“The problem is that in our hotel we can’t help looking at the beautiful women and listening to the music”

There’s a problem? Sharia Alert from rapidly Islamizing northern Mali: “Wine, women and song tempt Mali’s Islamists,” by Romaric Ollo Hien for AFP, June 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

OUAGADOUGOU “” Wine, women and song are putting Malian Islamists to the test as they talk about the future of their divided country with regional mediators in Burkina Faso.

“The problem is that in our hotel we can’t help looking at the beautiful women and listening to the music,” sighed Algabass Ag Intalla, a member of the hardline Ansar Dine, one of the groups controlling northern Mali since March.

“It’s a real test for us Muslims to have to look at all that as well,” he added, pointing to rows of alcoholic drinks in full view from the lobby.

An Ansar Dine delegation arrived in Ouagadougou on June 15 at the invitation of Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore, named chief mediator in the Malian crisis by the Economic Community of West African States.

The Islamists met Compaore on June 18 and have since been continuing talks with his aides. The Burkina government has put them up in a luxury hotel in the well-heeled Ouaga 2000 district.

“President Compaore asked us to stay, so we are still here,” delegation leader Algabass, dressed in a white robe and turban like his five colleagues, told AFP.

Soft music drifted through from the bar as they sat on couches in the hotel lobby.

Delegation spokesman Cheick Ag Wissa, speaking broken French, asked for the sound to be turned off, but only succeeded in having it lowered.

“The manager has told us not to switch it off until the bar is closed,” a member of staff explained.

It is a sharp contrast from the situation in northern Mali, where Ansar Dine and other Islamist groups, including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), are trying to impose Muslim Sharia law by force.

Their ultra-conservative doctrine punishes smokers, drinkers, adulterers and even football fans. On Wednesday, in the desert city of Timbuktu, a couple who had a child out of wedlock were given 100 lashes.

The Ansar Dine representatives, whose chief Iyad Ag Ghaly has remained in Mali, are also watching what they eat and where they pray.

“In the morning we have meat at the home of a friend, we always eat fish,” Algabass said. “They say the food is halal, but we still prefer fish.

“We pray at a friend’s, we don’t go to the mosques here.”

Cheikh Ag Wissa, like the others a member of the desert Sahel region’s nomad Tuareg tribes, chimed in, “There’s something else we miss: dates and camel’s milk.”…

Who wouldn’t?

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    The usual lack of self-control.I think you will find this interesting,it includes TWO VIDEOS ON THE SUBJECT:

    “About the Only Religious War in Latin America,the Cristiada (1926-1929) of Mexico,all the Fault of a Fanatical Atheist”



    “About Ibn Kammuna,13th Century Jewish Intellectual of Baghdad,who wrote a Famous Book against Islam”


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    In other words it’s sinking in to their clouded brains they have backed the wrong horse in Islam, but they are stuck on this horse until it’s final gallop into the depths of despair it will lead them to.

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    And should they succumb to the “temptations” of a woman, after they’ve repeatedly raped her they’ll blame her for driving them mad with lust, and stone her to death.

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    Maybe we got it wrong all along. We were depending on the brave IDF and western troops to defend the free world against the depravity of Islam. However, it seems that Rock n’ Roll and beer might be just the trick to undermine them – it brough down the Berlin Wall.

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    They are horrified at the thought of actually having to give non-Muslims consideration as human beings or having to control themselves. Imagine non-Muslims listening to music or women living normal lives in public without deference to Muslim men. They are so oppressed in not having the privileges promised them under Shariah law. Poor babies.

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    “We pray at a friend’s, we don’t go to the mosques here.”

    Ah, these mohammedans *are not islamic enough.*

    The mohammedan world is eventually going to implode. Please make it soon.

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    or you could say it this way. Muslim men are not incotrol of their erections, and once theri penis are erected, they blam alchohol and beautiful women for this natural process. what a pieces of shits!