American jihadist misunderstands Islam, says: “I hope that Muslims around the world also take my life as an example”

Doesn’t he know that all Muslims abhor and despise his hijacking of the Religion of Peace? How then could be possibly think he could or should serve as an example to Muslims? Unless, of course, the situation is different from what the learned analysts, government, law enforcement, and the mainstream media tell us. Naaah, that couldn’t be.

“US jihadi in Somalia craves fast food, misses family,” from AFP, May 17 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Top in Bible school, missing his family, and craving Chinese takeaways: an American extremist in Somalia’s Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels recounts his life in an autobiography.

Titled “The Story of An American Jihadi” and posted on Islamist websites, the book claims to be written by Alabama-born Omar Hammami — better known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki (the American).

If confirmed, the book — signed by Amriki “still alive and well” on May 16 — would be the first confirmation he is alive after a furious dispute with Shebab leaders. In March, he issued a video warning he feared he would be killed.

“I guess I hope that Muslims around the world also take my life as an example,” he wrote in the book, detailing his time alongside Somali fighters as well as insurgents from the US, Britain, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Jordan.

“Not that I’m extremely special, but then again I haven’t seen too many middle class ‘white guys’ from Alabama in jihad these days. Hopefully others will say to themselves: I can do that too!”

Amriki, who has reportedly been based in anarchic Somalia since late 2006 and is wanted by the US on terrorism charges, has issued previous videos calling for foreign recruits, including singing rap songs praising jihad.

“I am not simply a disenfranchised foreigner who is jealous of America,” the 28-year old said, writing thousands of miles (kilometres) from the small town of Daphne, Alamaba where he grew up.

“The real fear that Americans feel when they see an American in Somalia talking about jihad, is not how skillful he is at sneaking back across the borders with nuclear weapons,” he added.

“The Americans fear that their cultural barrier has been broken, and now jihad has become a normal career choice of any youthful American Muslim.”

Amriki, whose closing remarks in the book are “viva la revolucion”, adds that he can now “only pray that Allah grants me a righteous ending”….

And soon.

Chicago: Muslim to plead guilty to misunderstanding Islam, plotting jihad/martyrdom bombing
American jihadi fears being murdered by Somali jihadis "due to some differences that occurred between us regarding matters of the Shariah"
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  1. says

    Wishes? Name calling? Come on, the guy has been in a combat zone for six years, give or take, and that´s the best we have?

    He not only fights, he writes books. What do we have here? Not much. Look at today´s posts. This is a serious site, but there seems to be little seriousness beyond that.

    All around the world daily we see Muslims fighting and dying for Islam, and here we get petitions, good and successful, granted, and lots of noise. I´m willing and able to take this guy on face to face, him or his, and all I ask is that people help me out by ordering a $10.00 book so I can make my way to the fight. It won´t be soon, but I will go no matter what. I don´t think it matters what my book is about. If I´m willing to go to fight jihadis one might think a few bucks is worth aiding me. Here are some comments.

    If you think you´d dislike this book, please send a copy to a jihadi who will hate it. You work ’em up, I´ll do my best to knock ’em down.

    Jihadis write books, we write books. Jihadis fight, we do petitions. I´m happy to go back to Africa. What do we do?

    Dag Walker,


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    Not to despair. Virtually all devout totalitarians are manic-depressants, like this turkey. They ordinarily can scare regular folks short term, but long term they’re gonners, for psychological, historical, economic and sundry other reasons.

    In fact, Islam is so constructed that it insures that it is itself a gonner long term once true scrutiny is applied upon it, which has only just begun. For partial proof of this contention, just look at how Islam is self-destructing before the world at large in merely the last two decades. Islam is already not on the offensive but very much on the defensive. Doubt me? Well, OK, what other religion in our time has even remotely had to make such protestations to the world at large that it is innocuous?

    No way this loser ideology lasts long term, though before it is marginalized to the fringes of human society, it will look formdiable for some time yet. Count on both—1) the eventual eclipse of Islam and 2) the bloody and often hysterical refusal of a totalitairan ideology to go quietly into the night.

    Think not only ten or twenty years from now. Think a hundred or two hundred years from now, even a thousand years from now. Get out of your skin, which is to say get out of your time. No way Islam is still around in any meaningful way over the long run. In the alternative, if it still is, then count the species, Homo sapiens, as definitely maladroitly named. But I don’t think so.

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    It’s good to see that some ministers are rising up in the UK against the rise of radical Islam. I’ve just been on this pastor’s blog, Colin Dye, and he is one of the rare people in Europe to challenge Islam and to speak up about its danger, and its true nature. Below an excerpt of an article I’ve read on his site.

