Arizona: Muslim family that beat teenage girl and padlocked her to a bed for talking to a boy spared jail time

Altameemis.JPGMa, pa and sis: Unlawful imprisonment, disorderly conduct and assault

Of course. To have put them in jail would have been “Islamophobic.”

“Iraqis spared jail time in Arizona for abusing female relative,” by David Schwartz for Reuters, November 7 (thanks to Pedro):

Members of an Iraqi family in Arizona who beat a teenage relative and padlocked her to a bed after she violated their traditional values by chatting to a male friend were spared jail time in a plea deal approved by a county judge on Tuesday.

In exchange for a guilty plea, Yusra Farhan, 51, was sentenced to two years probation on a charge of unlawful imprisonment of her daughter, 19-year-old Aiya Altameemi, at the family”s Phoenix home in February, court officials said.

The young woman’s father, Mohammed Altameemi, also received two years probation for disorderly conduct, and her 18-year-old sister, Tabarak Altameemi, received an identical sentence for assault, officials said.

Prosecutors said the incident started when Aiya was spotted leaving her high school with a young man. The father and younger daughter Tabarak confronted the young woman.

Police said Mohammed Altameemi became angry and took her home, striking her several times. Mother Farhan and daughter Tabarak also admitted to tying her to a bed with a rope around her waist that was secured with a padlock and beat her, according to court records.

Farhan told police she hit her daughter because she “was speaking to a male subject and her Iraq culture states a female is not allowed to be having contact with males because females are not allowed to have boyfriends,” court records said.

Aiya told school officials about the incident two days later and explained that “her family is trying to protect her and they want her to be a virgin for an arranged marriage,” according to court documents.

A county attorney spokesman declined comment on the sentence. Attorneys for the young woman’s family members could not be reached for comment.

This is the latest high-profile violence case in Arizona involving an Iraqi immigrant. In April 2011, Faleh Hassan Almaleki received 34 1/2 years in prison for running down his 20-year-old daughter in a Phoenix parking lot in what was described as an “honor killing.”

The [Hamas-linked] Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., has said such cases are isolated instances that occur sporadically and are widely chastised by the American Muslim community.

Of course! But they have done nothing to try to keep these “isolated instances” from happening again.

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  1. says

    Talking to “male subject”: Haram
    Beating and tying up offending daughter: Halal
    Criticizing Islam: Haram
    Killing Islam-critics: Halal
    Leaving Islam: Haram
    Killing apostates: Halal
    Heresy: Haram
    Killing heretics: Halal
    Homosexuality: Haram
    Killing homosexuals: Halal
    Israel: Haram
    Killing Israelis: Halal
    Freedom: Haram
    Killing freedom: Islam

  2. says

    The judge hasn’t solved anything. Circumstances are the same for young lady. This evil family can kill for their honor and to please their allah. Only solution is for Aiya Altameemi to be placed somewhere else with a different name and identity. Under no circumstances should she be allowed contact with her family.

  3. says

    how can a 19 year old young woman make a dollar on a job if she can’t talk to a male?
    so is her only career choice to go to the nunnery?

    if the girls can’t work, does the father make enough to support them? is this the girl in the clip who said she really missed her mom, so she didn’t want to do the court thing?

  4. says

    Court’s response: “Jail time spared in this case because no probation conditions were violated…”

    Otherwise, no telling what could happen to them…

  5. says

    Aiya Altameemi.

    Did she testify against them, or for them ? Or did she just not testify at all ?

    I seem to remember an article here at JW saying she refused to testify ? Stockholm syndrome yet again. I’m beginning to find it very hard to be sympathetic towards these foolish girls.

  6. says

    Come come ladies and gentlemen, be reasonable. This brazen young hussey was seen walking with and orally communicating with an unrelated male. DOUBLE DISGRACEFUL. Please remember the Almighty and most Merciful Allah will be very upset. These wonderful loving and concerned parents were only trying to ensure their daughter would be well received by Munkar and Naker and be sure of a pleasant rest in her grave while awaiting the most Benificent Allah’s Day of Judgement.

  7. says

    Believe me, she has no other choices than to testify for them. Because sooner or later she would be sent back to her parents, back to face their wrath if she said even one word against them. Muslims have been known to make their apostate offspring disappear. This is not Stockholm syndrome this is simply survival for the daughter.