IDF eliminates another Hamas top dog

This one managed the rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. “IDF Eliminates Another Top Hamas Terrorist,” by David Lev for Israel National News, November 18:

In a precision strike Sunday afternoon, IDF aircraft eliminated another top Hamas terrorist — Yihya Abiya, responsible for managing and organizing Hamas’ rocket terror campaign against Israel.

Gaza Arab sources said that IDF warplanes targeted a building in an area of Gaza City, where Abiya was in hiding. Along with Abiya, three human shield civilians that the terror chief was in the building with were killed as well.

At a press conference, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said that the IDF was continuing its attacks against Hamas military targets in Gaza, and was increasing its attacks on top Hamas terrorists. IDF planes bombarded several key Hamas facilities in Gaza, including a large Hamas training based in the center of Gaza.

Earlier Sunday, the IDF, using Israeli technology, took over broadcasts of Hamas radio and used the frequency to broadcast its own message, warning Gaza Arabs to stay away from Hamas rocket launching sites. “The IDF is moving on to the next stage” of the fight against Hamas terrorists, the message said. “For your own safety you are asked to obey instructions and avoid the terror installations set up by Hamas,” the message by the IDF said.

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    I’ve seen Israeli observation footage of a munition that was dropped on the home of a Hamas politician. The building went up in the blast, and then, about two seconds later there were secondary blasts of significantly greater magnitude.

    Israel doesn’t have to do much to eliminate these cretins. They do it to themselves.

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    Here is the blurb for CNN’s top story at the moment:

    More civilian casualties are reported on both sides of a conflict that shows no signs of easing. Israel says it is pinpointing “terrorist” sites.

    Note the scare quotes around “terrorist.” Such is the sorry state of American journalism today.

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    Warms my heart. Go for them all, Israel. Eliminate the vermin who compose Hamas, basically a poor imitation of Nazi Germany’s far more competent, though equally heinous, SS.

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    why does minnesota allow hamas and fatah to demonstrate on the st. paul capitol steps along with congressman ellison?

    hamas and fatah got so rude with each other that ellison couldn’t speak. WHY is this allowed in MINNESOTA? there is video on line of them. is hamas in ALL USA states?

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    Here is the way I see things, with a little insider information I have about military capability, having worked my whole career for the U.S. Navy, and U.S. military in general

    1) Israel may as well have all out war with hamas right now. She can then respond to any other muslim turds that want to jump in. Military technology advances so fast,(AND CAN ALSO BE STOLEN: SEE WHAT RED CHINA HAS STOLEN FROM THE US) that Israel can protect herself only so long. The attack distances the enemy has to negotiate, to hit Israel, are so very short, there is absolutely no room or time for error. As hamas and friends keep firing, with better and better missiles, Israel’s fate will be sealed, if she doesn’t act immediately and forcibly.

    2) I believe obama is muslim, is illegal, by the natural born citizen requirement, (muslim born in Kenya Africa), and has been performing EXACTLY the way I would expect a muslim manchurian candidate to perform. Israel cannot wait until 2016 in the hopes that an Israel friendly POTUS will be elected. Iran will have a nuclear bomb by then, and the means to deliver same … not to mention the improved military capabilities of all the other muslim turds living in Israel’s backyard.

    3) Israel must deal harshly with hamas now, and deal with other enemies as they step up. First things first.

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    “..three human shield civilians that the terror chief was in the building with were killed as well.”

    Human shields? Only cowards use human shields. Was he a follower of the Coward in Chief Muhammad? of course he was!!!

    “Abu Dujana made his body a shield for the apostle. Arrows were falling on his back as he leaned over him, until there were many stuck in it.”

    Biography of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham p.303

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    Israel is on the zero-mistake plan.

    I am guessing that Israel’s vetting of government and military personnel is continuous and thorough.

    I am guessing that anyone who fails to publicly, unmistakably, continuously denounce Muhammad and his utterances plays no role in any part of the Israeli government or military.

    Israel is the benchmark for internal security, because it must be.

    My recommendation to the U.S. government and military is that they conduct a thorough investigation of the Israeli vetting system, and that the U.S. government take immediate steps to implement an equivalent system, within the limitations of the U.S. constitution.

    The U.S. should also be on the zero-mistake plan, although it is clearly not.

    Allegiance to Muhammad and his utterances cannot and must not be interstitial in the U.S. government or military.

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    launching sites. “The IDF is moving on to the next stage� of the fight against Hamas terrorists, the message said. “For your own safety you are asked to obey instructions and avoid the terror installations set up by Hamas,� the message by the IDF said.

