France: Muslim student assaults professor for insulting Islam

Within a few years this kind of attack will no longer be necessary in Europe, because the professor himself will have been fired and/or imprisoned for his “insults” to Islam. And we will all march together into a glorious multicultural future, as long as we keep our mouths shut.

“France: Muslim Student Attacks Professor Who Didn’t Respect Islam,” by Cheradenine Zakalwe for Islam Versus Europe, November 18 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Muslim, studying for the curiously-named “master monde musulman”
[Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one
of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.

Ali, who lives in Aix, apparently launched himself into an
intellectual war against any person who – as he perceived it, which
raises questions in the eyes of the psychiatrists who examined him and
who speak of a “psychologically rigid” young man – would abuse his
Muslim brothers or his religion with words.

This was the case, in his view, with his teacher of Arabic grammar, “and
this for a long time” he claims, in the dock. “During his lessons
Monsieur Imbert allowed himself to insult Muslims,” declares the
defendant, “he engages in anti-Islam propaganda. It’s unacceptable and
besides I already made a report about it in September 2011”.

Ali, after having remonstrated with his teacher several times, “avenged”
himself physically on 14 March this year, kicking him on the chin, even
though Frédéric Imbert was seated in the staff room….

Read it all.

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  1. says

    Pay attention. This is where academic discourse is headed if we do not pay close attention.

    Before long I would not be surprised to see Muslim Student Associations threatening professors with violence with their “controversial” views of history. I wonder if the academic crowd will take an interest in the right to bear arms once a few of their number are threatened?

  2. says

    One can’t help wondering how professors are even able to teach these archaic thinkers in a Western World?

    Threats,violence,and intimidation is what drives Islamic supremacy, and it grows ever so ominous in our foolishly perverted politically correct culture which is our Achilles heal when dealing with all things Islam.

  3. says

    reminds me of an attack on a christian professor in Kerala[India] for his ‘offensive’ question on koran/islam.his palm was chopped off by ‘believers’.

    was this posted here in JW?

    DDA or gravenimage may please clarify.[i am a nubie here]

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    Aw, this happened long ago on a university in Denmark to a leturer who had dared to read aloud from the Quran. He was shortly afterwards well and truly beaten up by persons unknown.
    A message sent to and probably received by the Middle Eastern Studies.

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    Here’s an interesting quote from Australian Topix.

    The actual Quran (in reality some scraps explaining Judaism to pagan Arabs / was written by the red sea Jews and originally Tub’a a Yemminite. Reference for example;
    Tub’a Abu Kariba As’ad (Abu Kariba) was the Himyarite king of Yemen. He ruled Yemen from 390–420 CE.[2] Abu Kariba is commonly cited as the first of several kings of Arabia to convert to
    Mecca was first established as a trading station by the Yemminites. The first Kaaba structure (a tent was erected around 450ad).
    Muhammad, later culitivated by the Medina Jews in the tradition of Tub’a was given the Arabic version of the Torah to spread and convert pagan Arabs. He failed after 14 years was kicked out of Mecca and sought refuge with the Jews and Arab converts there. Mohammad then demanded to be made a prophet and add all the Hubal and moon god nonsense to make it more appealing,
    the jews said no and Muhammad treacherously attacked them.
    At this point Allah was then promoted from being an included idol (Arab version) originally reporting to Yahweh to now being supreme god..
    Stone beats paper basically..
    The Quran … Well then it was just Tub’a’s book of translation with some rules on how Arabs could follow Jewish faith.
    Written 150 years BEFORE Muhammad.
    Muhammad took all that and added some pagan god stuff, elevated Allah as described in 624 ad after the fallout with the Jews and
    That’s all there was ! Miracle ! Miracle !
    Later – about 150 years later everyone said this Quran is a mess (this is all in the Quran) and so it was rewritten. And rewritten, and rewritten.
    Then the Turks rewrote it, then the Mongols rewrote it.

    So today it’s nothing like the Tuba’h scraps
    muhammad carried around – that were given to him by the Jews.
    The records exist.
    The scraps are real and in museums or photographed. They show the real story of how
    Islam is fake in almost every claim made.
    The archeological and historical evidence supports all this. Not muhammad.
    Why doesn’t Islam ever mention Tuba’h and his role in providing almost 100% of the actual
    basis, ideology and ‘intent’ of the original Quran (this being the one used until 624 ad pre Jewish fallout).
    Why ?
    Because that would expose the whole lie of Islam.
    As Tuba’h would say,(if he could speak Arabic)
    “Muhammad is a Fatah”(foreskin to be removed).
    “Airy fe dameerak” (my dick remains in his conscience)
    That’s what Tuba’h would say and so should all who understand what the original Quran shows.

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    Lookman wrote:

    reminds me of an attack on a christian professor in Kerala[India] for his ‘offensive’ question on koran/islam.his palm was chopped off by ‘believers’.

    was this posted here in JW?

    DDA or gravenimage may please clarify.[i am a nubie here]

    Lookman, I was just about to reply when I found Steffen Larsen had beat me to it. Thanks, Steffen.

    But you are right”and this madness is now finding its way into the West. Horribly, I imagine we will see *many* more stories like this.

    More of the Muslim attempt to shut down any honest discussion of Islam, and to impose Shari’ah norms wherever they go.