India: Muslims set fire to police station, 12 injured in Muhammad movie riots






Free people have two choices: submission or strength. “Ahmedabad police station set on fire in anti-Islam film stir,” from the Times of India, October 4:

AHMEDABAD: A rally to condemn the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which has irked Muslims across the globe, took a violent turn in the city on Wednesday. An angry mob set fire to the Karanj police chowky along with 11 motorbikes and two jeeps belonging to the policemen.

City police fired three rounds in the air to disperse the mob. Officials also lobbed more than 30 tear gas shells and lathi-charged the protesters to bring the situation under control. At least 12 people were injured in police lathi-charge.

More than 100 people were arrested for the violence by late evening. This included a woman, Zarina Khan, who had initially sought permission for a rally from the cops, which was turned down. The accused have been booked for attempt to murder and vandalism.

The violence sparked off after a string of bandh calls given by various groups in different parts of the city during the past week. Several minority-dominated parts of Ahmedabad had witnessed spontaneous bandhs and small rallies against the film.

A bandh is a protest.

On Wednesday, a large section of the minority community had decided to stage a rally on a much larger scale. However, the city police denied them permission. Upset with the decision, the protesters called for a city-wide bandh.

The protesters were also angry with some of their community members. On Tuesday, Mufti Shabbir Ahmed of Jama Masjid, members of organizations like Jamat-e-Islami, Jamiet-e-Ulaima Hind and Muslim legislators and municipal councilors had appealed that the community not follow the call of bandh. In a meeting held at the Jama Masjid, Muslim leaders had condemned violent means of protest against ‘Innocence of Muslims’. They also appealed to the people to not resort to violence that could disturb peace of the city.

Joint commissioner of police, A K Sharma, who is in charge of the special branch, said, “We had received a letter seeking permission for this rally. We had turned it down because we felt the event could cause a law-and-order problem. We will initiate legal action against these people who defied the directive.”

These twin aspects did not go down well with the bandh and rally supporters who started collecting at the Lal Darwaja in huge numbers at 2 pm.

The city police seemed to have underestimated the threat-perception of this massive gathering. This was evident in the fact that quite a small number of Karanj policemen were posted near Lal Darwaja and they proved to be grossly inadequate to stop the protesters from marching ahead.

At around 3 pm, a huge rally marched to Jama Masjid beyond Teen Darwaja. Outside the ancient mosque people started shouting slogans against the people who had asked the protesters to stay calm. This sparked off more violence….

Ahmedabad: The angry mob refused to budge from in front of the Jama Masjid despite repeated warnings by police. Then city police lathi-charged the protesters. This triggered more violence as the mob retaliated with pelting stones at the cops.

The mob then directed its fury at the Karanj police chowky, close to the women’s station. As the mob started vandalizing the chowky, women officers and other cops fled in fear. The mob then set fire to the furniture and vehicles parked outside.

Senior cops – joint commissioner of police Ajay Tomar and deputy commissioner of police Himanshu Shukla along with assistant commissioner of police Nirlipt Rai with 1,000 police jawans rushed to the spot….

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  1. says

    And the solution to this dilemma?

    Why more Islam and a sharia compliant end to the Freedom of Speech, of course!


    We ex-Muslims living with Islam’s formal and informal death penalty for apostasy know for certain that Islam is an evil religion/ideology both in part and on the whole.

    Ex-Muslim Ali Sina’s ongoing challenge to Muslims can be found over at Faith

    The Challenge

    I receive many emails from angry Muslims, who sometimes beg me, and sometimes order me to remove this site. I consider both, pleading and bullying, signs of psychopathology. Argumentum ad baculum and argumentum ad misericordiam are both logical fallacies.

    If you do not like this site and want me to remove it, instead of acting as a bully or as a victim, disprove my charges against Muhammad logically. Not only will I remove the site, I will publicly announce that Islam is a true religion. I will also pay

    $50,000 U.S. dollars

    to anyone who can disprove any of the dozen of the accusations that I have made against Muhammad. I accuse Muhammad of being:

    a narcissist
    a misogynist
    a rapist
    a pedophile
    a lecher
    a torturer
    a mass murderer
    a cult leader
    an assassin
    a terrorist
    a mad man
    a looter

    …These charges are irrefutable. You simply can’t disprove them because they are reported in Islamic sources and as such they are as good as confession…

  2. says

    I’ve shown Muslims from the hadiths that Mohamed was a liar looter rapist murderer and kiddy-diddler AND that they are to ape his words and deeds. Their response is to deny the sources.

