Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood slams “Zionist occupier” for defending itself in Gaza

Camp David Accords on the ropes.

By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Egypt was never called an “occupier” when it ruled Gaza from 1948 to 1967?

“Egypt’s Brotherhood slams Israel over Gaza strikes,” by Aya Batrawy for the Associated Press, November 13 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood sharply criticized Israeli leaders on Tuesday over airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, accusing them of heating up the conflict to score political points ahead of elections.

The latest round of violence began Saturday, with rocket attacks from Gaza militants and Israeli airstrikes that killed seven Palestinians. More than 100 rockets have exploded in Israel since the weekend. The exchanges appeared to die down on Tuesday.

Also, Israeli tanks struck a Syrian artillery launcher Monday after a mortar shell flew into Israel-held territory, fueling concerns that Israel could be dragged into the Syrian civil war.

In its statement, the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party referred to Israel as a “Zionist occupier” and a “racist state,” placing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on the “fringes” of the “far right.”

“In the framework of elections that Israel is witnessing is a recent military escalation against occupied Gaza and the occupied Golan Heights,” the statement said. Israel has set parliamentary elections for Jan. 22.

The Brotherhood’s party called on Arab and Muslim governments “to stop the Zionist war that is operating under electoral calculations for personal gain far from humanitarian calculations for peace, security and stability.”

The Muslim Brotherhood itself released a separate statement shortly after its party’s, sharpening the criticism and accusing Israel of following a policy that tries to appear opposite itself “and God knows they are liars.”

“The killing of tens of our innocent Palestinian brothers is part of a link in a chain of oppression and Judaization that seeks to impose itself on the ground, and that will never materialize with God’s will,” it said….

After launching over 100 rockets into Israel from Gaza, jihadis say "Israel has declared war"
"Arab Spring" democracy on the march: Women's equality article removed from Egypt draft constitution
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    Dear Jihad Watch:

    Thank you Mr. Spencer! I learn a great deal from this blog! You pointed out a fact that I had never “picked up on” and that was how Egypt was never slandered as an “occupier” of Gaza from 1948-67.

    After all if Gaza was the homeland to “native Palestinians” (which it never was either)… then Egyptians weren’t Palestinians and should have been a “colonizer” of Gaza.

    I will definitely add that fact to my list of triple/quadruple standards in which people slam Israel for. Whenever, I speak to people, write letters, send emails or set up exhibits and displays; I always am looking for new info.

    You sir are number one when it come to facts, figures and obvious truths!

    As for the rest of the story, it was a very grim situation and once again the Israeli people and IDF personnel are dealing with the effects of totally homicidal nations surrounding them. Hopefully, the Israeilis will show the strength, resolve and determination they always do in such situations.

    Though peace with Eygpt is disolving quickly and the USA is getting colder and colder towards Israel… I have heard other Western nations, like Canada are stepping up their pro Israeli stance and other nations like India are strengthening their Israeli ties. A nation of 1 billion hindus and sihks who have had their fill of the Islamic menace; is a good ally to have.

    I hope these international relationships will help Israel.

    Once again, thank you so much for all the information and facts you provide on this site. I find them very useful. Great!

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    Hi! JW posters and assorted trolls.

    Mossad has turned Ahmed al-Jaabari into a DNA sample! Missile! He’s the most senior member of Hamas killed since Israel’s defensive incursion into Gaza four years ago.

    Hand out the candies!

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    The “Zionist occupier” is defending itself well today.
    BBC News Nov 14, 2012
    The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas says the head of its military wing, Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, has been killed in an Israeli air strike.
    Witnesses said he was travelling in a car in Gaza City when it exploded.
    Israel’s Shin Bet security service said Jabari was responsible for “all terrorist activities against Israel from Gaza” in the last decade.

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    Now now Buraq. How do you know it was Mossad when there is no proof. Could have been those Fatah guys again. Or gremlins. Or just inshallah maintainance.

    nabi ZK (pbum)

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    Israel defends itself in Gaza today.

    Opening section of report from ‘The Independent’-

    “After days of blood-curdling threats that seemed to have ended a massive Palestinian rocket barrage that confined over a million Israelis to their homes for more than three days, Israel has struck at the very heart of the shadowy Hamas armed wing with the pinpoint assassination of the group’s supreme military commander, Ahmed Al-Jabari, in a targeted air strike in the middle of Gaza City.”


    “Senior Hamas military commander Ahmed Al-Jabari killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza City marking start of ‘broader’ campaign”

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    As a Roman Catholic of German descent, as is my current Pope, Benedict XVI, I always had a problem with Pope John Paul, the prior pope, for giving Yasser Arafat an audience, like he was some sort of a foreign dignitary, instead of the murderous little bastard that he was.

