Obama-backed al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrian rebels hit security complex with jihad-martyrdom suicide bombings

Another foreign policy success for Obama. “Suicide bombers hit Syria security complex: rebels,” by Khaled Yacoub Oweis for Reuters, October 9 (thanks to all who sent this in):

(Reuters) – Rebel suicide bombers struck overnight at an Air Force Intelligence compound on the edge of the Syrian capital Damascus, killing or wounding at least 100 people, insurgents and activists said on Tuesday.

The militant Islamist group al-Nusra Front said it had mounted the attack because it was used a center for torture and repression in the crackdown on the 18-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad.

“Big shockwaves shattered windows and destroyed shop facades. It felt as if a bomb exploded inside every house in the area,” said one resident of the suburb of Harasta, where the compound was located.

Activists living nearby said the bombing caused at least 100 casualties among security personnel, based on the number of ambulances that rushed to the scene and the enormity of the explosions….

Opposition sources said the al-Nusra Front is made up mostly of Syrian Salafists who had ties to intelligence agencies before the revolt and were allowed to use Syria as a launchpad against the then U.S.-backed, Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad.

The United Nations says the front is affiliated to al Qaeda….

Al-Qaeda top dog urges jihad over Muhammad film
Syria accuses U.S., France of arming, funding "terrorists"
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    Help me out here, who if any should we be supporting here? The various factions are quite ill defined for me in this horrible civil war. Does the West and America really have friends in this war? I seriously doubt it.

    Middle east history has been showing an even more ominous and insidious fundamental strain of Islam prevailing in these battles. Sadly it is the civilians who are bearing the brunt of the evil and hideous violence.

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    I like Madonna’s recent comment from a concert event—“Wow! We have a black muslim president sitting in the white house. Isn’t that cool!” Hmmmm–Another thought–Was this past debate performance a pre-visioned rope-a-dope to have Romney peak one month before the election? Is this absolute tsunami of $190.00 campaign contributions from countries all around the globe gonna buy some contrived adds on election eve?

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    Asad need to go ASAP. Moscow will be a good place for him. He need to be replace with a democratic government just like that of the new Egyptian government. Most certainly, not a Saudi foot soldiers. No doubt, brave Syrian people shall never abandon the cause of Palestinian freedom no matter who comes to power. That is the bottom line.

    Mr. Asad and or Mr. right wing Zionist must understand, that the idea of human freedom remains the most revolutionary ideas that the world has ever known. Effort to transform this idea of freedom loving Syrian people must not be hijack by the extreme right wing Zionist subsidiary like Jihad watch et el etc. gang and their boot lickers the corrupt Saudi ruling family.

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    Sorry, no good guys vs. bad guys here. As in Libya, assorted primitive sects and tribal clans fighting it out for dominance using every sort of international intervention and shifting alliances possible due to the critical geopolitics involved. The Assad “ruling regime” is backed by Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia, while the “brave rebels” (so-called in the West) are mostly Muslim Brotherhood thugs backed by the Saudis et al., Turkey, and Al-Qaeda… In short, the standard Arab Spring situation. Pick you side now…

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    Bad news, Romney just said in a CNN interview, with Wolf Blitzer, that he will help the “rebels” if he becomes President, he said that he will try, with the help of intel. services, to distinguish jihadis from “moderate” opposition members and rebels and then he will give weapons to them so they “defend themselves”.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk… what a clueless bunch of ignoramus a la McCain and Lindsey Graham. The opposition in Syria now is a jihadi majority and is so fused and amalgamated that it’s impossible to distinguish between one and another. The only thing you can do now is try to help non-muslims in that place, help them GTFO off that pedohammedan shit-hole, there’s nothing else you can do. We’re talking about Al-Qaeda an its umbrellas vs. Iran/Hizbollah and their umbrellas, you can’t take sides regarding Syria.

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    O.T. but BIG NEWS: apparently Barack Hussein Obama wears a (wedding) ring which says “There is no God but Allah”…..And Michelle O. wears one just like it which he gave her.

    That could explain a few things dont’cha think? See World Net Daily for the story. Shocking if true.u

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    There will always be those like “danny” who will defend the madness of islam and the molestation by muhammad …

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    If this was the massive night explosion, then I watched it on the news today. Murderous cries of Allah Akbar accompany. Must be the cameraman.

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    There is something seriously wrong with you…My boy
    You write like Rev J Wright on a bad hair day…
    Have you talked to a therapist about your strange obsession with ‘Palestine’, and Jihad Watch? There are medications that can help…

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    danny said: “No doubt, brave Syrian people shall never abandon the cause of Palestinian freedom no matter who comes to power. That is the bottom line.”

    Well, not quite. I believe the following is the bottom line, actually, no matter who comes to power… (link from NYT, a well-known Right-Wing Zionist propaganda channel…).


