U.S. accuses Iran of cyber-attacks on U.S. banks — Middle East hackers say attacks were revenge for Muhammad video

A few more Sharia finance initiatives should fix this right up. “‘US officials blame Iran for cyber attacks on banks,'” from the Jerusalem Post, September 21 (thanks to Benedict):

US National Security officials accused the Iranian government of carrying out cyber attacks against the websites of US banks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, NBC News reported Thursday.

A Middle East group of hackers claimed credit for the denial-of-service attacks, that made both websites unavailable to some customers earlier this week, citing the anti-Islam video that mocks the Muslim Prophet Muhammad as the reason behind the attacks.

Denial-of-service (DDos) attacks seek to disrupt websites and other computer systems at the targeted organization by overwhelming their networks with computer traffic.

US security sources rejected the hackers’ claims of responsibility, telling NBC News that this is “a cover” for operations of the Iranian government, and suggesting the attacks are in response to US sanctions on Iranian banks….

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  1. says

    “US officials blame Iran for cyber attacks on banks”

    Blame? why not respond by immediately paralysing every aspect of cyber life in Iran? internet, banks, telecommunications etc.