Libya: Pro-West forces shut out of cabinet, Sharia banking to be introduced

Sharia is coming to Libya, courtesy Barack Obama, just as I warned it would in early 2011, when I pointed out that the opposition to Gaddafi was made up of Islamic supremacist forces — and was, of course, accused of “fearmongering.” I tried to tell you: “New Concerns About Libya’s Fledgling Government As It Shuts Out Pro-Western Liberals,” by Patrick Goodenough for CNS News, October 4:

( — One day after Libya’s top lawmaker appeared to back down — under criticism from fundamentalists — over the need for a secular state, the country”s prime minister-elect on Wednesday submitted a cabinet that does not include a single member of the country”s pro-Western liberal coalition.

Also on Wednesday, Libya’s central bank governor confirmed plans to push for a shari”a-compliant banking system. Reuters quoted Saddek Elkaber as saying on the sidelines of a banking meeting in Kuwait that demand for the changes was so high he hoped the new rules would be in place by the end of this year.

Together, the developments add new concerns to those voiced over the months since the overthrow of the Gadaffi dictatorship about the future direction the North African country may take — concerns dramatically underscored by the deadly September 11 assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

The proposed cabinet could still change as lawmakers consider each nomination on Thursday, but the 28 names put forward by Prime Minister-elect Mustafa Abushagur thus far exclude any from the National Forces Alliance (NFA), a liberal coalition headed by former interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril. There is also only one woman among the nominees: Summaya Mahmoud Baltief is proposed as social affairs minister.

The proposed ministers include several from the Muslim Brotherhood, which operates in Libya under the name Justice and Construction Party (sometimes translated as Justice and Development Party)….

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    Infidels that marry Muslims always convert to Islam but seldom practice their religion with fervor. But the hippy or mentally deranged youngster who converts to Islam soon becomes an activist. They are seen burning the Israeli flag or throwing rocks at policeman. Ironically some once had a bar mitzvah or came from wealthy homes.

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    Whatever banking law Libyan wants in their country is their business. Why the hell Obama should butt-in and push them to adopt banking law based on “PAWN SHOP” or oops Ghetto rules.

    Our great president is 100% correct, he should not interfere with other countries internal policies.

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    Here is information on Sharia-compliant finance. It’s not simply a matter of bypassing interest calculations:

    ” In fact, the Islamic revolution in Iran gave birth to a myriad of Islamic financial institutions in Iran and one of the dirty secrets of shariah compliant finance to this day is that Iran dominates the world of shariah compliance. You can read all about shariah compliant finance on the internet from what the purveyors of shariah compliant finance say and they won’t mention Iran a whole lot. They don’t like to talk about it.

    But the fact is, you can add up everybody else’s shariah compliant finance – financial instruments under management and they don’t add up to what Iran has under management. Absolutely dominates the world of shariah compliant finance. Which should tell you something. Six out of the top ten shariah compliant financial institutions in the world are state owned Iranian banks. Who happen to be under US and economic union sanctions for terrorism financing and for financing activities in support of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs in Iran. So those who call shariah compliant finance ethical investing may want to rethink that. Just in view of the fact that the largest shariah compliant financial institutions in the world are under sanctions for things that I don’t think you and I would consider very ethical. Like supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, for example. ”

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    “The only way to achieve peace in the Middle East is for the Arab countries to acknowledge and accept Israel, and to pay Israel reparations for the more than 50 years of devastation they have visited on it”. Libya’s Mu’ammar al Qaddafi’s recent address to Arab heads of State.
    ‘Lifting The Veil’ by I.Q. Rassooli p238.

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    You wrote: ‘But the hippy or mentally deranged youngster who converts to Islam soon becomes an activist.’

    Islam makes people mentally ill. It’s a sick ‘religion’ founded by a sicko!


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    Many youngster’s with serious drug problem and constant problem with the law in the United States join a group call “Nation of Islam” and they are now very decent citizens and contributing to society.

    It is a fact that these converted kids did help cleaned many drug infested inner city neibourhoods totally clean. I clearly remember one such area. There was nothing there but two alcohol shops, a rundown fried chicken place and coin operated laundry and a barber joint all own by a man (chosen) in the same building for over 60 years. All this guy did was sucked that community from his fort like shops. He never ever spend a penny on this community. All he wanted money, money and more money.

    Conversion of these kids who kicked out the drug dealers first. Than help police and community leaders to bring in guards on schools. This area is now a success story.

    The boozee shop is gone so is that owner. No more drunks are around that shop. You can go out o the street at 12.00 midnight and no one bother you. Crime is almost nil.

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    Cleaning up neighborhoods can be done, and is done!, without anyone converting to Islam.

    And cleaning up neighborhoods without turning people into rabid Jew haters is by far more preferable.

    You’re a clown!

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    American prisons are packed with inmates who previously converted to Islam while behind bars. Some joined to receive protection from vicious prison gangs; most who became Muslims on their first visit to the jailhouse Mosque get arrested again. The cult of the Nation of Islam might help close liquor stores in the ghetto, but it is not welcome in the rest of America.

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    Hing Hau cHee ChowChing & Shae Shey

    I agree with you. I was just pointing out positive contribution some of these young men made to the society or their respective community after they converted to Islam, instead of rotting in jail or being killed in drug war and violence among them.

    Thousands upon thousands of professional America, European, Canadian and Australian females have converted to Islam and have raised great families and children that are symbol of true family instead of sleeping with 100+ different men each year.