    I’ve often wondered why. Is there a seed of civility even in the most devout savage? Or are they truly repulsed and shocked and in utter denial?

    You never can tell with Muslims since they are commanded to lie to us. But I have never had a Muslim say he is proud of Mo as the hadiths show him at the Battle of the Trench murdering Jews, or when he orders the death of an old lady, or a pregnant woman poet who was an Islamophobe.

    Muslims, please tell us why you are not proud of Mohamed.

  3. says

    A “bandh” is not a protest, it’s a shut down (of all offices, shops, transport and other public activities). I am really saddened by the fact India’s democracy allow these protests. Muslims enjoy freedom in India just like the West, and they abuse it. From Muslim country Bangladesh, people flock to migrate to India to escape bad economic climate and slavery under Islam. I can’t believe they had a poster like “behead those who insult..” Sad…When these people wake up from these nightmares they think as a blissful dream?!

  4. says

    So what’s new!!! Muslims always do what they know best – riot, loot, kill, murder and on and on….. the main stay of savages!!

  5. says

    India should have expelled all the Muslims at the time of the partition.

    This is what happens when a country is founded by religious and moralistic boobs.

    Jinnah did India a favor.

    Imagine if he and the others had not insisted on a separate Muslim country.

    Well, civil war, I suppose, leading to the same result, partition.

  6. says

    These slimey green bas*ards are emboldened by the governments (both state and central) kissing their asses for votes. muslims will riot at the drop of a hat, yet we continue to hear the B.S of islam being a peaceful religion. It is neither peaceful nor a religion, but a barbaric cult whose only contribution is violence and destruction.

  7. says

    Indian economy was liberalized about 20 years ago. Ever since then, the non-Muslims have been studying/working hard to take advantage of better opportunities. Economic growth has followed and still continues.

    I remember when I was growing up in India, there were plenty of militant groups in all communities including among Hindus. Communal riots used to happen often and usually it were Hindus who would beat up others. I think it is because back then unemployed Hindus had nothing else to do except get together with friends, do stupid things, and also talk about issues bothering their communities, and riot together when provoked or incited. Their demolition of Babri Masjid is perfect example. Muslims did the same but it were usually Hindus who would show others their ‘right’ place.

    Things slowly changed after the economic liberalization. Hindus began to take more interest in economic betterment and spent a lot more time towards this goal than getting together with friends and yapping ‘riotous’ stuff. The nature of talks that Hindus have with their friends now, whatever little time they spend with them, has changed. Peace-chat is in, talks of violence are out. This is clear from the fact that the last communal riot that Hindus took part in, was in February 2002 at Godhra- ten years ago.

    Muslims too have taken advantage of liberalization, but not as well as non-Muslims. But more importantly, they haven’t given up their radicalness. Their supremacist activities have only intensified over the last decade, while non-Muslim resistance has substantially decreased. Lately it seems that Muslims have upped their ante and started the next phase of attacks. A couple of months ago, they attacked a Buddhist statue in a park in Bihar. There were reports in the news, but there was no reaction from non-Muslims. A little later they desecrated a memorial dedicated to fallen soldiers. Again, there was no reaction from non-Muslims. I cannot even image that they would have gotten away with this if they tried it 20 years ago.

    They had anti-movie riots in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago, and now this.

    All this only shows how much the non-Muslims have weakened over such a short time. They are much better educated, and have more money, but all they can do with their money is buy themselves new houses, cars, TVs, and vacations. They are no longer comfortable discussing violence and are so busy with their jobs, they don’t have time for protecting themselves even if they wanted to.

    There is a saying that goes something like “pray that your wishes don’t come true”. Non-Muslims of India always prayed for education and prosperity, and now they have it. Except that now they are thoroughly impotent in the face of rioting Muslims. So exactly what good is such ‘education’ and ‘prosperity’?

  8. says

    We keep getting behead those who insult Islam – but how do we expect these poor Muslims to understand any differently – when Saudi Arabia – continues the practise!!

  9. says

    India: Muslims set fire to police station, 12 injured in Muhammad movie riots

    More destruction from the “religion of peace”…


    Free people have two choices: submission or strength.

    And all too many of us seem to be going for option “a”…

    I hope India makes a different choice. With their large, violent Muslim population, they have even more to lose.

