1. No matter where in the world Muslims appear, their murderous behavior is remarkably similar.

    Now what common thread could tie all this similar behavior together occurring in all kinds of disparate and far-flung places? Hmmmmmmmmm,

    We’re more likely to see hack Western politicians coming up with a unified theory of the Universe than to see them acknowledge the underlying cause of all Muslim murder-the-infidel behavior.

  2. Remember when Obama set those “peaceful Uighurs” free from Gitmo and used out tax dollars to set them up with spiffy new lives on a tropical island? Remember how the media never ever said “Uighurs” without prefacing it with “peaceful”? Looks like they are about as peaceful as the rest of Mo’s followers. But let’s keep letting them out when we catch ’em making war on us though, cuz that’s “smart power”!

  3. Actually, by saying Uyghurs, the Chinese pretty much let out that they were Jihadi separatists. They could have just said that those 6 were a part of a Uyghur separatist group, if they didn’t want to mention the I-word or the J-word.

  4. This article is, in its own way, an AFP classic, containing every buzzword/ code word that we find in every report dealing with the mayhem created by Mohammedan populations in every part of the world where they are colliding with a surrounding or neighbouring non-Muslim population.

    ‘Restive’. This means ‘Islam-addled, sharia-crazed, jihad-wracked’.

    “violent clashes between”. This means *either* ‘Muslim riots’ *or* ‘Muslim attacks upon the surrounding/ neighbouring non-Muslims, provoking more or less violent acts of self-defence or reprisal by the exasperated and infuriated non-Muslims’. Sometimes these ‘clashes between’ actually mean a mass-murderous Muslim assault upon defenceless kafir who *haven’t* fought back…we saw this phrase, with its false implication of ‘a plague on both their houses, both are equally at fault’, being deployed to describe Muslim mob attacks upon unarmed Copts in Egypt.

    “simmering ethnic tensions” – which always seem to be much, much worse when the members of one ethnicity happen to be 100 % Muslim, and the other people in contact with them are *not* Muslim. See Nigeria, see Southern Thailand, see Southern Philippines, see southern Russia, see, see, see…

  5. One other point worth noting.

    The attempted hijacking took place on a **Friday**.

    Muslims do, of course, attack on other days of the week. But I am getting the impression that there *is* something of a preference for Fridays: the Mohammedan ‘holy’ day.

  6. Well, much as I hate jihad, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer non-Muslim government. Communist China is, after all, the last, best hope for 20th century totalitarianism.

    On the other hand, now that the USA is run by people who, in their stupid and misspent collective youth (the Silly ‘Sixties and Stupid ‘Seventies) worshiping that fat old marmot Mao Zedong, we have a government that is growing and trying to outdo its trans-Pacific rival.

  7. If muslims think that they can slaughter 1 billion chinese along with the other 6 billion of us non-muslims, thyey are nuttier than Muhammad was when he chose to be a pedophile and rape a 9 year old girl as a Gift from Allah.

    I never thought I ever side with China on anything, but, when i saw the illegal mosque they torched and now the 6 morons about to meet allah and muhammad in hell…..I must tip my hat to their firm stance to not tolerate the death-cult fascists trying to murder civlians for allah and one day….sanction pedophilia to emulate muhammad.

    Know Mosques – NO peace
    NO Mosques – Know peace


    Canada had one of those jihadist msulims that went to China to spew hate and coach muslims on terrorism for a seperate Islamic State in China, but, the idiot was caught and now wants canada to bail-out his pathetic Muzzie-A$$ like Maher Arar wanted canada to do when he was caught in Tunisia with the Muslim brotherhood thugs he was related to .
    Maher Arar NOW wants canada to help him go to Saudi Arabia to emerse his children in Whahhabi islam and jew-hatred. This from a guy that the NDP and CAIR said was innocent and a victim of the post-9/11 islamophobia.
    Arar’s wife is a pro-hamas palestinian that fled to canada as a “refugee” and then spewed her hatred for jews that attracted Maher and they married to stay in canada and do Jihad.

  8. @ abad

    Islam, in fact, has a very old presence in China. One of the earliest mosques outside of Arabia was erected in Guangzhou (Canton), China by a relative of Muhammad’s and it still stands today.