    “Opposition to the Christian faith is definitely intensifying. Different influences seem to be coming together that could soon combine to produce a perfect storm of difficulty for followers of Christ in our region of the world.

    Militant atheism, secularism and false religion seem to be working together in an unprecedented way with one ultimate aim – to weaken the influence of Christian churches and push the Christian faith to the margins of our society. The aim of militant Islam is to become the dominant religious force in the nation and it will not rest until Britain becomes an Islamic state.

    We love the Muslims, and it is wonderful to see so many of them finding the joy and freedom of salvation in Christ through our ministry in London and further afield. But we must never forget that the Quran teaches the supremacy of Islam. To be a good Muslim you must believe that there is only one true religion – Islam. All others must be overthrown or subjugated. This is the clear teaching of the founder of Islam and of all its major religious texts.

    Read more:

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    He wants Muslims around the world to take his life as an example.

    Well, so long as they all pack up and leave UK, USA, France, Australia, India, Israel, etc etc etc and rush off to Somalia, and stay there…

    If only.

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    Call me in 200 years and we can laugh about the silly concerns we have today. Meanwhile,if left to rot on the vine of our culture as is, Anders Breivik will come to be seen as the hero of our time simply because he will be the prime model of resistance to Left fascism and its Muslim proxy. Who but Breivik will look like anything other than a tramp on the roadside of history? Some intellectuals, yes, but the figure of resistance, the Che, if you will, of our time might well be a lunatic and idiot, much like Che. Do nothing; be nothing. Others won’t care. They won’t begin to know enough to not care. Leave everything to others and dick around importantly.

    I have to wonder at long last what the goal is for the average reader and commenter on the Internet, here and elsewhere. What do people hope to accomplish, if anything. Perhaps, I begin to wonder, if this is a substitute for old people who prefer this to cybersex. It seems as sterile. What do people get out of this? I think that I’m going to get out of this. All these years for just about nothing. What’s the goal? To sit for 200 years? Yeah, call me.

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    DDA, I am surprised and diwappointed in the level of your rresponse. It´s unworthy of you, and I won´t comment on it further.

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    “One could also pray that he become a follower of Christ.”

    Or hope that he becomes an atheist, with no reason to kill others for not believing in the “One True” imaginary Sky Fairy.

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    “One could also pray that he become a follower of Christ.”

    Hear, hear, Michael! …Jesus is our only true hope.

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    Did Mitt Romney’s Jesus inspire him to say the following? Or is Romney’s Jesus another Jesus? Maybe a Muslim Jesus?

    Asked by Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News & World Report if his repeated references to “jihad” in a speech at the Heritage Foundation characterized Islam in sinister terms, Mitt Romney surprised Gilgoff with this reply:

    I didn’t refer to Islam at all, or to any other religion for that matter. I spoke about three major threats America faces on a long term basis. Jihadism is one of them, and that is not Islam. If you want my views on Islam, it’s quite straightforward. Islam is one of the world’s great religions and the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future.

    There is, however, a movement in the world known as jihadism. They call themselves jihadists and I use the same term…. It’s by no means a branch of Islam. It is instead an entirely different entity. In no way do I suggest it is a part of Islam.

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    Well, more people have been killed in the name of the goddesses Historical Necessity and Scientific Socialism in the 20th century alone than were killed in the name of the Gof of Abraham between the conversion of Constantine and the present day.

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    Gaydar? I’m sceptical of the whole thing. Back in my day, if you were a healthy male, you were “queer” (we didn’t say “gay” back then) if you preferred art to sports; but a lot of guys like that were thoroughly heterosexual in both sinful and sanctified behavior.

    I’m satisfied that this creep described in the article is just one more willing victim of the post-modern American cult of the “rebel”, whether with or without a cause. The guy wanted to flip the bird at the culture of his birth and upbringing, and probably now finds being under the authority of a violent, bigoted, and yokelish warlord may not really be worth it, so he tries to re-convince himself.

    And I predict that Somalia will sink back into its traditional isolation, bloody feuds, and poverty as it becomes more Islamic.

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    Amriki, whose closing remarks in the book are “viva la revolucion”, ……

    Maybe he’ll change his name from Amriki to Gay Chevara!

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    Bless you, Wellington, for your excellent and (we may hope) contagious optimism. May you live 300 years, and may you be right.

  14. says

    You’re oh-so-correct, my dear Wellington, and most people have no idea of the behind-the-scenes machinations that are working daily to bring about the exact scenario that you portray. Most will never know, and that is a good thing, for they might feel themselves complicit in questionable activities just by having knowledge of them.

