Tanzania: Muslim mob riots, attacks churches, seeks to behead 14-year-old over defiled Qur’an

Will anyone denounce this madness? The churches had nothing to do with this. It was a… pissing contest between two adolescent boys. And the boy’s mother offered to replace the book. But Muslims seem to be seizing any excuse to run amok, while the world stands by and discusses outlawing criticism of Islam.

“Chaos hits Dar as boy defiles Quran,” by Bernard James for The Citizen, October 13 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Dar es Salaam. Violent clashes erupted in Dar es Salaam’s Mbagala suburb yesterday when scores of Muslim youth stormed a police station and demanded that a 14-year-old boy accused of urinating on the Quran be handed over to them.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, at least five churches were attacked, several car windows smashed and passersby injured as the angry mob moved from street to street at Mbagala Kizuiani protesting the desecration of the holy book.

Dar es Salaam Chief Sheikh Alhad Mussa Salum urged Muslims not to pursue the issue out of proportion, adding that there wasn’t ample grounds to mess up national security.

Is this kind of thing really ever “ample grounds to mess up national security”?

“The incident doesn’t need emotions in dealing with. Islam means peace; we can deal with such issues peacefully. This matter involved children. Islam considers age; it shouldn’t lead to a breach of peace in our country,” said Sheikh Salum.

He added that attacking churches would mean the boy was sent by Christians to desecrate the Quran, which he said he believed wasn’t the case.Police used teargas canisters and water cannons to quell the unrest and open up Kilwa road as the protesters hurled stones and burned tyres to block the road. Police were still engaging the demonstrators at Mbagala Zakhem late in the evening as the attacks on churches continued to rage.

A source told The Citizen on Saturday that the origins of the clashes could be traced back five days to an incident in which a Christian and Muslim boy got into an argument over the power of the Quran to turn anyone who defiled it into a snake.

According to those reports, the Christian boy swore he would not be harmed if he played with the Quran while his Muslim friend maintained that he would turn into a snake or run mad if did so.

The Christian boy then urinated on the book””and set off a chain of events that would turn the area into a battleground for what the Muslims described as a defence of their faith.

The protesting group initially arrested the boy at around 9am on Monday and took him to a police station. The incident turned deadly after the angry Muslims mobilised more support during Friday prayers, reportedly in an attempt to grab the boy from the police station and behead him.

Temeke Regional Police Commander David Misime described the situation on the ground as “not well” as the police were still engaging with protestors as at 7pm. “There was relative calm in the evening,” our reporter on the scene said late yesterday. “But I have just started hearing explosions on the Zakhem side now.”

Protesters attacked the Catholic Church at Mbagala Zakhem and broke down the door and an Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania was torched in the same area.

At Mbagala Kizuiani, reports which were later confirmed by ACP Misime further say, the Seventh Day Adventist, Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG), Moravian and Anglican Church and two other catholic churches were attacked and properties destroyed. During the fracas, which was made worse by vandalism, the windows of a vehicle belonging to Clouds Media Group were smashed.

Commuters had problems making their way into and out of Mbagala after the road was closed for several hours.

Mr Misime told The Citizen on Saturday that more churches would have been attacked had the police not taken action. He said 11 cars, including two belonging to police, were destroyed by the protesters.

According to some reports, the 14-year-old boy got into an argument with his Muslim friend when he told him that he would turn into a snake if he urinated on the holy book. The Christian boy apparently asked his friend to give him a Quran so he could test the claim.

As he started urinating on the holy book, a Muslim man arrived and asked the boys why they were doing so. The old man and other people took the Christian boy to his home, handed him to his mother and told her what he had done. “The mother responded that if that was the case, she would give them money to buy another Quran,” said our source. “That statement angered the group, which vowed to deal with the child.”

The group then took the boy to the chairman of Chamazi local government, where they secured a letter to take the boy to the police post for further questioning.

On Wednesday, the group arrived at the police station demanding that the boy be handed over to them but they were told he had been sent to another police station. “They continued to mobilise and agreed to storm the police station after Friday prayers, with the intention of finding the boy and beheading him.

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  1. says

    Peace is breaking out all over the Islamic world…Orwell…1984…The ‘Ministry of Peace’ waged war…
    Islam beat Orwell to that one by 1300 years or so…Now it’s the ‘Religion of Peace’ waging wars…large and small, here and there…They call it jihad…Others call it savagery…
    They are both right…

  2. says

    It might be termed the religion of piss, in truth. Muhammad told his followers to drink camel urine as a cure-all and in fact some drank HIS urine in order to acquire some of his holiness. There is supposedly a clinic in Egypt promoting the camel piss treatment today.

    Islam- a whole bunch of fun

  3. says

    So … It begs the question

    Was the demonstration of urinating on Quran, a ” success” or a ” failure” ? …

    The answer depends on who, you are talking about …

    If you are talking about the Christian boy …IT WAS success … ” The boy did NOT turn to a SNACK ” ..

    And …

    If you are talking about the Muslim boy , IT WAS A FAILURE ….” the boy did NOT turn to a SNACK ”

    Muslims!? …. [ head shaking ] …

    I can not believe I was one of them … but I have to say I rejected superstition from the get go …

    I was too logical for my own religion I was born to …

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    The problem with the Qur’an is that the contents is not much use for sane civilised living and the material is not sufficiently absorbent to offer much utility.

    This was not much of a problem for the Plunderer for Profit PBUH (Piece be upon him), as he considered the contents only binding on everyone else.

    He was particularly kind to little girls and married one when she was six. When she reached the ripe and mature age of nine, after much grooming, he attended to widening both her horizons and her plumbing.

