Denmark: Criminal Muslim gang members travel to Muslim countries to learn terror against Denmark

When I published my book in 2009, I was criticised for claiming that Muslim criminals are not just “criminals”, but religious and flirting with Islamic extremism. It was about time that our intelligence services realize the problem…

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Berlingske 18 November 2012 “Criminals fight in conflict zones“:

A fresh report from the Danish Police Intelligence Service (PET) warns that members of criminal gangs travel abroad to fight in the world’s conflict zones. And that they return as radicalised warriors that constitute a terror threat back in Denmark.

Not only do people from Denmark and other western countries travel to Syria, Somalia and other of the world’s conflict zones to join rebel and terror groups. There is also an “increasing tendency for overlapping between criminal gangs and militant Islamic environments”.

This is the conclusion in a new report from the Danish Police Intelligence Service (PET). The report describes how the Center for Terror Analyzis (CTA) discovered how foreign fighters acquire militant skills, including dangerous connections, and return as terror threats. …

Recruitment is done via the Internet, the PET report concludes. And the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab produces propaganda videos where foreign fighters from the West encourage other Westerners to sign up.

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    Check out:

    “An Utter Contradiction by Muhammad/Allah in the Koran:Telling Us to Act with Justice to those we Hate(chapter 5:8) and then Cursing Jews and Christians “Till the Day of Resurrection””


    “The Golden Age of the Jews in Poland,from 1334-1795,about 450 Years”

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    The Danes have at last found their cherished multi-kulturalism! Sure, I don’t blow up folks because they look different than me but who’s to say I’m right?

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    This ought not to be a problem, if our authorities had their heads screwed on tight (as my mother used to say).

    Let them deport themselves to dar al Islam at their own expense.

    And then, without making a big song and dance about it, forbid their re-entry to any part of the lands of the non-Muslims.