The Southern Poverty Law Center: Smearing conservatives, raking in cash

In “Smearing Conservatives, Raking in Cash” in FrontPage today, Matthew Vadum exposes the SPLC as a money and defamation machine for the Left. The mainstream media aids and abets this by citing the SPLC as if it were a reputable source, when actually it richly deserves its place on AFDI’s Threats to Freedom Index.

And even worse than the SPLC are the conservative columnists, pundits and bloggers who ignore any figure in the counter-jihad movement whom the Left has targeted for smearing. This kind of cowardliness never wins wars.

After the Southern Poverty Law Center — a quarter-billion dollar leftist attack machine funded by George Soros — labeled the conservative Family Research Council a “hate group,” a gay rights activist shot up FRC headquarters in Washington, D.C. last week.

FRC president Tony Perkins acknowledged “the gunman is responsible for the shooting,” but blamed the SPLC for “recklessly” labeling groups “like FRC that they disagree with as “˜hate groups,” that created this hostile environment.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s behavior isn’t reckless as such. It’s far worse than that. It is calculated and malicious, intended to foment hatred and raise oceans of cash by bamboozling gullible liberals into giving money to what is one of the wealthiest nonprofit groups in the history of the United States.

The paranoid conspiracy theorists of the SPLC deliberately conflate conservative groups with genuinely extremist groups such as the infamous Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, another SPLC-designated hate group. In declaring FRC a hate group, it asserts that FRC is the moral equivalent of other SPLC-classified hate groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood, Nation of Islam, and New Black Panther Party. Even liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank calls it “absurd” for SPLC to place FRC “in the same category as Aryan Nations, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Stormfront and the Westboro Baptist Church.”

FRC is trying to change American culture just as SPLC is trying to push the culture in a different direction. Most Americans would say the two groups have a difference of opinion. SPLC, which pretends to champion “tolerance,” doesn’t see it this way and routinely smears FRC as a hate group in order to discredit it and the ideas it stands for.

Put another way, SPLC attacks the Family Research Council because the latter is opposed to homosexuality.


Every other complaint SPLC generates about FRC is a mere detail emanating from this central truth. To SPLC founder Morris Dees and his followers those who do not approve of homosexuality are guilty of hate, or if you prefer, thought crime. It follows that those who oppose same-sex marriage are also guilty of hate even though every time the question has been put on the ballot anywhere in the United States — even in irretrievably liberal California”” Americans have voted same-sex marriage down. America, it turns out, is guilty of hate.

But SPLC is selective in singling out anti-gay “hate” groups. The Center ignores many Muslim organizations that are violently opposed to homosexuality. Instead the group attacks people like David Horowitz, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer who worry about the threat that radical Islamists pose to America, accusing them of anti-Muslim bigotry for daring to speak out.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been at this game a long time, making money by smearing conservatives. It is so fabulously wealthy that it stashes money in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, two of those tax haven countries the Left keeps complaining about. In addition to those foreign accounts, in its most recent publicly available tax return the SPLC discloses an absolutely astounding $238.1 million in net assets….

Read it all.

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Southern Poverty Law Center "reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy"
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  1. says

    It’s funny because I was reading about this organization only yesterday and I had never heard of them before. I was surprised how many websites/journals and so on, are on its list of ‘hate organizations’ including of course Jihad Watch.
    I found the link from Wikipedia which means of course that Wikipedia are indirectly endorsing it.

  2. says

    SPLC discloses an absolutely astounding $238.1 million in net assets….

    Keep that in mind the next time you hear doctrinaire liberals complain about evil, greedy, immoral capitalists whose wealth thwarts the cause of social justice. SPLC is enjoying the irony of their 238.1 million dollars worth of poverty.

    Yes, the cookies in SPLC’s jar are “terrible, and so small too.”

    SPLC’s executives probably earn a very fine living and do not live in the same neighborhoods, frequent the same places, or send their children to the same schools as the people they are trying to “help.”

  3. says

    Wonder if SPLC donors include the Saudis!

    The Shari’a – US Constitution compatibility campaign – could be up and running soon – where SPLC will recommend Dhimmi rights for all dissenters.


    *Dhimmi status is the unequal or lower status mandatory for all non-Muslims in the Islamic world – where religious minorities are penalized for not practising the Islamic religion – this in strict accordance with Sharia law.


    Are rights groups crossing the line??

    Offering to spread a “correct” Islamic religious message is one big case against them. No one should be called a ‘racist’ for not agreeing to anything to do with religion – especially for what is in effect propaganda for Islamic and Shari’a law advocacy groups.

    It is easy to see that this “correct” Islam bears little resemblance to the real one practised in the Islamic world.

  4. says

    Look, people, experience is the best teacher. Why? Mr. Experience gets all the fools who’ll neither listen to their elders nor read a book.

    The American Left will not recognize the wisdom of those who dissented from its pansexual crusade until 25 years from now, after a goodly number of kids have been raised by two (or more) “daddies”, grown up sodomized, and come out of the woodwork with woeful tales to lawyers ready to sue the pants off of every organization and institution that made such a state of affairs likely (pun intended). But by then, the damage will have been done, our Thtoooooopid (and, by then, even Thtooooopider)judges will also find ways to limit the damage done to entrenched interests, and we slouch not towards Gomorrah, but right through its gates.

  5. says

    I would not call California “irretrievably liberal,” not by a long shot. I live here, and much of it is deeply conservative. San Francisco (and environs) is to the left of the spectrum, but much of this state is socially and fiscally very conservative.

  6. says

    Care to provide any evidence of children being “sodomized by their two daddies”?

    Please, engaging in the politics of fear doesn’t change the fact that such things are statistically rare. The fact is that a child is perhaps more likely to be a victim of child abuse in a traditional home.

    A twenty-six year veteran of our local schools, a married man with children who is also a local church leader and outspoken conservative republican who vocally supported Proposition Eight, was arrested last week after confessing to having sexually molested children since 1986.

    There is really no truth to the canard that homosexuals are more likely to abuse minors.