Saudi Grand Mufti: Replace Female ID Pictures with Fingerprints

According to a September 27 Masrawy report, because the face (and eyes) of a woman is deemed a great temptation for Muslim men — worthy of covering no less than a woman’s vagina, at least according to one Egyptian cleric — the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al Sheikh, recently called for replacing the personal photos of female university students that appear on their ID cards with their fingerprints, as that “would be best.”

Arab newspapers quoted the Grand Mufti in an interview with Saudi female students at Taibah University in Medina. Among other things, he also warned students about the “vocabulary” they use when jesting and against watching “racy” movies.

He also stressed that “Muslim women have a great impact on the community” citing a number of Quranic verses and hadiths.

The report does not mention which hadiths, though it is well known that several hadiths attributed to Islamic prophet Muhammad do stress that females can impact society — but in negative ways, including by likening women to dogs and donkeys. In the words of Aisha, one of Muhammad’s wives:

The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, ‘You have made us (i.e. women) dogs.’ I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away, for I disliked to face him.” — Sahih Bukhari 1.9.490

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  1. says

    No “racy” movies?

    The Mufti is evidently not aware of the example of his Prophet.

    Mohammed loved horse-racing and, once he had amassed the wealth to buy the horses, made an annual event of it.

    And he ran at least two foot-races against Ayesha.

  2. says

    Why use ID at all? If Muslimahs were properly immured in their owner’s homes, they no one would ever need to ID them in the first place…

    God, I hate Islam.

  3. says

    That’s some comedy routine you’ve got there, Danny!

    As for spreading love among humanity, the end of Islam would go a long way in achieving that goal. Imagine a world with no Islam: No more Koran and hadith commanding forced conversions, oppression or murder of unbelievers, no more oppression of women, no more “honor” killings, no more child rape called “marriages”, no more threats of (and attempts at) genocide of the Jews, no more suicide bombings and all the rest.

    That sounds like a wonderful and loving world indeed. What do you think, Danny?

  4. says

    Thats a very intelligent suggestion. Woman walks in and is instantly recognised by her fingerprints.

    You say you are Aisha, can you show me your fingerprints please?

  5. says

    This is a psychological problem brought on by too many Allahgasms…’Ideas of reference’…He wants to cover women up, not for societies sake, but for his own…It is he who is tempted and has impure thoughts…
    ‘Inner struggle jihad’ is very fragile, most anything can disrupt it leading to the most vile of thoughts…It’s very difficult to maintain the inner struggle while lusting after a female…The best thing to do then is cover up that exposed meat, and ask Allah to forgive you for thinking about sex…Thoughts of sex destroy inner struggle jihad…It’s not possible to watch porn and maintain a inner connection to Allah at the same time…
    All this sex stuff is haram, except for four wives, mutah, and slave girls…Allah is very wise, and sometimes accommodating…

  6. says

    @Buraq. Muhammad also participated in the stoning of a she-monkey for adultery.
    “During the pre-Islamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188)

  7. says

    Criminalizing femaleness altogether.

    It is, however, amusingly impractical. Sort of along the lines of full length body bags for female athletes.

    It is only by preemptive surrender that we could lose a fight with these idiots. Which, I’m afraid, is more or less what’s happening.

  8. says

    Arab women wear the Hijab only due to social pressures; they would rather wear the hairstyles of the West. Most believe that the tales of Muhammad are an annoying myth, deep down they are atheists but are deathly afraid to disclose their secret. The Grand Mufti and his lieutenants know that a woman without a Hijab is a threat to their career. Islam is without foundation and it will blow away with the wind.

  9. says

    It has long been obvious that the typical moslem male (regardless of age, and whether he’s living in a cow-dung hut in Pakistan or a grad student dorm in New York) has about the same level of maturity, and the same sexual understanding and attitudes, as an adolescent boy furtively masturbating over his father’s stash of pornography in the basement, hoping his mother won’t catch him when she comes down the stairs with a basket of laundry.

