Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia’s jizya demand

67-year-old Jane Pedersen, owner of Cafe Viking, has become a national hero after she spoke out in public against the Muslim gangs that demanded “protection money” from her because she runs a cafe in “their territory”.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten, August 23, 2012: “Massive support for Cafe Viking“:

Several hundred people showed up to support the owner who said no to extortion. Café Viking in Nørrebro in Copenhagen Thursday evening is filled as never before.

Hundreds of people show up to support the owner of Café Viking, Jane Pedersen, who earlier Thursday stood up and told publicly how a gang tried to force her to pay protection money.

She received support from both the neighborhood and the people who showed up following a request at the Facebook group “No to Bullies – Yes to beers”.

So many have brought flowers that the kitchen is almost full of flowers. At the same time people are calling from across the country stating their support.


Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten, August 23, 2012: “Immigrant gangs extort bars at Nørrebro

Several pubs and shops in Nørrebro in Copenhagen are plagued by extortionists who threaten to trash the places if they do not get money.

On Thursday, several shop owners were gathered for a meeting with the police and the municipality in an attempt to stop the coarse methods … Most recently, unknown men on Tuesday night threw rocks through the windows of the tavern Café Viking on Ægirsgade.

The attack happened while there were guests inside the cafe … “Some guys came in here and told me that I have to pay to be in their area. I refused. I could be their grandmother, and it simply cannot be justified,” says Jane Pedersen …

Also, the owner of a coin laundry and two additional bars have been subjected to extortion.

Some of the criminals say they come from the (Muslim) gang Brothas in Mjølnerparken. Others say that they represent the (Muslim) gang at Blågårds Plads.

More about the Muslim-dominated area Nørrebro in Copenhagen here.

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  1. says

    Invite barbarians into your midst and this is what you can expect. In any case, good for this Danish woman standing up to the barbarians. Brave soul to be sure.

    And, meanwhile, it’s imperative that Danish males, speaking here in the aggregate, grow a big one. In other words, time to kick ass.

    For Christ’s sake, Danish males, remember your heritage (which will mean denouncing PC/MC garbage in no uncertain terms). Do it sooner rather than later because the future of your entire nation is at stake. No doubt about this.

  2. says

    And in Australia, a lady who runs a shoe-shop is refusing to comply with the thuggish demands of the BDS (Boycott/ Divestment/ Sanctions) Jew-haters and jihad-enablers, that she should stop stocking Israeli-made shoes.

    Shop targeted for daring to sell Israeli shoes

    “…About 50 members of the Justice for Palestine (sic: dda) group staged what they called the first Brisbane BDS walking tour, stopping at businesses they accused in promotional material of “selling the products of apartheid Israel” and handing over letters to their managers demanding that they stop.

    “Among their targets was shoe retailer Children of the Revolution, targeted for selling an Israeli-made brand that runs an outlet store on the West Bank (sic; Judea and Samaria – dda).

    ‘Owner Sally McGregor said activists had occupied her store until told to leave by police.
    ‘They spent close to three hours outside and threatened to return each weekend. Sales — already slow in the weak retail environment — were significantly disrupted.

    ‘But a feisty Ms McGregor, a practising podiatrist for 25 years before opening the shop on a mission for better foot health, has no intention of backing down.

    “I will not be bullied,” she said yesterday.”


    Jane Pederson in Denmark saying NO to demands for jizya; Sally McGregor in Australia, saying NO to thuggish demands from jihad-enabling Jew-haters that she should stop stocking Israel-made shoes.

    Both need massive support from the Resistance in their respective countries.

  3. says

    Man! Why doesn’t this shit happen to me? Of course I’m not a defenseless 67 year old.

    I would love, LOVE for someone to come and try to extort money from me. I’m mentally kicking over the furniture. Boy, talk about FUN!

  4. says

    Of course, it might be a good idea if Jane Pederson acquired (or already possesses) a brace of big, black dogs, and a large double-barrelled shotgun.

    further thoughts:

    Perhaps Cafe Viking, if Ms Pederson continues defiant, may become the official ‘watering hole’ of the Danish People’s Party…?

    Oh, and wouldn’t it be nice if Prince Frederick and Princess Mary paid a call? “By appointment to their majesties…”.