    Deadly Attack on Refugee Camp in Syria Could Shift Palestinian Allegiances to Rebels:

    “[…] But with responsibility for the attack a matter of intense dispute ” the government blames rebels; the rebels blame the Syrian Army ” its impact may reach beyond the carnage. Analysts said it could push Palestinian allegiances, already drifting from President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, fully into the rebel camp, greatly assisting the opposition’s struggle for recognition […]”

    danny, feel free to search the web a bit more on the treatment your so-called “Palestinians” traditionally get in the rest of the Arab states. Most chilling reports are from affected Arab sources. Then consider joining the next flotilla to Gaza to protest about it…

    You can start with this one (from The Electronic Intifada, another well-known Israel-loving Zionist outlet…):


    Unwelcome guests: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon:

    “[…] Lebanon considers the Palestinians in its territory to be refugees under the care of UNRWA and other humanitarian organizations. However, this does not nullify the responsibility of the Lebanese state, which has ratified international and regional human rights declarations, charters and conventions. Effectively the state has disavowed most legal and humanitarian commitments to the Palestinians residing in its territory. Lebanese laws and regulations do not provide any legal description or definition of refugees in general or Palestinian refugees in particular. In practice, Palestinians have been treated as refugees at times, and, at others, as foreigners and as persons who do not hold the nationality of a recognized state. Lebanon’s laws and ministerial decrees have erected a series of legal and institutional barriers that deprive Palestinian refugees of the right to work, to social security, and to join Lebanese trade unions. For example, Palestinian refugees are subject to the legal regulations governing foreign workers, including the principle of reciprocity and the requirement to obtain a work permit. [10] As there is no state of Palestine with official diplomatic relations and reciprocity agreements with Lebanon, this immediately creates an obstacle that prevents Palestinian refugees from obtaining work permits, especially within professional associations. This regulation exists and is enforced in Lebanon despite the fact that Article 7 of the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which Lebanon has not signed, exempts refugees from the principle of reciprocity and allows them to work without a permit three years after they establish residence in the country of asylum. Palestinian students are denied enrollment in public educational facilities since Lebanese law requires that students be Lebanese citizens. Although Palestinian refugees may obtain educational degrees from private schools and universities in any field, they are forbidden from practicing in over 20 different professions. This includes medicine, law, engineering, and pharmacy. In addition, they cannot work in professions that require affiliation to a particular syndicate because the bylaws of such organizations require that their members hold Lebanese citizenship or provide for reciprocity […]”

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    You wrote, causing wry amusement: ‘He (Asad) needs to be replaced with a democratic government just like that of the new Egyptian government.’

    Islamic democracy is not democracy; I’m referring to ‘one man, one vote, one time’.

    And your Palestine illusion continues. perhaps you will pay more attention to an Arabic historian, rather than me.

    “There is no such country as Palestine. ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. ‘Palestine’ is alien to us. It is the Zionists who introduced it.” Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, Syrian Arab leader to British Peel Commission, 1937

    “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.” Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946

    “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria.” Representative of Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956

    You’re an ignorant clown!

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    “danny” wrote:

    Asad (sic) need to go ASAP. Moscow will be a good place for him. He need to be replace with a democratic government just like that of the new Egyptian government.

    Right. More like the Muslim Brotherhood, which is in the process of imposing a Shari’ah state in Egypt.


    No doubt, brave Syrian people shall never abandon the cause of Palestinian freedom no matter who comes to power. That is the bottom line.

    In other words, as much as Syrian Muslims enjoy slaughtering each other, they can be counted on to hate the Jooooos even more…


    Mr. Asad and or Mr. right wing Zionist must understand, that the idea of human freedom remains the most revolutionary ideas that the world has ever known. Effort to transform this idea of freedom loving Syrian people must not be hijack by the extreme right wing Zionist subsidiary like Jihad watch et el etc. gang and their boot lickers the corrupt Saudi ruling family.

    Assad himself is a murderous antisemite who has allowed Iran to use Syria as a base for Hizb’allah to both attack Israel and to violently dominate Lebanon. The idea that he is somehow in cahoots with the “Zionists” is grimly laughable.

    The idea that anyone at Jihad Watch supports the Jihadist Saudis is also ludicrous. Although many of the rebels in Syria do”because Sunni Saudi Arabia is in a power-struggle with their fellow Jihadists, the Shi’ite Iranians.

    But more than any of these points, the idea that homicidal Shari’ah-minded Syrian Jihadists can be characterized as the “freedom loving Syrian people” is grotesque beyond words.

    The only “freedom” you and your fellow Mohammedans seek is the “freedom” to impose Shari’ah, and to rob Infidels and the “insufficiently Islamic” of *their freedoms*.

