Muslim attempts to enter Israel with eight pipe bombs

Just don’t call them savage. Is “mass murderers” acceptable? “IDF Nabs PA Terrorist with 8 Pipe Bombs,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, October 23 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Border Police prevented a large-scale terrorist attack Tuesday by nabbing a Palestinian Authority terrorist with eight pipe bombs at the Kalandia checkpoint on the northern edge of Jerusalem, near Pisgat Ze”ev.

The pipe bombs were fully assembled and ready for use against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The 20-year-old terrorist was turned over to police for further investigation.

Border Police discovered the explosives during a routine check of the terrorist after he stepped out of the vehicle to cross into Jerusalem….

Israel rattled by rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric from Egypt
Gaza jihadists fire rockets and mortars into southern Israel
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    Pipe bombs should be tested at the local mosque on Fridays. Allah will protect the true believers. Really.

    Same for suicide belts. Go to it, Mohamed!

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    Muslim attempts to enter Israel with eight pipe bombs

    Border Police prevented a large-scale terrorist attack Tuesday by nabbing a Palestinian Authority terrorist with eight pipe bombs at the Kalandia checkpoint on the northern edge of Jerusalem, near Pisgat Ze’ev.

    And if it hadn’t been for the “oppressive” Israeli security fence and carefully-trained military staff at the manned checkpoints, these terrorists would have waltzed into Jerusalem and slaughtered people.

    Surely, *that* would have been a more civilized state of affairs…sarc/off

    And this is not the first time the issue of “Palestinian” pipe bombs has come up. Israel had been responsible for Gaza’s water and sewage systems. The local “Palestinian” Muslims kept digging up the metal pipes in order to use the water pipes as pipe bombs and and the sewage pipes as rocket launchers, even though it meant that they had raw sewage running in the streets as a result. (What a perfect metaphor for Dar-al-Islam).

    The Israelis developed a special large-scale, heavy-duty plastic PVC pipe capable of handling sewage, but which couldn’t be used as weaponry.

    The article which featured this story, I remember, treated it as a straightforward engineering problem”as though they were laying pipe in an area where they had to deal with high elevations or frequent earth movements or a high water table, or some other environmental issue.

    Of course, the “environmental issue” in this case was *homicidal Jihadists*.

    The story also perfectly showcased the “innovations” of the two groups”solutions for living better from the Israeli Jews, and ways to improvise murderous weapons from even the most utilitarian items”cell phones, fertilizer, sewage pipes”on the part of the pious Muslims.

    Compare and contrast.

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    And has this been reported in any msm media outlet ? I certainly haven’t seen it.

    *Israel* must complain to the UN. To hell with Gaza and Hamas.

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    8 pipe bombs? …guess he got too ambitious and they were hanging out of his pants and camo jacket ..?? Gotta love those greedy and clumbsy jihadists! Haha.

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    you will not hear a thing about any of this terror activity from the alledged press in europe their silence is deafening as usual. Cowards the lot of them they should write childrens or gardening books if they cherish their scrawny little necks so much

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    He had them in a backpack. Presumably, a BIG backpack…even if they were *small* pipes, eight of them would still take up a fair amount of space.

    They got him because he behaved unusually and set off their ‘Doesn’t Look Right’ alarms.

    There’s a more detailed account of what happened, in this Jerusalem Post report, here:

    ‘Palestinian [sic: that ought to be, ‘ local Arab Muslim’- dda] with explosives was heading for J’lem’.

    “…The man, believed to be from Nablus, got off a Palestinian bus carrying a large backpack, and tried to sneak past security checks for pedestrians at the checkpoint…”.

    “After getting off the bus, the man walked around the pedestrian route, arousing soldiers’ suspicions.

    “The soldiers told him to go back to the pedestrian line and undergo security checks.

    “At that point, the man became even more suspicious, Shenkin added. “He said he was confused, and that he wanted to go back to the West Bank. At this stage, the soldiers understood something was going on.

    “They placed his backpack through X-ray screening, and found eight pipe bombs,” Shenkin said.

    ‘IDF sappers were called to the scene to deal with the explosives.

    “As soon as it became clear that the man was a security suspect, he was isolated in the bomb-proof terminal and separated from his backpack, Shenkin stressed.

    “The suspect was transferred to the Israel Police for questioning”.

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    Thanks for the additional info, DDA …

    what a maroon! ..he didn’t think that he would get caught? What with xray machines at the check point? Good riddance to this jihad junkie. Yeah allah has the brightest and the best in his army. NOT!