    The outcome is never in doubt. The West may seem foolish at times, and rightfully so, but at its core it has the will and the means to survive and prosper.

    There are those among us who are determined to make it so.

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    We here do have faith that “conquer we must, when our cause it is just”; we know that this traitor will be killed or captured some day, if he isn’t killed by his own “brothers.” And some day soon, we’ll regain the fortitude and rectitude to bring Hammami to justice.

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    you don’t know *who* reads here, learns, marks, inwardly digests, and then, having learnt as much as they judge sufficient, moves on…That has been happening all along and is still happening.

    You have no way of knowing what they go on to do with what they’ve learned, after they leave. Many may not want to say at all. After all: in here, the walls have ears. The Enemy is listening in.

    I want the Enemy to know three things: that people in the West – and the wider Infidel world; after all, we have had people visiting and posting here, sometimes, from Africa, the Philippines, Russia, Latin America – are NOT giving up or giving in; that we KNOW what the Ummah is up to, and why; and that we *are* going to resist. They don’t need to know exactly *how* that resistance will take shape in any given case; let it be a surprise!

    I think of this place as a ‘hedge school’, with Mr Spencer the head teacher and some of the rest of us the ‘classroom monitors’ who have learned enough to be able to assist with the teaching.

    Most readers don’t comment. The *majority* don’t comment.

    It may be that most of us who post regularly are, like me, the people who have the time and the inclination (that is, they are people whose gift is primarily with words, but who are also aware that words have weight and can, in other minds, inspire action).

    I think this forum at its best serves both to build morale and to teach. Some of us regulars cannot just get up and buy a gun and go fight like you seem to be proposing to do. We are too old and/or are inextricably bound by work and family commitments that we *cannot* shuck off just like that. Example: Always On Watch has a husband immobilised by stroke; I am a matron in my late forties, *married*, in a traditional one-income family, with four children, the youngest of whom are still at school. So we contribute primarily by using the time we have, to keep on grimly commenting on the shenanigans of Islam, so as to allow all the unseen and non-posting visitors to learn.

    Ask yourself just how many returned or ‘on leave’ soldiers, from Iraq or Afghanistan – or their mums, dads, wives, other family, and friends – have lobbed in here from time to time, do you think, and through eavesdropping on the conversation and reading the articles have acquired a much clearer sense of what was going on over there in the battleground, and where the *real* battleground is, and what this war is all about? We haven’t the faintest idea, because most of them just lurk quietly without posting. And once they feel they’ve learned enough to be going on with, off they go. Who knows what they will go on to do? For one thing, they will cast their vote differently. They will look at their political candidates differently. They may well join ACT for America – who DO seem to be doing quite a bit – or donate something to Congressman Allen West’s campaign chest.

    You may, however, like to know that I just got roped in to be a Synod representative for my Parish church – the one where I show up every Sunday. That means that when my particular diocese of the Anglican church holds its next Synod, I will be present; at every session; which means that at least *one* person in that Synod will be a person pretty fully informed about Islam and the Ummah and the Global Jihad. I will be able, if I am careful, to find out whether there are other Islamosavvy persons in other parishes and church organisations. If the subject of Islam comes up in casual morning-tea and afternoon-tea chitchat among the attendees, I will be there to offer hard information and refer people to Mark Durie’s work for more.

    Not much. But something.

  17. says

    “Not that I’m extremely special, but then again I haven’t seen too many middle class ‘white guys’ from Alabama in jihad these days. Hopefully others will say to themselves: I can do that too!”

    And there you have it”the brutality and nihilism of Jihad grafted, Frankenstein’s monster-style, to the “Can Do” American spirit. Loathsome and bizarre.

    Son of Walker wrote:

    DDA, I am surprised and diwappointed in the level of your rresponse. It´s unworthy of you, and I won´t comment on it further.

    I’m not sure what disappointed you in DDA’s reply, Dag. I believe the very worst thing savvy Anti-Jihadists can do is despair or become cynical in the face of the threat of Jihad”or even in the face of the continued cluelessness of the West.

    In fact, I *do* believe we are making progress on this last.

    Even of left-wing sites like The Huffington Post and Care2, many posters seem to have woken up to at least a general sense of the malevolence of Islam. This was not true just a few years ago.

    Certainly, Wellington was not recommending that we ‘just sit around’ for the next 200 years”just noting that civilization will not be defeated by savagery”at least not unless we let it happen.

    And most of us here *don’t* intend to let it happen.