Europe’s Muslim population triples in 30 years

What could go wrong? “Europe’s Muslim population triples in 30 years,” from the Pak Tribune, September 3 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

KARACHI: Europe’s Muslim population has tripled over the last 30 years. Many European see Islam as a threat and Muslim fundamentalism as a challenge to their values, particularly those related to women.

These views were expressed by eminent scholars and speakers during a workshop on “Multiculturalism in Europe in the light of International Developments after 9/11″ organised by University of Karachi Area Study Centre for Europe in collaboration with the Hanns Seidel Foundation, here the other day.

In the opening remarks, Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar threw light on the concept and prospects of multiculturalism. He posed a question that to what extent multiculturalism may succeed or not succeed? In his views, multiculturalism requires tolerance and respect.

Unfortunately, as we have seen again and again, that tolerance and respect is all one-way. Muslims again and again demand special accommodation for their laws and customs, but never grant such accommodation to the infidels.

Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Law, University of Sargodha, paid gratitude to the director Area Study Centre for Europe for organising this thought provoking workshop.

He said that ethnicity and faith are very important issues and the politics of ethnicity and faith in the 21st century has increased. He said that ethnicity in 21st century has new meanings and is used with new applications at national as well as international level. Account to him cold war is the most important development that paved the way for ethnicity and related issues. He gave the example of former Yugoslavia and former Soviet Union where people became active about ethical values after the end of cold war. On the topic of international migration, he said that the process of globalisation increased international migration.

Dr Rashid cited various definitions of ethnicity and said that the common factor in all the definitions of ethnicity is the element of having common decreased.


Hans Juergen Paschke, Head of Mission, Consulate of Germany, Karachi, said that seven million foreigners are living in Germany many migrants have been awarded German nationality. He further said that immigrants should be integrated in German society as Germany does not want it citizens to be deprived of their basic rights. He threw light on immigration management policy and integration policy of Germany.

Ambassador (r) Shahid M Amin in his presentation highlighted the cultural division in Europe since 9/11, its problems and prospect. He said that there is an impression in the Muslim world that the west is targeting Muslim countries one after another. According to him, the events of 9/11 intensified many things that were growing before it. Islamophobia caught enormous attention after 9/11.

In the last 20 years, lunatic fringe groups have appeared who are critical of Muslim immigrants. In his view the Muslim immigrants have problem in integrating fast enough in western societies and this creates problem with overwhelming non-Muslim population. After 9/11, the European governments did little to achieve integration and the European attitude hardened towards Muslims. Furthermore, he added that the content of international news media is becoming anti-Muslims, he added….

Dhimmi European governments did not promote integration because Muslim groups actively resisted it. The idea of the news media being “anti-Muslims” is nothing short of ludicrous, but in any case, any “anti-Muslims” news coverage that actually exists is simply reporting on jihad terror activities.

Syrian General: "Don't they understand that we are the last dam that is holding back the flood of Islamists in Europe? What blindness."
Scotland: Muslim asylum seeker jailed for funding Stockholm jihad terror bombing
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    “Tolerance of intolerance is suicide”

    Shoot back with verses … what the Quran is giving ammunition
    e.g. Allah, Q. 5:38 “thieves cut off hands” (also from kids)
    vs. German Basic Law (constitution, Grundgesetz) Article 2, Paragraph 2 “Everyone has the right to life and PHYSICAL INTEGRITY.”

    Women are half-worth of men 4:176, 4:11 , 2:282
    vs. Article 3 Paragraph 2 “Men and women have equal rights”

    Jews & Christians live “subdued” under Islamic rule (2nd class citizens, as so-called dhimmis) 9:29
    vs. Article 3 Paragraph 1 “All persons are equal before the law”

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    How to destroy your country.
    1. Get rid of God and His Commandments in particular the keeping of the Lord’s Day: Legalise Sunday Trading.
    2. Throw away respect for Life: Legalise Human Abortion.
    3. Permit the influx into your country of adherents to a pernicious ideology/pagan religion to fill the vaccuum created by your own apostasy from your Judaeo-Christian Heritage.
    Job done.

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    “multiculturalism requires tolerance and respect”—-

    The most intolerant and disrespectful people on earth asking for tolerance and respect. Oh, the buffoonery!.

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    Yes! What on earth could possibly go wrong? And why on earth so upset?

    While listening to the CBC Metro Morning program on my drive into Toronto this morning, a plug was given for a new book written by Doug Saunders of the “Globe and Mail” entitled “The Myth of the Muslim Tide.”

    Frankly I’m looking forward to reading it (from the library, not on my own dime) and learning how he manages to divert attention from the obvious and unpleasant changes in Western life due to increased terrorism threats, due mainly to jihadis of one sort or another.

    It may be that he will make the case that most Muslims are not terrorists. Few will argue against such a position. But I expect that he will leave the factors that animate Islamic extremism completely unexamined. We’ll see.

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    It’s a lot of hot air!

    One of the aspects of the Islamic theology is to one day a do a great battle – with one’s enemies.

    So it follows that one might see enemies everywhere!

    Pick one country where Muslims are not in conflict with either their neighbours or the people within it – who are non-Muslim.

    The answer none.

    Making the trouble with Islam a global issue.

