Wales: Primary school teacher suspended for ties to banned jihad group

Of course, this always happens. Primary school teachers are constantly getting arrested for ties to terror groups. To single out Sadia Malik would be “Islamophobic.”

“Teacher Sadia Malik Suspended From Cardiff Primary School Over Islamist Extremist Links,” by Lucy Sherriff for The Huffington Post UK, May 13 (thanks to Twostellas):

A special needs teacher at a primary school has been suspended over links to an Islamic extremist group.

Sadia Malik, a special education needs (SEN) coordinator at Cardiff Muslim primary school in Wales has been accused of “actively” promoting a banned hate group in the country’s capital. According to the Sunday Times newspaper, which has accessed a confidential police report, Malik was present at a meeting organised by the Supporters of Tawheed group in January.

The teacher was named a “key subject of interest” by police and linked to extremist Sajid Idris – the head of the group and former spokesman for the banned organisation Islamic Path.

On its website, the Supporters of Tawheed claim: “It is only a matter of time until Islam will prevail in the whole world and this is something that we believe in and are striving to see.”

There is no suggestion Malik’s links to the group have impeded on her work at the school, the Times reported, but the school has launched an investigation….

Earlier this year, an Islamic teacher came under fire for calling on Welsh muslims [sic] to support the fight for Sharia law. Abu Hajar, who leads the same group Malik is allegedly connected to, told a meeting freedom and democracy are “false deities” before the it was broken up in an anti-terror raid.

The school was unavailable for comment.

What could they possibly say?

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  1. says

    Sooo: we had the Fort Hood ghazi raider, who was a US army medic.

    We have just had a policeman in Germany, and a policeman in the UK, discovered to be jihadist Fifth Columnists.

    There was that jihad sympathiser/ enabler who worked for British Airways.

    Now we have a Muslim schoolteacher in Wales who is discovered to have links to a gang of jihad preachers.

    Fifth Columnists of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob.

    Infiltrating and subverting.

    Some will ‘merely’ propagandise for Islam – among the vulnerable, such as ‘special needs’ children. Some will – sooner or later – *kill* for Islam. Some will no doubt, not actually do the killing themselves but very quietly and discreetly offer their ‘inside knowledge’ – or a spare key, say – to those who *will* do the killing, at an army base or a school or wherever.

  2. says

    In the movie, The Way Back, a small group of prisoners escapes from a Siberian Gulag. They trek on foot to India. On the journey they reach the Chinese border and over a gate they see photos of Communist leaders and the communist emblems. They were trying to escape Communism.
    The character payed by Ed Harris says, “So it’s here too!”
    I think the same when I hear of Islam in Norway, Australia, China, Mexico, South Africa….Wales!
    So it’s there too!

  3. says

    The jihad-supporting enemy within.

    As the West’s political class continues to support the Islamization of the West,
    the inevitable consequences, like this example in the public sector, will increase.

    ‘Stop the Islamizationof Nations’

  4. says

    America has several Muslim Gulen Charter Schools funded by US tax payers. They have 25000-35000 students being taught by Turkish Muslim teachers in the US.
    The head guy is a Turkish Muslim Iman living in the Poconos . Google them !
    America is under attack from within !

  5. says

    He’s not giving the civilized countries any sense of safety. On the contrary, the civilized countries are dumping Christianity and they will pay the price. The uncivilized ones are turning to Christ, and sooner or later THEY will be the civilized countries.