1. Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix is just an intelligence agent for the Syrian Baathist regime (see below), which killed more Christians than ANYONE. She is LAST ONE to talk about Christian rights.

    “It’s hard not to conclude that Mother Agnès-Mariam is little more than another Assad propagandist using her religious credentials to push a particular narrative.”

  2. RR is one of those Arab Spring trolls who probably thinks that Egypt, Libya, Iraq are in a better state today than they were under Mubarak, Qadaffi & Saddam, and that the Sunnis would happily get into bed w/ the Christians once they oust Assad.

  3. Well, not surprising given the extensive backing the older Assad’s regime got from the Soviets. And, I won’t agree with salah that secular dictators have necessarily been kind to the religious minorities. It was the secular despots Nasser, Sadam Hussein, and Qaddafi who put the final periods on the millennia-old histories of the Jews of Egypt, Iraq, and Libya; a history that goes back long before a word of Arabic was spoken in any of those countries. Rather, I’m of the mind that the Arab countries are suffering from a horrific political pathology nurtured originally from Islam itself, and then deepened and made all the worse by the fascination Arab leaders had for such Western imports as Fascism (Michel Aflaq, founder of the Ba’ath, comes to mind) and Marxism-Leninism.

    However, it is also known that the rebels in Syria have been squeezing the Christian community in Syria. Islamists have been behind the driving out of Iraq’s Christians, and as we read and write here, Islamists are now squeezing the Copts of Egypt.

    Nor is Assad truly “secular” his mindset is colored by his peculiar version of Shi’ism, the Alawi sect. Perhaps they are nicer to Syrian minorities (Christians, Druze, Yazidi, and more standard-issue Ithna-ashariyya and Ismaili Shi’ites) because of the overwhelming weight of the Sunni majority.

    In any case, Syria’s options are utterly dismal; neither side can be counted on to be friendly to either the USA, the West, or the peace process. Hence, America’s best interest is to refrain from backing either side, and encourage Turkey to refrain from doing so.

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