    Likewise, islam takes it as a given that every male has about as much self-control as the cult’s Dark Ages Founder. In other words, the same as the average alleycat or junkyard dog–and shouldn’t be expected to restrain his most bestial impulses or show any sort of respect or decency toward women. In the West, we call such males “rapists” and “child molesters,” and we imprison them and list them in national sex offender registries as Level 3 offenders–that is, when the victim’s father or brother hasn’t castrated them. In the moslem world, they’re called kings, princes, ambassadors, or just the nice 58-year-old man next door who wants to “marry” your 10-year-old daughter. And the rape victim is then stoned to death as an “adulteress” by a screaming mob of bearded maniacs. Nice.

  10. says

    Not true, Islam gives women most supreme status on society. What fanatic Taliban Moslem says and do do is not true Islam.

    I hear some modern western women sleep with an average of 100 different men annually.

    Stop ISLAMOPHOBI and HATE spreading on behalf of right wing neo-con Jews to permanant occupation of Palestine…Instead spread LOVE AMONG HUMANITY !

  11. says

    Another lie from you: ‘Not true, Islam gives women most supreme status on society.’

    Yes, yes, that’s why Al Qur’an says that a woman is like a man’s field (tilth) and he can go upon her whenever he likes. Yeah, shagged whenever he feels like it. Is that an example of ‘supreme status’ danny?

    And then the ‘rajm’ verses that show Muhammad took part in stoning women to death. Yes, yes, respect, respect, respect, with every stone that cut, bruised and finally killed the thousands of women stoned to death in the name of Islam.

    You’re a complete clown!

  12. says

    “I hear some modern western women sleep with an average of 100 different men annually.”

    Only in your masturbatory fantasies, danny.

  13. says

    Salah, I’m not convinced that that hadith tells of any event that a reasonable person could consider wrong. The most likely interpretation is the straightforward one, i.e. there was only one blanket so the three of them had to make do with sharing it. Ayesha and Ali hated each other so much that, far from being tempted, they would have been glad to have Mohammed lying between them.

    Havimg said that, I have heard that your 7th Century Bedouin:

    (1) spent six years in a paedophilic relationship with an under-age girl;

    (2) raped six other girls, the eldest of whom was 20 years old, in four cases after he had just killed their families;

    (3) stole his son’s wife;

    (4) told the women in his power never to go to the market or speak to other men but to hide behind veils so that other men could not do to them what he did to other women (he had no interest in trying to control the men);

    (5) divorced the two women who dared to defy him on this;

    (6) refused to give his women enough food, even when he could afford to do so;

    (7) said that men beating women was not a big problem and was sometimes even to be recommended, as witness his own example.

    I also hear that some modern western women sleep with the same man an average of 365 different times annually.

    Who is to tell which type of woman is which?

  14. says

    “danny” wrote:

    Now this is Fanatic Muslim with pre-islamic tribal mind!

    Not true, Islam gives women most supreme status on society. What fanatic Taliban Moslem says and do do is not true Islam.

    What absolute crap. Islam is the same wherever it spreads”Purdah, the Abaya, the Burqa, the veil in all its oppressive forms. This all dates from the very earliest days of Islam, and all on the model the baleful “Prophet” demanded.


    I hear some modern western women sleep with an average of 100 different men annually.

    “danny” would have you believe that your only choices are complete promiscuity”or the enforced strictures of Islam. What rot.


    Stop ISLAMOPHOBI and HATE spreading on behalf of right wing neo-con Jews to permanant occupation of Palestine…Instead spread LOVE AMONG HUMANITY !

    “danny” has to throw this with his comments on any story”and would have us believe that the Jihad against Israel and threat of genocide against the Jewish people is a matter of “spreading love among humanity”.

    Well, why not? He would also have us believe that oppression of women and their strict control by men through violence constitutes their enjoying “most supreme status on society”.

    Try again, “danny” boy…

  15. says

    you wrote;

    ..Allah is very wise, and sometimes accommodating…

    sure. for mohamad,always accommadating,especially when he wished to marry his daughter in law.

    mogul ruler shah jahan [who usurped Taj Mahal] had sex with his eldest daughter.
    the mufti justified it saying ‘a gardener has right over the flowers grown by him’

    what to expect from such perverts?

  16. says

    dont worry! thier oil comes out of the ground with our technology. the grand mufti knows that we the infidels have the technology. so will import some kind of device from us to identify each woman by her finger print!!! so Muhamad may PBUH uopn him will rest is peace!!!