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    It’s possible that the Syrian issue will be settled, one way or another before Romney takes office…It is a little distressing that he doesn’t understand that arming a Mahoundian is arming a Mahoundian…

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    I just read that story myself! Did you see the article by Jerome Corsi about Obama’s alleged homosexuality and how the Reverend Wright, with Jesse Jackson’s help, ‘arranged’ his marriage to Michelle to provide a facade of respectability for Obama? Most would say it’s just a smear campaign against Obama but I find it entirely believable. Obama is evil to the core.

    Maybe some of Obama’s skeletons are finally falling out of the closet but his devoted followers wouldn’t care if he was Satan incarnate. If the sensational stories I’ve been reading for the past few days are even partially true, Obama is the biggest deceiver and scam artist in American history.

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    Mackie, you said:

    “Help me out here, who if any should we be supporting here?”

    Neither of the two ‘sides’.

    I would support an attempt to get the Christians out: Catholics, Orthodox, some Syriac by ethnicity and some Armenian (many of those are descended from survivors of the genocide of 1915-1916, who fled to Aleppo and similar places). The indigenous Christian population has been joined, in the past ten years or so, by Christians driven out from Iraq by vicious Muslim persecution (up to and including kidnap, rape, torture, murder).

    I would say to the French and anybody else non-Muslim who still has a functioning diplomatic ‘shopfront’ in Syria: talk, very quietly, to groups like the Barnabas Fund, and let them know, so that they can quietly, quietly spread the word among the terrified Christians…we will give Christians – and ONLY Christians – asylum. Use de-dhimmified Christians already resident in our countries – there *are* some, people like Raymond Ibrahim and Australia’s Mark Durie would know how to find them – to conduct the interviews and process the applications. And get them out by the boatload and the plane-load. Emulate the Israelis’ ‘Magic Carpet’ and ‘Eagles Wings’ operations that rescued the Jews of Iraq and Yemen.

    Those who insist on staying in the Predator Pit, well, one can’t do anything for *those*…there were Jews who insisted on staying in Yemen, too, and the inevitable happened.

    But I think many would seize the chance, especially if discreetly protected.

    Just get ’em out (possibly some could be got out via Lebanon).

    Then we can get to work on deprogramming them from dhimmitude. People like Australia’s Mark Durie have been figuring out how the dhimmi mindset works – it’s not so different from that of any person who has been trapped by an Abuser and then systematically and continuously Abused – and how to break people free.

    I would *only* support a limited military intervention if it were done *to prevent a genocide of the Christians* (read ’40 Days of Musa Dargh’ and the story of a French naval captain who laid down a barrage of covering fire to enable a bunch of Armenian Christians, who had been besieged by howling murderous Mohammedans, to break free and flee to his ship;

    or read about what was done by an Australian army captain in the eastern theatre in WWI, one Sir Stanley Savige, who with his men shepherded and protected and accompanied to [relative] safety a desperate group of Christians who were fleeing from – and being hounded by – mobs of wolvish genocidal Mohammedans.

    *That* is the *only* kind of military intervention in Syria that any sane western country should even consider: a swift, forcible intervention to prevent Muslims from mass-murdering non-Muslims, and to get said non-Muslims OUT.

    Once the non-Muslims are rescued; leave the Muslims (Shiite, Sunni, and Alawite ‘heretics’) to fight and bite and devour each other to their hearts’ content.

    Here is what Savige achieved:


    “A group of seventy thousand Armenian refugees was attempting to flee east from groups of Turkish soldiers preparing to attack them.

    “However, south of this fleeing mass, an imminent force of Turks and Kurds was moving up a valley to cut off the terrified Armenians.

    “With only eight Dunster Force men and 24 armed Armenians, Savige rode towards the latter force and totally disrupted their movement.

    “The following morning, as a reinforced enemy attempted to advance, Savige’s small group employed Boer type tactics against them, retreating under fire from hilltop to hilltop – this action was described by the Official War Historian in glowing terms.

    “The further protection of the refugees continued but unfortunately the greatest scourge of armies – disease – began to take its toll. Savige contracted malaria and developed beri-beri and was ultimately evacuated…”,.

    He is still remembered by the descendants of some of those who survived because of his courage and compassion.


  16. says

    Hello Buraq:

    Actually, I am pleased when the likes of “danny” posts
    on JW. By so doing he exposes himself, and all muslims, as
    being ignorant, hateful, lying scumbags on this site and
    throughout the world.

    Those who follow JW regularly already know this anent
    “danny”, but those who are new to JW will come to the
    knowledge that he is nothing more than a fool who has
    swallowed the lies of Islam hook, line & sinker.

    Hey there danny, keep posting here & thanks for the
    laughs that your stupid words provide for JW readers. BTW,
    there never was a Palistinian state and hopefully, there
    never will be such a state.

    In the final analysis, Islam will come to an end by
    virtue of the internet and the dissemination of the TRUTH
    about the cult of death known as Islam.

    Peace, Paul R.