerated “on charges of undergoing military training in Albania and planning military operations in Egypt.” Here’s a video of him just released from prison””to triumphant jihadi tunes. Ironically, it was a military court that acquitted him””he was arrested and imprisoned under ousted president Hosni Mubarak””and now, predictably enough, he’s out to overthrow the military in order to transform Egypt into a Sharia state.

Like his al-Qaeda brother, Muhammad once thought that only violence and jihad could empower Islamists; now they have learned that if they throw around some “democratic” slogans, participate in elections, and engage in peaceful protests, the world will applaud them, even as their thoroughly jihadi slogans belie their true intent.

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Egypt: Islamic supremacists rally to "save the revolution"
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    Egypt: Ayman Zawahiri’s Brother Leads Jihadi Protest Against Military

    This is indeed a Jihadi protest. And yet, here’s the clueless hard-left Democracy Now!, essentially characterizing this as a democratic protest against the military:

    “A mass protest has been called for Friday in Egypt after the killing of at least 11 demonstrators outside the Defense Ministry in Cairo. The attack came as hundreds protested the ejection of ultra-conservative Islamist candidate Hazem Abu Ismail from the pending presidential election because his mother has dual Egyptian-U.S. citizenship. The killings were the latest to fuel anger against the country’s ruling military council ahead of elections scheduled later this month.”

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    It’s a darn shame you didn’t come across this interview of al-Qaeda’s media wing “al-Faroq” in which Muhammad al-Zawahiri is the main interviewee to use in your piece above.

    It’s fortunate that I have considered to post it on the comments section for all of our inquisitive viewers to see. And I am full of glee to do this while sipping a cup of lukewarm tea.

    I dissent, therefore I am.

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    “…the notorious al-Gama al-Islamiya”the “Islamic Group,” a terrorist organization … are going to be participating in this Friday’s “million man” march, stressing that they will not relent until the Military Council hands over all power.”

    Maybe the military should “hand” them some firepower.

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    Like his al-Qaeda brother, Muhammad once thought that only violence and jihad could empower Islamists;…

    I’ll wager it’s still at the top of his list of things to do..

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    Yes, Muhammad was in northern Albania, organising the large Mujahideen groups against the JNA ( Yugoslav National Army ) across the border in Kosovo and Metohija.

    Northern Albania was a completely lawless area,the personal fiefdom of Berisha: the Mujahideen operated completely openly there, smuggling guns, etc across the border into Yugoslavia.

    At the numerous trials in the aftermath of President Sadat’s assassination, the Jihadists were referred to to the “Albanian Returnees”: They’d fled to Albania after the crackdown in the years following Presidents Sadat’s murder.

    100’s of battle hardened Mujahideen fought alongside the KLA of course, and were paid handsomly by NATO who gratefully bombed targets given to them by the heroic Mujahideen.

    I’m just shocked the Egyptian security forces let this particular bar-steward live.