Pakistan: Brisk business in flammable American flags; production hits 500 per hour


Friend and ally! “US ‘inflammable’ flags sold out in Pakistan,” from AGI, October 3 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

(AGI) Islamabad – In Pakistan, the US flags are a hot item. In fact, they are burned by the thousands in protest against the movie on Mohammed. The student wing of the Shiite party Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen, for example, has stated that in the most active days of protest reached a pick [sic] production of 500 per hour. That same group has produced a US flag 500 meter long and 60 meter wide, that will be displayed in the near future on a Lahore street, ready to be walked upon by the protesters. The anti-US demonstrations continued during the whole month of September and caused over 20 deaths. Warranted to be flammable, every Stars and Stripes fetches between 120 and 1500 rupees (1-12 euros), but often the parties and the various religious movements buy entire stocks to be distributed to the protesters. . .

Code Pink in Pakistan to protest drone strikes, jihadis show their gratitude by threatening to hit them with suicide bombings
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  1. says

    Hey! This is capitalism and supply and demand at its best.

    We should commend them for their enterprising spirit in the best representation of the American Dream!!

    I’m being sardonic, of course.

  2. says

    The US can make bucks out this.

    Send more US flags to Pakistan for them to purchase. Maybe, by now, the US flag outsells the Jihad flag.

  3. says

    Am I supposed to be offended?

    They don’t have an American flag, unless we’re in a time warp and it’s pre-1959.
    Go on fellas, have yourselves a ball!

  4. says

    The South Park boys are probably scribbling furiously.

    “Rival Pakistani firms compete to design US flags that ignite and burn faster and more impressively”.

    ‘Accidental burnings and cases of self-immolation on the rise. Imams unsure whether to classify them as martyrdom or not.”

    “Several villages burning now out of control. Islamabad is gone. Los Angeles declared new capital and Third Holiest City in Islam.”

    “Pakistani Defense Minister declares martial law. Implores citizens to “Stop burning those f_cking flags!”

    “Defense Minister assassinated for his pro-American treasonous leanings. Emergency law passed making extinguishing burning American flags – or fires ignited by them – a capital crime.”

    “Allah officially declared greatest deity by a wide margin.”

    “President Zardari accuses the Israelis behind the nationwide wildfires, calls for jihad against Israel, America, and Salman Rushdie (just to be safe).”

  5. says

    “”US ‘inflammable’ flags sold out in Pakistan,””

    Not a problem. Obama could finance a US company to export these to Pakistan, as part of his “stimulus” to boost the American economy.

    Of course since bankrupt Pakistan could not afford to pay for them he could simply increase American aid to pay for this.

    What a win-win solution for him.

  6. says

    Am I the only one that noticed those nitwit savages can’t even make a proper American flag?

    No wonder they immolate themselves when they set these creations on fire!

    Cretins….savage cretins!

  7. says

    Time to make toilet seats w/ designs of various Muslim country flags (including Fuckistan), Arabic inscribed qur’ans, photos of the Ka’aba, and any other Islamic symbology considered sacred to Mohammedans.

  8. says

    Chamber pots have often been manufactured with a picture or bust of a despised person on the inside surface ready to receive your ordure. Time for a mo’toon gazunder?

  9. says


    you said

    “I’ll laugh myself into stitches if they all die of smoke inhalation.”

    I seem to recall that back when Movie Rage was just getting underway, there *was* an idiot at one of these flag-burnings – in Pakistan, I think it was, indeed – who *did* die of smoke inhalation (or maybe of an asthma attack triggered by the smoke, who knows).