Hamas-linked CAIR rep applauds shunning law enforcement

DontTalkto FBI.jpgAt least they’re consistent

Hamas-linked CAIR has opposed every counter-terror measure ever implemented. It has relentlessly smear and vilified everyone who has dared to notice how jihad terrorists use Islam’s texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism — and has not spared the delicate and politically correct who mouth the requisite pieties about a fictional “moderate Islam” or who prop up non-representative Muslim “moderates” with an eccentric and non-mainstream view of Islam in a desperate attempt to give themselves legitimacy and shield themselves from charges of “racism” and “bigotry.” Hamas-linked CAIR has by its every action shown the truth of charges that it is a stealth jihadist, Islamic supremacist group. Yet the government, law enforcement and mainstream media continue to pretend that none of this is true.

“CAIR Rep Applauds Shunning Law Enforcement,” from IPT News, September 6:

New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa held his first meeting Wednesday with a new committee aimed at improving relations between law enforcement and Muslims.

It took place over the objection of some Muslim activists who wanted a boycott of the meeting because of Chiesa’s previous finding
that public surveillance of New Jersey Muslims by the New York Police
Department did not violate state law. That surveillance has ended,
Chiesa said in the meeting.

In an op-ed piece published
Tuesday, Arab American Forum President Aref Assaf cast any Muslim who
attended as a sell-out. “Our dignity and our rights are too precious for
a passing photo-op,” he wrote.

In addition to Chiesa’s finding — which came in response to a request
from Muslim activists — Assaf objected to the meeting because the 10
Muslim representatives primarily come from mosque leadership and not
from Islamist political groups like the Council on American-Islamic
Relations (CAIR).

“While honored and respected in their own mosques, and we of course
do not doubts (sic) their intentions,” Assaf wrote, “these people were
not presented to the Muslim community with their credentials and none
appear to be of legal or academic backgrounds.”

This drew praise from 3,000 miles away, as CAIR-San Francisco Executive Director Zahra Billoo
posted a comment on Twitter feed directing people to Assaf’s column.
“Great Piece About Who Gets to Decide Who Represents the Community in
Engagement with Law Enforcement,” she wrote.

While CAIR claims to be a friend to law enforcement, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has repeatedly demonstrated the group’s hostility and the paranoid message it conveys to Muslims. That includes a new profile of Billoo, showing her reflexive criticism of terror-related arrests by the FBI and her open advocacy of extreme positions….

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  1. says

    Hmmmmm, so what CAIR is saying is that if any non-muslim hears of any plot to bomb a mosque or attack muslims, they have the right to not speak to the FBi and expose the plots.

    Thank you CAIR for clearing this up because now I know that if any Freedom Fighter Underground forces take up arms against the sea of Jihadists, I can’t be forced to aid the FBI in preventing the mosque bombings or executions of Jihadist leaders.

    God bless you Hooper and Awad, the West can now fight the islamofascist thugs with the support of about 99% of the population that isn’t one of those inbred losers from the 7th century.

    Know Shariah – NO peace
    NO Shariah – KNOW Peace