Iranian authorities misunderstand Islam, close church in Tehran

What are they so afraid of? It is interesting how neither Leftists nor Islamic supremacists are willing to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Instead they resort to thuggery again and again. It’s almost as if they’re aware of their abject intellectual bankruptcy.

“Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Islamic Republic? Iranian Authorities Shut Church in Tehran,” from Compass Direct News, June 8 (thanks to Steven):

ISTANBUL, June 8 (CDN) “” Authorities in Iran this week ordered the closure of a church in the capital, Tehran, amid a government campaign to crack down on the few recognized churches offering Farsi-speaking services, according to a human rights group.

The order came from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Intelligence branch on Tuesday (June 5). The Revolutionary Guard, also known as Sepah, is known for its military aggression.

“Unfortunately, it is now official — the church in Janat-Abad [district] was ordered to shut down,” said Monsour Borji, an Iranian Christian and advocacy officer for rights initiative Article 18. “If no reverse decision is made, this Sunday [June 10] no meeting will be held.”

Article 18 is a London-based initiative of the United Council of Iranian Churches (Hamgaam), which seeks to defend and promote religious freedoms in Iran. Hamgaam is composed of Iranian Christian churches in Europe.

The church in Tehran’s northwestern district of Janat-Abad belongs to the Assemblies of God (AOG) Church in Iran. Originally it was located in Karaj, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of Tehran, but authorities ordered it to shut down some years ago, Borji told Compass.

Church leaders had negotiated with authorities to use property they acquired in Janat-Abad in order to serve their Assyrian background Christian members who lived in west Tehran. Over time, however, the number of Iranians from Farsi-speaking Muslim families attending the church increased, drawing the attention of authorities.

More than 70 Christians gather every Sunday for the Farsi-speaking service in Janat-Abad. Undoubtedly the order to close the church in the suburb of Tehran was handed down verbally, Borji said.

“Due to an increasing number of Farsi-speaking believers — mostly MBBs [Muslim Background Believers] — it has become a cause of concern for the authorities and they now ordered it to shut down,” he said….

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    Yes. The Muslims in power, like their prophet, having no intelligent basis for their beliefs, are terribly threatened by opposition, particularly non-violent opposition.

    They thrive on violent opposition. This gives them an organizing focus, and maintains the faithful, win or lose. But they fear the non-violent convert who knows their religion as well as they, and knows all the parts that they wish to hide or obscure.

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    Talking about Iran,read:

    “Was Firdausi,the First Great Persian Poet,Saviour of the Language,a Secret Apostate?”


    The article has a VIDEO,read:

    “Abdus Salam,said he was a Muslim, was the Only Scientific Genius from the Muslim World in 600 Years,and Rejected by Sunnis and Shias as a Muslim”

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    And you can be sure that none of this kind of news will appear in leftist, pro-jihad rags like “The Guardian” (UK)


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    A good many years ago, now, in a church in Sydney, I witnessed the baptism, during the morning service, of a young ex-Muslim man from Iran who had come to Australia to study and, while here, had become interested in the Christian faith.

    Blessings upon the many Farsi-speaking churches – many of them composed largely of apostates from Islam – amongst Persian emigres in the West. May they prosper and increase both in numbers and in knowledge and charity.

    Some of these Persian ex-Muslims turned- Christian, like Daniel Shayesteh, author of a book called ‘Exodus from Darkness’, are doing valuable work amongst Western Christian church groups, giving them hard information about Islam, sharia, Jihad.