Afghan government admits that attacks by Afghan forces on their NATO trainers and allies are jihad terrorism

And even American officials appear to be grudgingly beginning to admit it, although the reason for their reluctance is obvious: it shows how incompetent they are, and how false is the official dogma about Islam and jihad. “Afghan government: Insider attacks are terrorism,” by Jamie Crawford for CNN, October 4 (thanks to S.B.):

The vast majority of attacks by Afghan soldiers on their U.S. and NATO counterparts are the result of a “mutation” of terrorist tactics rather than a difference in cultural sensitivities, a senior Afghan official said Thursday.

“The majority of it is a terrorist infiltration in the (Afghan army) ranks and forces which is a tragic thing in itself,” Jawed Ludin, Afghanistan’sdeputy foreign minister, said of “green on blue’ attacks, in which Afghan soldiers turn their weapons on NATO forces alongside whom they serve.

U.S. officials have said a percentage of such attacks can be attributed to cultural grievances by Afghan forces, as well as Taliban or other insurgents exploiting the situation to drive a wedge between the United States and Afghanistan.

“It is kind of a last-gasp effort to be able to not only target our forces, but to try to create chaos, because they have not been able to regain any of the territory that they have lost,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters last month during a visit to Asia.

The phenomenon, which has picked up in pace within the last year, is mostly the work of terrorists taking advantage of a current large-scale recruitment drive for the Afghan National Forces to meet recruiting level targets, Ludin said.

“I suppose what happened in that process, we perhaps overlooked some of the crucial screening requirements, and as a result the enemy used that as an opportunity to infiltrate,” Ludin said. He added that the number of Afghan soldiers being killed by a fellow Afghan was “far higher” than the instances of “green on blue” attacks….

They “overlooked some of the crucial screening requirements” So now presumably they are no longer overlooking them, and all is well, right? We won’t be seeing any more such attacks…right?

And why can Ludin say “the enemy” but American officials cannot, and are reduced to employing the puerile “bad guys”?

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