    No offense but what is with you Robert? Truly you need to fix this site up. Get someone who knows what in the hell he’s doing. I keep thinking that with all your loyal fans there isn’t one f-ing person to come and do something with this crappy setup? I’d like to participate but you really need one of those functions that alerts you to replies to comments and all those other goodies. What a drag. And please think about the fact that I wouldn’t bitch if I didn’t care or give a shit. And to put something personal in here the reason for my complaining about the “printing” is I’ve got a bad back and I get real cranky sittin in this chair. That’s why I like to print them out and read them as I hike up Mt Rubidoux or walk around the living room. I’m sure you’ve explained things before but of course I’ve missed them so I guess I’m just venting. Fuck it. While I’m here I might as well submit something positive:

    At least it’s not like that crappy You Tube. You can submit a bunch of information.

    Read “The Haj” by Leon Uris. Copy this and “Slavery Terrorism and Islam” by Peter Hammond and “Muslim Mafia” by Gabautz and Sperry and spread them around like religious tracts.

    I recently sent these links to UNRWA’s Facebook page. The next day they were gone and my ability to post was removed. UNRWA and the UN are unapologetic mouthpieces for terrorists.

    History of Israel & “Palestine” in VERY easy to understand maps

    The “Mandate for Palestine” is the Best Reply to “Occupation”

    Palestinians “Peoplehood’ Based on a Big Lie Eli E. Hertz
    There is No Palestinian State by Efraim Karsh

    Why a Special Issue on UNRWA? By Steven J. Rosen

    UNRWA Resists Resettlement by Alex Joffe (Personally I like the pdf version.)

    Teaching “The Right of Return” in UNRWA Schools

    UNRWA’s Anti-Israel Bias

    (Nazi Propaganda by John Ging. Total F-ing Denial.) Statement by John Ging, UNRWA Director of Operations in Gaza7 January 2009

    Hamas from cradle to Grave by Matthew Levitt

    Arafat’s Swiss Bank Account by Issam Abu Issa make sure to check out foot notes.

    Investing in Yasser Arafat By Michael Kelly

    Palestinians enraged that Romney told truth about their lack of interest in peace, call him “ignorant” and “prejudiced”. Great examples of how “safe” Israel would be next to a Palestinian state.

    Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians by Raymond Ibrahim

    Muslims Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Israel and the Jews by Raymond Ibrahim

    David Horowitz Chilling Exchange With Muslim Student

    Israel Delilah missile-Missile specifically designed to avoid civilian casualties

    “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.”

    The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam (pdf)
    The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

    IslamWorld (Even though this is a Muslim website it’s a pretty great resource.)

    The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children

    Behind the Scenes: Palestinian Demonstrations

    SHORT LIST (See Full list Facebook page)
    The Haj by Leon Uris
    Muslim Mafia by Gaubatz and Sperry
    Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel
    “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam” and “Holocaust in Rwanda” by Peter Hammond
    The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
    The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism by Andrew G. Bostom
    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom MD
    A Concise History of the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden
    The Book of Jewish Knowledge by Nathan Ausubel
    The New Moody Atlas of the Bible by Barry J. Beitzel
    The Al Qaeda Reader by Raymond Ibrahim
    Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
    Sahih al-Bukhari
    The Koran: Pickthall
    The Quran: Yusuf Ali: Translated by Prof. Syed Vickar Ahmed
    Holy Qur’an with Commentary: Maulana Muhammad Ali
    The Second Message of Islam by Mahmoud Mohamed Taha
    Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry
    American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us by Steven Emerson
    Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores by Michelle (the hottest woman on the planet) Malkin
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.
    Taken Into Custody by Stephen Baskerville and The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers

    Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future David Horowitz & Robert Spencer
    “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.” Frank Gaffney

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    With respect to vetting military and government employees there is an inference fairly read into your remarks that in Israel “Allegiance to Muhammad and his utterances cannot and must not be interstitial in the… government or military.”

    Are you sure Israel prohibits allegiance to Muhammad, i.e, the worship of Islam religion by governmental employees? Despite giving priority to Jews who wish to immigrate to become citizens Israel has a pretty pluralistic society. Arabs/Palestinians may not serve in the IDF, but aside from that I believe Arab/Palestinian citizens of Israel (understood to comprise about 20% of the population), whether Muslims or not, enjoy all the rights and privileges of the Jewish citizens of Israel. There are Arabs in the Knesset and there is an Arab/Palestinian who sits on the Israeli Sup Ct. I have to believe there are other Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims who are employed in various governmental capacities. That’s one of the reasons why Israel is a great nation. It’s policy toward the “other” is reasonable and fair.

