Iran tries to choke Israel with free oil offer to Jordan

“We have one common enemy and everybody knows that.” Except the learned analysts who make policy in Washington.

“Iran Tries to Choke Israel with Free Oil Offer to Jordan,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, November 25 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):

Iran is trying to close surround Israel on three sides with its “axis of evil” by offering free oil to Jordan.

Iran and Syria, through its Hizbullah ally, threatens Israel on the northern border, and the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood alliance south of the border allowed massive rocket and missile attacks on Israel until the ceasefire last week after Operation Pillar of Defense.

Festering economic problems, a growing Palestinian Arab population and paralleled opposition to the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty have made the kingdom ripe for Iran to step in, which it did last week.

“My country is ready to supply the kingdom with free oil and energy for the next 30 years, in return for trade deals and agreements regarding religious tourism between the two countries,” Iranian Ambassador to Jordan Mustafa Zadeh said.

“We have one common enemy and everybody knows that,” the senior Iranian official added, which was a clear reference to the United States and Israel, according to an Al Hayat article translated and published by Al Monitor.

Jordan is burdened with a $21 billion deficit, but the temptation of free oil was termed a “big risk” by several Jordanian sources….

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  1. says

    Go for it, Jordan. Everything is always on the level when dealing with Muslims, even in intra-Muslim dealings.


    Go for it if you no longer value having a separate country. Then again, you’re all part of the worldwide ummah, n’est pas?

  2. says

    Does he mean free forever with no limits?
    So Iran is not only going to supply a product for free, they are also going to absorb the cost of pumping and delivering…How many oil refineries are there in Jordan? And what ‘energy’ are they talking about? They have energy to spare? Really?