Cyrus McGoldrick of Hamas-linked CAIR applauds Mona Eltahawy’s fascist vandalism

--In the comments section at the New York Post…
McGEltahawytweet.jpg…and tweeted

Cyrus McGoldrick of Hamas-linked CAIR’s New York gang of thugs, who previously called for our AFDI pro-freedom ads to be vandalized, has predictably enough come out in enthusiastic support of Mona Eltahawy’s act of brownshirt thuggery, both in the comments section at the New York Post and on Twitter.

This is no surprise, since Hamas-linked CAIR has long been a foe of the freedom of speech, and instead of dealing rationally with its opponents routinely engages in the most vile defamation of them. But it is interesting in light of Hamas-linked CAIR’s recent hypocritical call for “robust political debate.” By “robust political debate” Hamas-linked CAIR doesn’t mean honest discussion of important issues, but “Palestinian” thugs menacing and shouting down Jewish students on college campuses, and fascist journalists spray-painting away political messages that they don’t like. And the mainstream media, clueless and/or complicit as ever, continues to treat this unsavory gang as if it really were a “civil rights” organization.

Reza Aslan calls for fascist vandalism of AFDI pro-freedom ads
Why Mona Eltahawy became a vandal, defaced AFDI pro-freedom ad
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  1. says

    Fools attract other fools for the purpose of foolishness…So the question is, just who are the fools here? The people who support free speech, or the people who would kill it if they could? The people who would impose sharia, or the people who reject it? I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out…Cyrus supports crime and criminal actions as long as they fit in with his foolishness…I bet he is an Obama voter…How foolish is that?

  2. says

    Anybody with some brain in this country should be able to see that if we don’t have freedom of expression, we have nothing. Anybody against that is enemy of freedom. Plus it is our moral duty and it is to our benefit to support Israel. Any ad for the support of Israel should be applauded not spray painted. What is wrong with you America? What is it that you are not getting?

  3. says

    I saw about half of the Security Council Meeting. It was a hate fest against Jews. I thought that Clinton sounded reasonable until I listened to Netanyahu give his speech at the UN and was brought to my senses. As I always am when I listen to him. If there were ever a physical embodiment of what a leader is it’s Netanyahu. “Impressed” wouldn’t even begin to describe my feelings as I listened to him. It also reminded me that even though Clinton made it clear that Israel is our ally, there was a whole helluva lot more she could have said….and didn’t. She’s just a weasely politician. Like those from France Morocco South Africa the Russian Federation that I listened to on the Security Council, just creatures who in no way shape or form resemble or represent decent human beings. The highest complement I sometimes give to someone is to refer to him or her as “the real deal”. People who are “down to earth” times ten. And these people ain’t it.

    “Pamella Hall is a sad creature” this idiot Cyrus McGoldrick said. Well, one things for sure, he hasn’t got an ounce of integrity to refer to someone who stood up for someone else the way that gal did. It was downright heroic.

  4. says

    “What is wrong with you America?”
    The new America has nothing to do with the old one. The First Republic is dead. A civil war is blooming.