Ethiopia: 29 Muslims charged with terrorism, working to establish Islamic republic

“Tensions” are increasing solely because of the actions of one side, of course. “Muslims in Christian-dominated Ethiopia rally on Fridays as tensions rise and arrests increase,” from the Associated Press, November 2:

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — As midday prayers came to an end at the Grand Anwar mosque in Ethiopia’s capital, worshippers continued on to what has become a regular second act on Fridays “” shouting anti-government slogans.

The demonstrations this Friday did not turn violent. But tensions are rising between the government in this mostly Christian country and Muslim worshippers. On Monday, federal prosecutors charged a group of 29 Muslims with terrorism and working to establish an Islamic republic.

Not all encounters between police and the protesters have been peaceful. In July, hundreds were arrested after a scuffle in the mosque that injured many and damaged property, including city buses.

Religious violence outside the capital has killed eight and wounded about a dozen this year in two incidents, including one last month when protesters tried to free jailed Muslim leaders in the Amhara region. Protests first erupted in December after the state, wary of Islamist extremists, wanted to change the leadership of a religious school in the capital.

The government also expelled two Arabs in May after the pair flew in from Middle East and disseminated pamphlets at the Anwar mosque. Two-thirds of Ethiopians are Christians; the rest are Muslims.

Ethiopia’s former leader, Meles Zenawi, before he died in August expressed concern over rising fundamentalism he said was evident by the first discovery of an al-Qaida cell in the country. A federal court is scheduled to rule Monday in the case of 11 people charged with being members of al-Qaida. One Kenyan national has already pleaded guilty….

Ethiopia: Two Christians arrested for "crimes against Islam"
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  1. says

    Me, I like the part where we hear about Ethiopian authorities expelling the two sharia-pushing jihad-fomenting Arab Muslims.

    We would all be a lot better off if western majority-non-Muslim countries took a cue from *that*.

    All sorts of rabble-rousing sharia-pushing jihad-fomenting Muslim sh*t-stirrers would be getting the boot from all over the Western world.

  2. says

    Pursuant to my remarks, above, about the Ethiopian government’s booting Arab Muslim rabble-rousers out of the country.

    What do you think, fellow jihadwatchers?

    Anyone up for writing a short, polite, friendly note to the Ethiopian ambassadors in our various countries, *commending* Ethiopia for having so promptly shown the door to a pair of foreign Arab Muslim troublemakers?

    *Whenever* and *wherever* in the world a non-Muslim government does something sensible, in however small a way, to say NO to Islam and to impede the march of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, that government should receive messages of commendation not only from its own citizens but from the Islamosavvy all over the world.

    That means that, for example, even while one may rebuke the government of Myanmar for its persecution of non-Bama ethnic minority *Christians*, one may at the same time loudly express *approval* of Myanmar’s decision to *refuse* to allow the sinister OIC to open up a shopfront in their country. Excluding the OIC is an *excellent* idea.