    February 15, 2000

    John Paul II received in audience the president of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat and a Palestinian delegation, for the occasion of the signing of a Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

    … There were rumors that, John Paul, being Polish, needed 3 priests to assist him when screwing in a lightbulb … but I tend to dismiss those rumors. A German pope would never be so naive as to believe any Palestinian. Palestinians are a figment of satan’s imagination. The only reason a German pope, like Benedict, would receive somebody like Arafat, would be to beat the living crap out of him …

    To this day, I refuse to eat at Dominos Pizza, because, clearly, Arafat always wore that stupid Dominos tablecloth headgear.

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    Jihad Watch

    Fitzgerald: Occupation? What occupation?

    Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the tendentious claims that Israel is maintaining an illegal “occupation” of Palestinian land — claims evidently believed by the President of the United States:

    A poster at Jihad Watch recently recommended that readers here acquire “knowledge of the day to day lives of the Palestinians and their experience under occupation.”
    “Occupation”? What “occupation”? All the territories the Israelis now possess are theirs by legal right — the right conferred by the League of Nations Mandates Commission, when it carefully defined the territory which would be set aside, from the vast territories in the Middle East that had formerly been in the control of the Ottoman Turks as part of their empire, and which had been won by the Allies. An Arab State, a Kurdish State, and a Jewish state were all promised. The Arabs got their state — no, in the end, they got far more than their state but rather, in 2005, 22 members of the Arab League, the most richly endowed with natural resources of any states on earth, enjoying the fruits of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history The Kurds did not get their state, because by the time things had settled, Kemal Ataturk was driving a hard bargain and would not permit it. The Jews got the Mandate for Palestine set up for the express purpose of establishing the Jewish National Home, which would inexorably become, all parties realized, in time a Jewish state. It did not seem wrong then, and does not seem wrong now, that the Jews should have a state of their own. They asked only for the right to have no barriers put up to their immigration, and no barriers put in the way of their buying land. That was it. That was the sum total of what they demanded. Until the 1948 war, when five Arab armies attacked, not a single dunam of Arab-owned land (and remember that nearly 90% of the land, in any case, remained the possession of the state or the ruling authority, as in the Mandatory period) was appropriated. No one should dare to write about this subject without having done the research on demography, land ownership, and law.

    The Israeli claim to the West Bank (as Judea and Samaria were carefully renamed by Jordan after 1948, in precisely the same way, and for the same reason, that the Romans, nearly two thousand years before, had renamed Judea as “Palestine” and Jerusalem as Aelia Capitolina) is not that of a military occupier, though it is also that. The main legal and historic claim is that based on the League of Nations Mandate, which in turn, was based on a considerable historic and moral claim recognized by the educated leaders of the then-civilized world, who actually knew something of the history of the area, and were not nearly as misinformed as so many have been by the mass media, and the laziness and prejudice of journalists today.
    The notion of “occupation” of course evokes imagines of Occupied Paris, or Occupied Berlin, after the war. It implies no justification for the claims of the power with the military presence. But the claim of Israel to the lands it took in 1967 are based, for the Sinai, on the standard rules of post-war settlement, the rules which have obtained for centuries, whereby a victor in a war of defense keeps what he has won. If the Israelis chose not to, or were forced not to exercise that right, it does not mean that the right did not exist. It did, and it applies even more forcefully to Gaza and the West Bank. But the claim there is not based merely on the successful conquest of territory to which otherwise Israel had no claim. It did have a claim, a claim based clearly on the Mandate for Palestine — and like all the other League of Nations Mandates, was formally accepted, taken over as it were, by the United Nations when it came into being. This is a matter of record. It cannot be undone.

    Whatever else one wishes to say about the West Bank or Gaza, the word “occupation” is a tendentious, and cruel, misnomer. What it seeks to imply, what it seeks to implant in the minds of men, is clear: Israel has no rights here. This is nonsense. This is the very reverse of the truth. Read the Mandate, and the Preamble to the Mandate, for Palestine. Then read the records of the Mandates Commission — and especially how they reacted when the British unilaterally announced that the terms of the mandate would not be applied to Eastern Palestine — that is, the consolation prize given to Abdullah of the Emirate of Transjordan.

    Read it, and understand it.

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    I suppose, when it comes down to it, it was the will of God. Even Hamas jihadists would agree that nothing happens without God’s will.

    But that raises a thorny question.

    Why would God allow the top dog in Hamas to be melted in an expensive car? Maybe God is totally against Hamas firing rockets at His chosen people.

    But, point taken, the event could have many authors! :))

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    “John Paul, being Polish, needed 3 priests to assist him when screwing in a lightbulb..”
    Cheap shot against the Slav untermenschen? Why not throw in a few anti-semitic jibes while you’re at it?

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    Sorry Tom, but there’s nothing anti-semitic in his remarks. John Paul, as the head of the Church, is infallible, but only in matters concerning dogma and faith. On the other hand, as a human being, he can make mistakes. And I think meeting with filthy Arafat was one of them. Kissing the dirty book of Islam, was another one.

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    Oh, name a street after the rocket that turned him to dust and teach children in schools about his demise too. Sorry, forgot, only savages indocrinate their children.