Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders ordered rocket attack on Israel

An act of war from an organization that has penetrated deeply into the U.S. Government. “Officials: Hamas ordered Grad attack on Israel at request of Muslim Brotherhood,” by Avi Issacharoff and Gili Cohen for Haaretz, June 16 (thanks to David):

Israeli security officials say that the rockets that landed on Friday in the area near Ovda and Mitzpeh Ramon, were launched after a request by senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. According to these officials, the rockets were launched from the Sinai Peninsula by a Bedouin unit, according to Hamas orders, even though Hamas itself wasn’t the initiator of the launching, but responded to the request of the Brotherhood, who wanted such an event on the eve of the second round of presidential elections in Egypt. It is yet unclear why the Brotherhood requested such an unusual action, a first military strike against Israel, or whether the strike was aimed at specific sites in the area.

So far, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders have presented a moderate stance towards Israel in their talks with the international community, stressing that they had to intention of annulling the peace accords, a position reiterated by presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsi. Still, in the buildup to the elections, Brotherhood speakers have been known to speak fiercely against Israel. In one gathering, in the beginning of May at El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Brotherhood leaders promised, in the presence of Morsi, that the object of the Brotherhood is to liberate Jerusalem. The main speaker at that gathering, Sifwat Hijazi, said that Morsi would liberate Jerusalem and that the Brotherhood’s dream was the creation of the “united Arab nations,” with Jerusalem as its capital. “Our capital won’t be Mecca or Medina, but Jerusalem, millions of shahids will march on the city” shouted Hijazi, “the whole world should know – and we say it clearly – our goal is Jerusalem, we shall pray in Jerusalem, and if not – we shall die as martyrs on its ruins.” Another speaker that day said that “tomorrow Morsi will liberate Gaza.” A singer sang: “The Jews will not be able to sleep, come, lovers of martyrs, you’re all Hamas. Take on arms, and prepare for prayer.”…

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    ‘It is yet unclear why the Brotherhood requested such an unusual action, a first military strike against Israel, or whether the strike was aimed at specific sites in the area.’

    I think it is pretty clear why the Brotherhood requested the action and I don’t think it is unusual at all.

    ‘…stressing that they had no intention of annulling the peace accords…’

    Of course they don’t view firing rockets on Israel as an act of war or going against a cease fire or peace treaty. It is their right, duty and obligation to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Gone are the days when acts of terror were followed by multiple terrorists groups vying to take responsibility for the crimes, now they all deny and lie about their involvement. And somehow the majority of the world remains fooled by the cries for peace in english and calls for death and destruction in arabic.

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    Obsessed with Jerusalem. Obsessed with exterminating Jews. Obsessed with oppressing women, and vilifying love and sex. Obsessed with violence, blood, death and martyrdom.
    Some days I feel like I just can’t take any more news/information about muslims and their insane obsessions.

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    Well, the Quran makes it clear that Allah took a very dim view of Jews…He hated them so much, he turned some of them into apes and pigs…And then there’s Mahound who put Allah’s hate into action, raiding, robbing, raping, and finally driving out Jews…He said that the Last Days will come when Muslims kill Jews and even the tree’s and rocks will give away their hiding places…’O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him’…Mahound hated Jews so much, he cursed them on ho=is death bed…Or so the story go’s…So it does not surprise me when Mahoundians attack Jews anywhere…It just so happens that there are a whole lot of Jews in the area, so targets are plentiful…

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    The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 with the GOAL of re-enacting the caliphate, so why is the West so dull as to refuse to see the global jihad is orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood? Making Jerusalem the capital of their caliphate would be the ultimate sign of victory over the world, over Christians and Jews. Also, at at time when they hope to take the world hostage with the threat of destroying large cities, Mecca and Medina might be targets but the West would never nuke Jerusalem.

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    The most frightening thing about this guy’s screed is how little he stresses the hope of victory. Instead, his speech is rife with references to glorious martyrdom, exhorting the faithful – the “lovers of martyrs” – to take Jerusalem or die on its RUINS.

    It’s not Mecca or Medina they want as their “capital”, it’s the spiritual capital of the rest of the civilized world: Jerusalem. A city that is never even mentioned in the Quran.

    If the world’s space agencies had set up a thriving lunar or Martian colony, I’ll bet his new site for a Muslim capital would be THAT “farthest mosque”.

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    Are we spared only because we were not born into Islam? Many times I ask myself, “what if I was born the son of Bin Laden? Then what”
    We seem to have enough proof that when the thinking process has been manipulated at a young age, people start exibiting strange symptoms. They seem to want to cause pain and suffering as if they want someone else to feel the pain that they feel. It seems as an obsessive quest for an enemy, the enemy. What would the Koran be without the Jews? And the Christians? The Muslims would have attacked their own.
    Islamic thinking is older than Islam. It must take roots in the ability of one human being to lure a group into “thinning” their brain and evaporating their identity for the sake of immediate power.
    The Inquisition. Stalin, Russia 1937. Pol Pot and the ravages he brought to his country. Islam does not do anything magic to convert believers, it only maims the natural thinking process of the individual. Apparently, this causes unbearable internal self-representations of the scariest kind, one preceives oneself headless, hollow, pieced up, terrified, and one looks for relief terrifying others and makes them feel unbearably violated. Islam is about violation,like turning Agia Sophia into a mosque. The Stalin regime turned churches into potato warehouses, movie theaters and monasteries into prisons.
    There is a weak link between people who want to live a meaningful life and the political powers. Once the link is contaminated, people will keep quiet as to not lose their jobs (Occupy Wall street – how many never showed up because of that fear), their loved ones (Stalin, Islam, Mao).
    Our psyche can be easily manipulated if we are born into the system, or controlled, if we want to bring a paycheck home. Only a monk would be immune.
    The serious threat of what can be done to people’s minds by opportunists (like Barack Hussein) is more serious than Islam itself.
    A time must come when manipulating one’s mind would be considered as much of a crime as rape and child abuse.
    In our society, anything goes if it’s a religion and has a god. If the Nazis had invented a God, they would have achieved more of their goals in the US Constitution prospective.
    By the way, the Inquisition had to hide the Bible from people, as the New Testament speaks what one’s conscience speaks, and goes along with the natural thinking process.
    No one seems to need to hide the Koran. the Koran is not a healing message, it is a message for the mentally wounded how to wound others and get relief. It is a manual of perversion. When does perversion occur? When one is prey to an unbearable, terrifying unresolvable conflict, and when one finds immediate gratification plus exaltation at making it another person’s problem.
    Until we find a way to legally condemn mental torture, mental rape, we will be fighting individual perverted subjects, while the wheel is turning, the faceless women are producing more victims, under the benevolent smile of Imam Raufs.