Robert Muise at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference (Parts One and Two)

April 29 in Dearborn. Robert Muise, co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, speaks at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference about how the United States legal system is being used for jihadist lawfare, giving very real examples of the clear and present danger that Sharia law presents to our Constitutional freedoms.

Michael Coren speaks at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference
Pamela Geller with Darwin Jiles, close friend of honor killing victim Jessica Mokdad, at Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference
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    I thought R.M.’s speech was absolutely essential. The room was completely riveted when he was speaking Sunday night. And this guy knows where to take the fight to, serving it right back at the Muslims in court when they are are in judicial jihad mode. A former Marine, he’s not afraid to get into it and do the dirty work, if needs be.

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    Problem is we don’t have enough like him. We need a Robert Muise in every town in America.
    Jihadists never sleep and are constantly throwing more arrows.

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    I just put my money where my mouth is. I sent a contribution to the American Freedom Law Center. These guys are where the action is.

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    This is standard fair for every element that wants to gain their way emotionally rather than the legal process; from sexual preference accomodations to obesity orders.
    Nothing reflects abck to a less enlightened era than Sharia.
    As “Islam” is to be “Submission”. Sharia is the mechanism that ensures its functioning.
    I worry, a prevailing gnaw, that some cloud-headed judge will start auctioning off the American system; nut by bolt until its completely junked.
    I’ll repeat my mantra: “Pay attention to the least of municipal ordnances.” An easement in Wellesley Hills cand be cited as a precedent in Edina.

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    it may be that the Muslims in the USA will soon bitterly regret the day they decided to wage lawfare in American courts.

    Because they’re trying it on in what has sometimes been complained of as a most litigious nation. The law court is just as much the natural element of Americans, as the firing range.

    I would bet my bottom dollar that there are a *lot* of very clever and knowledgeable lawyers and judges out there who *are* also, like the fictional Atticus Finch, men of rock-solid integrity and courage…and all it will take is for a few – or a bit more than a few – of them to wise up to Islam and the menace of Stealth Jihad. You need to find those judges and lawyers who are the equivalents of those judges and lawyers who, in an earlier America, were prepared to go up against the Mafia.

    Once you have some of your best lawyers and judges fired up and aware that they are being called upon to fighting for their *natiion* – and that the stakes are just as high as for any GI using guns on the front line in the Afghanistan hellpits, indeed, HIGHER – the battle will be on.

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    Yea, DDA . .and I would also add those women of integrity and courage. Those ‘Judge Judy’s, hovering in the background, to step up to the plate. It’s Toro Toro time.

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    Hi DDA!

    How’ve you been? It’s good to see you here.

    I couldn’t agree more. I did not know this until last weekend but when we were at the conference I found out that Dearbornistan is the number one spot for Muslims to gather in the U.S. and Northern Virginiastan (where I live) is number two. That really put things in perspective for me. Curiously, I didn’t see any hijabs when I got off the plane in Detroit. I wonder why that is? The place is crawling with them in NVA.

    The thing that gets me most, beyond the fact that Qu’ran following Muslims want to destroy my way of life, subjugate me because I’m a woman, force me to worship a god I believe is Satanic and prevent me from worshiping my True God, is Muslim men’s abject cowardice. I know, I know, they beat on their chests and cut people’s heads off and rape beauty school students to death; all very ferocious. But they never do it by themselves. It’s always in packs. If it takes a thousand Muslim men to stone one seventeen year old girl to death (because she married a boy outside her village and they were probably in love…how very unIslamic,) then I don’t have much respect for their “bravery”. Being a thug is not an attractive quality and on men that demand we acknowledge their absolute superiority, it’s downright revolting.

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    A good point, Mary.
    Yet to respect Robert Muise’ efforts; we should listen and learn. Focus on what he’s said; then formulate, with reasonable articulation that you, (and those with whom you speak) are comfortable and secure.
    Remember, Muise was already speaking to those whose ears were open.
    For the most part, we will be dealing with people who see no reason to abandon “Cloud 9”.
    We have to (almost) invite them into the dialogue (room) to see the Sharia threat (the furnishing that doesn’t fit).
    This is not easy among our fellow Americans; pedestrian or

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    Hi L.J. You said Mohammedanism is the Minator.

    I suspect you also meant to say ‘So it’s full of bull and lost in a labyrinth of its own making.”