    EU governments first attempted to treat issues around Islam as a local issue – mostly Left-wing led – and many newspapers toed this line. But it not difficult to find other sources for actual news on Islam.

    Many Europeans complained that the problem was not entirely with the worship of Islam – but with political Islam. [On closer inspection – it was shown that many mosques were teaching hate and sometimes violence against the host population] But this political Islam – was most troubling – because – because it insisted that the Muslims’ personal practise – had to become the way of life for the non-Muslim.

    These Muslim sentiments – were actually Islamic laws and they wanted them to be respected!!

    When people objected they were called racists and Islamophobes.

    Clearly a means by which Muslims saw – they could successfully implement or impose Islamic law – over EU laws.


    Multiculturalism has been pronounced dead! Both the German Chancellor and UK Prime Minister have – have spoken against it.

    The idea – at its core was like a communism of cultures. But in this commune – one culture could not accept equality with others – and thought it should become the dominant one.

    That is why you have the German Chanceller saying – we are the main culture. And the British PM saying, efforts to accommodate meant that we were going against our values.


    The Muslim population has grown at a staggering rate – and this is a problem many EU countries have been trying to deal with – and that is immigration.

    Were every Muslim marriage brings in a spouse from the old country – think 100,000 + couples doing this each year in Europe. And when they each seek to do the same with their children – we are looking at exponential growth.

    It is clearly an abuse of the immigration system. And so the right to join or reunite with one’s family in Europe will likely go next.

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    “Integration requires effort from those that are to be integrated.

    I will not show respect for anyone that is not making that effort. I do not have to acknowledge anyone who lives by welfare, denies the legitimacy of the very state that provides that welfare, refuses to care for the education of his children and constantly produces new little headscarf-girls. This holds true for 70 percent of the Turkish and 90 percent of the Arab population in Berlin.”

    Dr Thilo Sarazzin, former Bundesbanker and member of the Socialist Party of Germany.

    The enemedia accuses him of ‘wanting to provoke’. Curiously they never accuse the muslims who provoke attacks on Jews …..

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    The political class in Europe, together with the MSM has politically engineered the mass immigration from Islamic countries into Europe, which continues.

    Europe is being colonised, notably by Islam.

    ‘Jihadwatch’ has indicated this for years, so has Mark Steyn, in e.g. his book, ‘America Alone'; and even liberal Christopher Caldwell, in his book, ‘Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West’, has this:

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    This is the comment i tried to post on the articles original website ofcourse it never made it through the censorship brigade What a suprise. it probabely explains why not a single comment is published.

    should we dare to ask how the status on “multiculturalism” is in Islamic countries before there is a discussion about islamophobia and lunatic fringe groups? No word is spilled on the fact that to integrate into society takes effort from both sides.Do they mean by integrate that the local people should integrate with the newcomers? It seems that the view is very much one-sided. Why is that? Apart from that i sincerely object to the word islamophobia. Suggesting that it is an unfunded fear that is more like a disease, maybe people from other faiths that live in islamic countries can answer the question if it is unfunded or not from their experience which would provide a much better insight into what are facts and what are delusions.

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    Muslims are using demographic jihad very successfully in *other* parts of the world that are not Christian and never have been. See India, for example. So I think blaming the mess that Europe is in, on ‘Europeans not being Christian enough’, is a bit simplistic.

    Also: even if Europeans needed immigrants to fill a demographic gap: five-sixths of the world is NOT MUSLIM; so..WHY did the immigrants *have* to be Muslims, rather than something else?

    There are other countries, non-Muslim countries, that they could have come from. Or the Europeans could have offered a doorway of escape for the NON-MUSLIMS – and ONLY the non-Muslims – trapped within dar al Islam: the Coptic and Assyrian and Maronite Christians, or from further afield, the Christians from Pakistan and Bangladesh, or the Christians and Hindus and secular or Buddhist Chinese from Malaysia and Indonesia.

    The claim that ‘if the Europeans had kept on having lots of kids they wouldn’t have had to let in the Muslims’ is illogical, because the people invited in to fill the gap NEED NOT have been Muslims. Nothing says that they *had* to be Muslims; it’s not as if Muslims were the *only* potential immigrants available, nor even the ‘refugees’ or asylum seekers.

    There was no ‘necessity’ about it at all. The Europeans could have invited *other*, NON-MUSLIM immigrants. But the Powers that Be *chose* not to do so; they *chose* to let in Muslims over and above others that they could have let in.

    It boils down to people who made bad choices – lured by petrodollars and/ or frightened by the threat of jihad terror on the grand scale.
    Tuesday, 4 September 2012
    Bat Ye’or: New Evidence on Eurabia

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    Successive German and other EU governments went out of their way to integrate Muslim immigrants. These governments have thrown unbelievable amounts of money at a hateful, criminal cult that uses religion to dominate over the host culture.

    The failure of these governments to even acknowledge the problem and to reverse the destructive impact of the parasitic cultists among them is infuriating. The laws are being perverted and turned against citizens of the nation states who object to perpetuating this monumental failure.

    It so happens that “lunatic fringe groups have appeared who are critical of Muslim immigrants”— that’s us, folks!

    No criticism allowed! The soldiers of allah are above it, along with their dirty book, their terror and their mental baggage.

    Respeck it, infidels. Or else!