    The lands that are now the Chinese province of Yunnan finally came under Chinese rule under the Yuan, or Mongol dynasty. Kubilai Khan used Central Asian Muslim troops as well as Mongols and Han Chinese, and appointed a Muslim as governor. The province still has a large Muslim (albeit entirely Han-speaking, save a few who use Bai, today) presence, which later spilled over into the Golden Triangle area.

    In the later years of the Republic’s tenure on the Mainland, the government estimated that as many as one in ten Chinese was Muslim–albeit where the lines between “Muslim” and “Kufr” lay was rather fuzzy. Granted, while the Uyghur were separatist even back then, the Hui identified politically with the Chinese nation. A radical drop in the estimated Muslim China led to Nationalist Chinese charging the Communists with genocide during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    @ ala sux

    As for “illegal mosques”, the Chinese government is every bit as nasty to Evangelical Christians who want to preach that Jesus is coming again or Roman Catholics who want to be in communion with the Holy See–or anyone who wants to organize without the supervision and control of the Communist Party. Further, the periodic crackdown on unregistered Evangelicals in China often involve giving religious instruction to persons under 18, and can happen whenever officially-recognized churches inadvertantly report a number of requests for baptisms that exceeds requests to join to the Communist Party.

    @ WhupTDue:

    This is largely because official China hates the West.

  9. Brave Chinese people. The jihadis will not do a 9/11 to China. And our United States of America is aiding the Uoghur jihadis. After 9/11. Disgraceful. Dishonorable. Criminal.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov.

  10. “Crew members and passengers thwarted the murderous jihadis..”
    As we know, in this country, the crew and passengers would be sued.
    And the Obama/Holder Department of Justice would do it.
    If I recall, the Uighurs already have little enclove growing in Bermuda – where we sent a couple of GITMO grads.

  11. There’s a story behind this, Jewcat.

    Many years ago, Israel’s first ambassador to the PRC (Suffot, or something like that) wrote a memoir of his experience there. He ran into Chinese Communist cadre who charged that foreign Jewish Communists introduced an element of fanaticism into the originally humane vision of Chinese Communism.

    So, remembering how Solzhenitsyn reported the widespread belief among uneducated dissident Russians that Lenin and Stalin were Jews, I bitterly laughed to myself and thought, “I suppose before too long they’ll say Mao’s real name was Marmeltier or something like that”–“marmel” being German and Yiddish for “marmot”.

    You see, the devoutly Calvinist Christian Uncle Kepha descends from Mitteleuropisch Jews on his father’s side, and thus know enough about the dark side of Europe.

    Hence, I speak of Mao as the fat old marmot–not because he was actually named Marmeltier, but because I then noticed that his official portrait from his mature years actually does look a bit like a fat old rodent.

    For the record, Uncle Kepha understands that Lao Mao had absolutely no Jewish heritage that can be detected, being a purebred Han Chinese (possibly mixed with Miao, Tujia, Tai, or some other people who anciently inhabited the Kingdom of Chu) from Hunan, the son of a rich ancestor-worshiping peasant and his devoutly Mahayana Buddhist wife.

    And, as for the fanaticism of Ckinese Communism unleashed under Mao’s Gang of Five (himself included), I don’t think it needed any prodding from Jewish-born foreign sympathizers. The Israeli ambassador’s interlocutors are just more examples of the typical Marxist evasion of responsibility for the horrors that ideology unleashed upon us. Being myself related (through marriage) to folks who, in the foothills of Taiwan, ate aboriginal headhunters whom they killed in skirmishes a scant hundred and fifty years ago, I am well aware that Chinese civilization, which indeed has its glories and wonders (which I love and respect), also has the same dark sides as any other civilization descended from sinful, fallen Adam.

  12. They must think the West is one big fat sitting duck to be killed off and divided up. Neither Muslims nor Chinese have much respect for an individual or entity which allows itself to be invaded, especially out of “compassion”.

  13. They are violent on Fridays because Islam teaches they will go to paradise if they die on a Friday DDA, this is why they stream out of their mosques after Friday prayers then go crazy.

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