Afghanistan: Muslim cleric offers $300,000 bounty for killing of Muhammad filmmaker

Imagine if a Christian cleric offered a bounty for the killing of anyone for any reason. Imagine the Newsweek covers, the New York Times articles, the earnest discussions on NBC and CBS about “Christian extremism.” But no one will take note of this.

“Afghan cleric offer $300k bounty on Anti-Islam filmmaker,” by Sadaf Shinwari for Khaama Press, October 7 (thanks to Jay):

An Afghan religious cleric announced $300,000 bounty to kill the producer of the American film which insulted prophet Muhammad.

This is the first time Afghan religious clerics jointly announce bounty in a bid to defend insulting the Islamic values.

Anti-Islam film sparked deadly protest across the Muslim countries and the producer of the film was widely criticized for desecrating the Islamic values.

A number of Afghan religious students, clerics and members of the civil society following a demonstration urged to arrest and try the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

Mir Farooq Hussainy a religious cleric in western Herat province of Afghanistan vowed to offer bounty for killing the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

He said the bounty will be collected from the local traders and investors of western Herat province.

Mr. Hussainy also said they are going to pay $100,000 for anyone who is going to kill the cartoonist that insulted prophet Muhammad….

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    are investors of herat province by any chance the usa and world bank?

    perhaps he means local people which i take from the use of traders as well as invertors in which case i have to wonder, does this mean that allied bombs landing in herat will be unable to cause collateral damage because everyone there is an enemy who supports violence against us?

    that what is sounds like to me, i look for someone to correct me.

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    I think that private counter-jihad groups need to come up with a response to this sort of thing. I propose that they create a fund that will pay bounties on the head of any Muslim who offers a bounty on the head of any infidel. That would mean that there would be a reward for killing the cleric who announced this bounty for killing the filmmaker.

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    Can’t some Western government kill these clerics using money to suborn murder? These clerics are making war on every non-Muslim’s basic human rights at their very foundation.

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    Would Mr. Mir Farooq Hussainy like to provide the world with his address and times when he can be found at home so that interested parties can pay him a call to discuss the matter 300K bounty? Hmmm?

    On a totally unrelated matter, what’s the unit cost on a Hellfire missle anyway? Less than $300K?

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    Afghanistan, one of the poorest shitholes on earth-thanks to the ideology and teachings of Pedohammed-. Where do you get 300k in a place like that?. ¿Organizing bacha bazi?. Ha!, damn pedohammedans.

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    A bounty on the head of someone who merely used free speech? I would call that uncivilized, or even SAVAGE behavior. No?

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    Wow in this piss poor country a cleric has $300,000 to give away for this foolishness. My my and we keep sending billions to this part of the world.

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    Wow in this piss poor country a cleric has $300,000 to give away for this foolishness. My my and we keep sending billions to this part of the world.

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    I remember the bounty against Salman Rushdie did make front page news in the UK when it happened.

    People had more of a backbone then, but I remember at the time I wondered why we didn’t bomb Iran for threatening a citizen.

    Maybe we think if we ignore it, it will just go away.

    That is the mistake.

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    Has anybody been adding up all the bounties? I suggest that someone produce a CGI generated snuff video that shows a few beheadings of everyone associated w/ this film, send it to the people who offer the bounties, and demand that they produce the cash. If they refuse, announce online bounties for their heads to anyone who will be willing. People in Pakistan & Afghanistan will find it easier to do the real thing than do CGIs.

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    I just watched a video of the “religion of peace” showing us a vivid illustration of their jihad through “inner struggle” by massacreing about twelve policemen. They executed them by shooting them at close range then going up and down shooting them individually, videotaping the whole thing. I sent a link to my Facebook page with the note I usually attach to these things: “This is Islam”.

    With every passing day I have less and less patience with Muslims. I truly think we should outlaw groups like CAIR and the Muslim Student Association, get our heads out of our ass and start arresting these scumbags and charging them with treason and sedition. We should be putting the boot to these pieces of shit, and have absolutely NO MERCY.

    Larry A. Singleton

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    Most likely through charitable donations. Killing a blasphemous infidel is always an appropriate and judicious use of mosque funds. Healing the sick, feeding the hungry, etc., are of secondary importance to punishing Islam’s enemies.

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    The first thing I think of in response to the verbal or physical tantrums Islamists throw over being offended, is GROW UP!

    If you don’t like what someone says, ignore it.
    If you don’t like a book someone writes, don’t read it.
    If you don’t like a video someone produces, don’t watch it.
    The answer couldn’t be more simple…and non violent.