Iran commander: Gaza “victory” second wave of Islamic awakening

Naqdi.jpgYou talkin’ to me?

The first was the glorious democratic “Arab Spring.” “Gaza victory second wave of Islamic awakening: Iran cmdr.,” from Press TV, November 25:

A senior Iranian commander says the victory of Palestinian resistance fighters in the eight-day war with Israel marks the second wave of Islamic awaking in the region.

Commander of Iran’s volunteer Basij forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi on Friday hailed the unity among Palestinian factions and the contribution of other Muslim nations to end the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

“Nations realized more than ever before that they need to come on to the stage and exhaust all their power and capacities,” Naqdi told a pro-Palestinian gathering in Tehran.

“The heroic nation of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip gallantly stood up and the people of Syria have well performed their obligation by their intelligence and maintaining the resistance front. Today it is the Egyptian people’s turn to complete the task, and they also have taken high steps,” he stated….

Islamic Jihad texted thousands of threats to Israeli civilians and military officials during Operation Pillar of Defense
"They don't care about the people there. They regard them as expendable in the cause of jihad."
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  1. says

    Iran’s volunteer Basij forces …

    It will be recalled that said forces were the skulking hoodlums who viciously put down the Iranian attempt at an “Arab spring”-style uprising in 2009.

    As that great liberator Barry Hussein sat with his thumb up his bunghole.

  2. says

    Leave it to Iran to try and co-opt the revolutions in the Muslim world for their own agenda of Iranian supremacy in the region. They themselves will be one of the dominoes that fall. One way or another this regime is approaching its final curtain. I’m ready to book a tour of Iran with an Israeli tour group soon after. Iranians and Israelis have much to gain as allies, as they once were.

  3. says

    My advice to all sensible Iranians out there: Give up Islam and go back to your roots and become Zoroastrians. Islam is ultimately “an Arab thing” and Persian patriots should realize this. Much better to have Magi than mullahs.

  4. says

    Calling it an awakening reminds me of those horror movies where the mummy comes to life, personifying the reactionary, backward nature of this credo. I’d like to change the channel.

  5. says

    “Second Wave”? Watch out for the undertow, bro.

    BTW, did Islam copy the Jewish prayer shawl, too? Yes, judging by the Brigadier General’s Bar Mitzvah picture atop the story.

  6. says

    gaza victory brigadier??????,the boy scouts could have beat those deluded aspirations with one hand tied behind their bugs bunny once said, “what an ultra maroon”.