    Note also the Pakistani flag”just in case Indians needed to be reminded of the ongoing threat from their Muslim “neighbor”…


    At around 3 pm, a huge rally marched to Jama Masjid beyond Teen Darwaja. Outside the ancient mosque people started shouting slogans against the people who had asked the protesters to stay calm. This sparked off more violence….

    Once again, we see a Mosque being used to whip up Muslim violence. This happens all over the world.

  10. says

    Looks like Gujarat needs to remind Muslims of what happened to them the last time they acted up. Another backlash, and make them all flee that state.

    I just wish the Shiv Sena would turn its attention on Muslims once again!

  11. says

    The ‘Behead those who Insult Islam’ banner shown in one of the photographs is a properly manufactured item. Presumably there is a business/organisation somehwere that produces these off-the-shelf items ready to be handed out at ‘spontaneous’ protests. Perhaps there is even a Protesters mail-order catalogue. Ah well Allah kmows best.

  12. says

    Jaladhi, the Muslims in India seem to have started using any pretext to attack the police, damage public property and cause mayhem at short notice. Recently it was Mumbai which was the target of Muslim violence to protest utterly false charges relating to events in far away Assam and Burma. With the Indian government’s Muslim influenced National Advisory Council proposing a legislation to give a blanket protection to the “Minority” Muslims, which will make it possible for a police officer to be prosecuted, even jailed, on a complaint by any Muslim, no policeman is now prepared to take action against the Muslims. Emboldened by the brain-dead Indian government’s support, women police constables were molested in Mumbai, police weapons snatched away and a monument to dead Indian soldiers kicked and damaged.
    It is ridiculous to call them a “Minority”. Muslims who constitute over 15% of the voting population and as much as 25-30% in states like Bengal, Assam and UP cannot be described as a “minority”, let alone a weak and helpless minority. They are bloc voters wooed by all politicians and part of a powerful international Ummah that will take violent umbrage against the Kafir for the least of grievances. The REAL minorities in India are the Parees, Sikhs and the Christians who altogether constitute less than 5% of the population. These real minorities, unlike the “pseudo minority” Muslims, do not seek special privileges all the time, and are significant and industrious contributors to India’s growth story.

  13. says

    Guy Macher wrote:

    I’ve shown Muslims from the hadiths that Mohamed was a liar looter rapist murderer and kiddy-diddler AND that they are to ape his words and deeds. Their response is to deny the sources.

    I’ve often wondered why. Is there a seed of civility even in the most devout savage? Or are they truly repulsed and shocked and in utter denial?

    I think this applies in only a very few cases, Guy”where relatively decent Muslims really are ignorant or in denial over the nature of their vile “Prophet”.

    Far more commonly, Muslims simply use this sort of Taqiyya when it is impolitic to admit what Muhammed really was”that is, when Infidels are in a position of strength. Then they deny, obfuscate, and whitewash Islam’s image.

    Notice that they *do not* do this in Dar-al-Islam or when they feel they are in a position to demand dhimmitude”then, they freely admit Islam’s horrors but consider them virtues”that is, that the “Prophet” was a great war-lord, or demanded Jizya from the Infidels and humiliated them, or that he mass murdered Jews and expelled them from Arabia.

    Recently here, Muslim supremacist poster Rezali Mehil defended Muhammed’s rape of little Aisha as having been “ordained by Allah SWT”. She didn’t deny that the fifty-four year old Muhammed had forced sex with a little nine-year-old child’she just denied that that should be considered a bad thing.

  14. says

    Not just mosques. Now TV and YT are being openly and extensively used to whip up passions and hatred against the non-Muslims, on a much large scale. The Mullahs are in full flow spewing venom against the Hindus, who according to them were not so long ago “terrified of even looking at us directly in the face, feel no fear standing by our side and are now going around openly showing off their wealth and even daring to eye our women” and this is the fault of those Muslims who “befriend the Kuffar, feel pain at a Kafir’s pain and feel happy at his happiness”.

    This frank, fearless and enlightening talk by a prominent Indian mullah was on Zee Salaam, an Indian TV channel, and subject to Indian laws which prohibit incitement of hatred against others. Ironically, on that very day the Indian government was prosecuting a local cartoonist for sedition because of his cartoons depicting corruption in the government. If the Indian government willfully continues to ignore the rapid growth of hate-mongering and organised borderline, opportunistic civic guerilla warfare by its Muslims, India is screwed. Unless, of course, the ordinarily peaceful and law abiding non-Muslims feel enough is enough and start taking the law in their own hands because of their government’s shameful timidity and capitulation.