Canada: Muslim denies murdering his wife for honor

Of course. Who ever heard of such a thing? He admits he killed her, but only, he says, after she “insulted him beyond endurance.” That explains it!

In any case, his story has changed significantly.

“Afghan immigrant denies killing wife over honour,” by Peter Small in the Toronto Star, November 1 (thanks to Kenneth):

An Afghan immigrant who stabbed and nearly decapitated his wife denies she enraged him by asserting her rights and tarnishing his honour.

Peer Khairi rejected repeated suggestions Thursday he killed his wife Randjida, 53, in a murderous fury over her increasing independence and support for their children’s Western ways.

“You said that Randjida was informed that women in Canada have a lot of rights and that’s when she started acting out and insulting you,” prosecutor Amanda Camara suggested in her cross-examination.

Khairi replied he had no idea about his wife’s views on women’s rights, and anyway it was no problem. “Whatever she was doing was her own choice,” he said through a Dari interpreter.

This contradicts notes by Dr. Sanjiv Gulati, a psychiatrist who examined him for this trial last April, reporting he complained about changes in his wife since the Afghan couple emigrated from India, where they were refugees.

Khairi, who claims to be 75, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. He admits he stabbed his wife and slit her throat, but only after she approached him with a knife and insulted him beyond endurance in their West Mall highrise apartment in March 2008.

Camara suggested Khairi felt dishonoured by his six adult and teenaged children’s Western dress and social lives. “Your wife and daughters did not even wear head scarves,” she said.

“No, that’s not right, it was a proper hijab,” he said, adding he didn’t care if they wore head coverings.

He also denied disapproving of his four daughters wearing makeup, nail polish and clothes that exposed their arms and legs. Yet police reported him complaining they dressed inappropriately.

Camara pointed out he told police and the psychiatrist he disapproved of his eldest daughter, Giti, sleeping over at her fiancé”s house.

“I don’t even think I said such a thing,” he replied. He admitted he lectured Giti about the risks of being taken advantage of by her fiancé, but only out of concern for her reputation.

“You do not want your daughter to have sex before marriage because it would ruin your name,” Camara said.

“Why would it bring shame to me?” Khairi replied. “This is a free country.”…

At least for now.

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  1. says

    This is a free country.”…

    Well not exactly, it’s still not ok to murder your wife…
    What is, beyond endurance? And why does that require murder? I don’t believe him that she came after him with a knife, it’s more likely he went after her, it was he after all who was beyond endurance, not her… and she may or may not have grabbed a knife to defend herself…
    If this was not an honor killing, it was a good imitation…it also means he is not a pious Mahoundian and does not follow sharia…Allah is going to have a lot to talk to him about when they meet…He better hope Allah is in a good mood…which according to reports, is very infrequent…

  2. says

    Dear Jihad Watch readers:

    Canada… STOP all Islamic immigration to Canada; deport the Jihadi sympathizers that are in Canada. Deport! Deport! Deport!

  3. says

    Dear Jihad Watch readers:

    So this Muslim man and his wife lived in that Taliban controlled Islamic paradise where strict sharia law was a horror that people lived with on a daily basis.

    However, this article says they were “refugees” apparently; the sharia utopia must have not lived up to their expectations because to leave Afghan-a-wonderful to go live in GASP!!! India of all places! India- the land of Hindus… India where Buddhism originated… India that was allied with the west… GEE WHIZ!

    These poor Islamadoodles then leave India to go to progressive, modern and civilized Canada (gasp! where people eat ham on a regular basis and Armenian-Canadians and Jewish-Canadians criticize Jihadists for past genocide… and people have dogs as pets… and women dress in bikinis when they are at poolside on a summer day! OOOHHH THE HUMANITY!

    This couple flees Sharia Paradise to first India then Canada. Then in Canada… the Islamadoodle man obviously misses Sharia Utopia and wants to go back to the “old ways” and honor kills his wife.

    This is the problem of Islamic immigration. Even taking in individuals who are “moderate” or “secular” and who flee strict Sharia… then want to go back to the ways of Sharia once they are in a safe haven. Yikes!