Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi at UN, calls for restrictions on free speech

Freedom of expression must come with “responsibility” — i.e. it must be restricted in accord with Sharia. “Egypt’s new President Morsi debuts at UN,” from AP, September 26 (thanks to Kuzz):

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Egypt’s new President Mohammed Morsi debuts at the United Nations on Wednesday with a speech that will be closely watched by world leaders for clues about his democratic intentions and plans for lifting his country out of crippling poverty.

Morsi, an Islamist and key figure in the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, is the first democratically elected leader of the ancient land at the heart of the Arab world. He was sworn in June 30….

The Egyptian leader previewed his General Assembly remarks in a speech delivered Tuesday at former President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. Addressing the violence that raged across the Muslim world in response to a video produced in the U.S. that denigrated Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, Morsi said freedom of expression must come with “responsibility.”

He appeared to have been responding to President Barack Obama’s General Assembly speech earlier Tuesday in which the U.S. leader again condemned the video but sternly defended the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of free speech….

Morsi did not explain what limitations he felt should be placed on free speech but said the video and the violent reaction to it demanded “reflection.” He said freedom of expression must be linked with responsibility, “especially when it comes with serious implications for international peace and stability.”

In other words, when we start killing you for what you say, stop saying it. Surrender to us.

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    Yup. Morsi is Barack’s kind of guy all right; the muslim poseur who is our President. He will spend the rest of his life trying to deny he is a muslim. But the muslims will have their way with him in due time.

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    Here is Morsi’s full speech:

    He tells us exactly what Islam has in store for us and Israel. Note especially this passage:

    I cannot omit to reiterate here today Egypt’s commitment to working with its Arab brothers and sisters to reclaim our rightful position in the world. This Arab nation is an integral component of Egypt’s vision of its national security, which extends from the Arab Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean

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    It would appear to this kaffir that all yhe heads of state in Islam had a meeting prior to the General Assembly. To address the main topic for this meeting.

    Islam is becoming aware that the kaffir states are getting to close to the truth and therefor must put a stop to this ASAP…

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    Like when we storm foreign embassies, burn US flags, shout death to America, threaten to shred the Camp David Accords and wage war on Israel. Now that’s responsibility we can believe in.