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    I thank you for presenting your balancing viewpoint and for providing the references, which I examined to see the facts about some people in Israel’s government.

    You have shown that Muslim people have been elected to Israel’s government, and “gravenimage” has indicated that this has sometimes been troublesome and continues to sometimes be troublesome.

    Election of government officials by the people of Israel or by the people of the U.S. will logically put some Muslim people into office. Using observable measurements, these people might be highly qualified to hold office. Observable qualifications are not the issue. Genetics is also not the issue. Allegiance is the issue.

    The highest allegiance of a Muslim person might be to the Islamic worldwide community and its objectives, some of which are known to be incompatible with Israel’s survival and with America’s survival.

    Islam’s pathological ideology — which is based upon Muhammad and his deeds and utterances — is the issue.

    If that pathological ideology of Islam were to disappear, a lot of the world’s misery would disappear.

    Many news articles, that are continually presented at this website, clearly indicate the pathology.

    Also, there are many fact-based articles at that clearly define the pathology, both current and historical.

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    The tactic is as a sniper uses.

    Precision strikes, in the case of Gaza, on unsuspecting targets whose personal safety depends on those they hope, but never fully believe, are loyal to them and the cause.

    In addition to taking specific targets out, the additional benefit is the pandemonium it creates; the finger pointing, the accusations, the suspicions, the fear.

    It causes “terrorist” leaders to wonder if he or she is next, who among their loyalists has switched sides, and how many IDF special operators now live amonst them–in plain sight.

    The possibilities must truly be terrifying.

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    If your assertions are true, then — given what we know about Islamic dual allegiance — how can Israel be confident about what is actually happening within its government and military?

    That thorny Islamic dual-allegiance issue has been continually addressed by people who understand the truth about Islam on this website and elsewhere.

    Until I hear from regular contributors, I will continue to stand behind my assertion that Israel’s vetting of its people in authority is the gold standard, because it must be if Israel is to survive.

    I welcome comments from regular contributors to clarify this issue. Further information is needed.

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    Accordding to this wikipedia blurb there are currently 17 Arabs who are members of the Knesset. Many of them are Muslims.
    Salim Joubran is the Arab on the Israel Sup Ct. He is not Muslim.

    If there are Arabs/Muslims in these high goverrnment positions, wouldn’t it be fair to assume they occupy other government jobs (w/o having to do a google search)?

    This is not to say that Israel internal security forces is other than the “gold standard.” It might lead to the conclusion that not all Arab or Muslims residents of Israel are a threat to Israel’s security. Is that really so difficult to accept?

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    darmanad wrote:

    Accordding (sic) to this wikipedia blurb there are currently 17 Arabs who are members of the Knesset. Many of them are Muslims…

    …It might lead to the conclusion that not all Arab or Muslims residents of Israel are a threat to Israel’s security. Is that really so difficult to accept?

    Of course there are some Arab Muslims who are not a direct threat to Israel.

    But then there are figures like former Arab Knesset Member Abbas Zakour, who justifies Jihad terror against Israel.

    After several rioting Muslims were killed by security forces, MK Taleb a-Sana of the Arab Ra’am-Ta’al party declared, “A country that murders its citizens and rewards their killers is a murderous, racist country. If the government does not act justly, we will make justice. If it does not punish the guilty, we will punish them.”

    In other words, he was calling for his fellow Muslims to murder Israeli security forces.

    Right now, Muslim members of the Knesset are slamming Israel for daring to defend herself against attacks from Hamas.

    Even worse, former Arab MK Azmi Bashara fled Israel in 2007 after being questioned by police on suspicion of aiding and passing information to Hizbullah in exchange for large sums of money n the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

    There are many more examples. So, your citing the presence of Muslims in Israel’s Knesset hardly goes to prove that Muslims in Israel present no threat to the country.

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    And @ Ralph,
    Graven, you mischaracterized my comments. You wrote:
    “So, your citing the presence of Muslims in Israel’s Knesset hardly goes to prove that Muslims in Israel present no threat to the country.”
    I didn’t say that the presence of Muslims in the Knesset proves Muslims in Israel present no threat to the country. At first, I simply pointed out to Ralph, that contrary to his inference, Muslims were in fact allowed to work in Israeli government jobs. When he seemed to question that I provided evidence and what I said was:
    “It might lead to the conclusion that not all Arab or Muslims residents of Israel are a threat to Israel’s security.”
    Be fair, guys. It’s one thing to say “not all Muslims are a threat” and a totally different thing than to say “none are a threat.”