    She was probably somewhat torn up inside after his kind attentions, as she did stay with him for nine years until he stopped desecrating the desert with his presence, and, allegedly, she bore him no children.

    As far as personal hygiene was concerned, he had no need fro more absorbent Qur’ans, as three pebbles sufficed to take care of immediate post action needs.

  5. says

    “defiled” text, books = Haram / Homicide, assassination, murder, decapitation… etc. = Halal.

    Islam, what a beautiful, peaceful and lovely ideology.

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    It should be noted that Tanzania is not an *officially* Islamic nor even a majority-Muslim entity.

    From this source:


    There is a map, showing that ‘Dar es Salaam’ is the de facto capital city (though Dodoma is the ‘official’ capital) located on the coast, with the majority-Muslim island of Zanzibar (a historic focus of the slave trade, notably the Arab-Muslim-run slave trade that went on for centuries before Europeans ever got involved) just offshore to the north-east.

    Ethnic groups:

    mainland – African 99% (of which 95% are Bantu consisting of more than 130 tribes), other 1% (consisting of Asian, European, and Arab); Zanzibar – Arab, African, mixed Arab and African

    Languages: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages

    note: Kiswahili (Swahili) is the mother tongue of the Bantu people living in Zanzibar and nearby coastal Tanzania; although Kiswahili is Bantu in structure and origin, its vocabulary draws on a variety of sources including Arabic and English; it has become the lingua franca of central and eastern Africa; the first language of most people is one of the local languages. Note the influence of Arabic – which came in with the Arab Muslim slave raiders and slave traders. Note also that Arabic is – surprise surprise – spoken on heavily-Islamised Zanzibar.

    Religions: mainland – Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar – more than 99% Muslim

    So on the mainland, non-Muslims – Christians and African animists together – outnumber the Muslims. [Note: I have a Christian source, ‘Operation World’, compiled by a group of Christians who are very well informed about things African in particular, who place the nominally Christian percentage somewhat higher, approaching 50 %, and the ‘indigenous beliefs’ somewhat lower); but in any case, the stat that matters is that the Muslims do not comprise an absolute majority in the country as a whole.)

    The Christians, last I heard, were busily evangelising and growing quite fast (their growth rate back in 2000 was a whole percentage point ahead of that of the Muslims)…and making inroads among Islamised people-groups. The ‘mainline’ churches – Lutheran and Anglican – have a strongly evangelical flavour (African Lutherans and African Anglicans are often more focused, informed, Bible-literate and fired-up than the Christianity-and-water adherents one generally finds in the pews of those churches in the West; so much so that sometimes *they* are the ones trying to ginger up and generally encourage and enthuse or even, so to speak, re-convert! their western co-religionists).

    In other words, Tanzania – like Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana – is a place where Islam grinding its way down from the north is running up against a fairly determined and courageous spiritual resistance – even pushback – from newly-or-recently Christianised Africans.

    This episode – and it is quite possible that the whole thing is a setup, certainly the Muslim rioters seem to have had a ‘hit list’ of churches and church institutions in mind already, and a ‘battle plan’ worked out – is just one more skirmish in the Muslim Jihad against nonMuslims in general – and Christians in particular – in Africa.

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    What are the Muslims mad about? That the boy pissed on the Quran? or that he didn’t turn into a snake?

    What the Christian boy did was perfectly reasonable. He tested the hypothesis, put forward by the Muslim boy, namely: “Pissing on the Quran turns you into a snake” and found it to be false.

    If the Muslims dont believe that they should all piss on their Qurans and test this out for themselves.

    Piss be unto them.

  8. says

    What are the Muslims mad about? That the boy pissed on the Quran? or that he didn’t turn into a snake?

    What the Christian boy did was perfectly reasonable. He tested the hypothesis, put forward by the Muslim boy, namely: “Pissing on the Quran turns you into a snake” and found it to be false.

    If the Muslims dont believe that they should all piss on their Qurans and test this out for themselves.

    Piss be unto them.

  9. says

    Muslim boys urinated on a Bible, in **Australia**.

    See here, from ‘The Australian’, 2006.


    Muslim boys urinated on Bible

    CAMERON STEWART From: The Australian December 06, 2006 12:00AM

    TWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire.

    The explosive incident has forced the East Preston Islamic College to call in a senior imam to tell its 650 Muslim students that the Bible and Christianity must be respected.

    Anxious teachers at the school have also petitioned principal Shaheem Doutie, expressing “grave concern” about an “inculcation of hatred and radical attitudes towards non-Muslims” at the school, including towards non-Muslim teachers.

    The Bible desecration took place last week at a school camp held near Bacchus Marsh, about 50km west of Melbourne, attended by 33 teenage Muslim boys ranging in age from Year7 to Year 10.

    A school report of the incident, obtained by The Australian, says it happened late at night and involved three students and another two watching.

    The main perpetrator (a Year 7 student) urinated on the Holy Bible, tore some pages from the Holy Book and burnt them then finally spat on the Holy Book,” the report says.

    The second boy, from Year 9, “tore pages from the Holy Book and burnt them”, while a third student, from Year 7, “tore pages from the Holy Bible and then he rolled it up like a cigarette and pretended to smoke it”.

    The boys come from a variety of ethnic Muslim backgrounds — one is believed to be an Albanian/Malaysian, another Lebanese and another Indonesia…”.

    The Muslims had to go into full-on ‘damage control’ mode, because some of the non-Muslim teachers employed at the school, blew the whistle not so much about the Bible vandalism, as about a general attitude of contempt toward non-Muslims.

    But worth noting that no Christian mobs went looking for mosques to burn.