Tunisian president says there are 3,000 active jihadists in his country

More glorious flowering of democracy and pluralism in “Arab Spring” Tunisia: “Maghreb becoming a ‘terrorist’ hub: Tunisia president,” from AFP, October 3 (thanks to Lachlan):

TUNIS “” Jihadists pose a “great danger” to the Maghreb region, which is turning into a “terrorist” hub, Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki warned in an interview with Arabic daily Al-Hayat published Tuesday.

“We can say that the centre for a group of jihadists — the so-called terrorist movement — is moving right now from Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arab Maghreb region and there is great danger on our doorstep,” Marzouki said.

“There is a security problem that threatens the whole Maghreb region,” he told the paper in New York, during a visit to the United Nations.

He estimated that there were around 3,000 Islamist militants in his country.

In Tunisia, “the number of active (jihadists) who pose a danger is estimated by the police at around three thousand. They are all known and identified,” Marzouki said….

Hey, kids! Now you can terrorize the Infidels, too, with your very own molotov cocktail!
Sharia in action in Tunisia: Woman raped by police accused of "indecency"
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  1. says

    “3000. All known and identified”.


    10 years ago I had an off the cuff discussion with the police president in Berlin after it was reported that there were some 70.000 ‘militant Islamists’ in Germany.

    He laughed and said there are that many in Berlin alone.

    Years later the media reported that there are about 3000 ‘militant Islamists’ in Germany, but nobody is laughing anymore.

    I guess they all know that 3000 ‘militant Islamists’ can appear out of nowhere, anytime, anyplace.

    And those jihadists in Bosnia never went home either. They just moved to other theatres of war.

  2. says

    I would like to remind Amercians that it was Maher Arar who fled Tunisia from his Muslim Brotherhood ties and tried to sneak into the USA at JFK Airport by himself on a canadian passport as a young Sunni Syrian male.
    It was CAIR that blamed 9/11 on poor Immigration and security checks at the Airports, so when Arar was caught and Tunis didn’t want him back he was sent to JORDAN to meet his family to return to canada .
    Arar’s wife is a pro-Hamas palestinian that fooled the MSM as a victim of anti-muslim bigotry to bail-out her jihadist husband that was returned to Syria as a Draft-Dodger to face a Military trial.
    Arar was NEVER jailed for Terrorism, but the useful idiots in the enemedia ate-up the al-qaeda lies to allege Torture and then petition canada to release Arar as a victim of racial-profiling when the issue was a Military Trial because Arar fled Syria for canada prior to 19 years old to avoid Service.

    Currently, the Arar’s want canada to help them get a Visa to travel to Saudi Arabia to educate their children in Whahhabi islam to be good little jihadist that hate the jews and homosexuals.

    Nihad Awad at CAIR is on record defending Maher Arar going back to when Arar had a second home near the 9/11 Boston Airport pre-2001 attack in New York.