Israel hits Hamas top dog Haniyeh’s headquarters

Unfortunately, the jihad mass murderer was not in the office. “IAF bombs Hamas PM’s Gaza HQ; Haniyeh unhurt,” from the Jerusalem Post, November 17 (thanks to Lookmann):

The Israel Air force struck Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh’s headquarters in the northern Gaza Strip early Saturday morning, according to the IDF Spokesman’s Office.

Haniyeh was not at the headquarters during the IAF strike, Israel Radio reported. It was not immediately clear whether there were any casualties in the strike.

Heavy rocket fire started anew Saturday morning after a relatively quiet night, with 50 rockets fired at southern Israeli cities since midnight. In total, Palestinians fired 660 rockets toward the Jewish state since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday, but only 27 landed in built-up areas. Iron Dome intercepted 213 projectiles, maintaining a 90% intercept rate.

Three IDF soldiers were lightly injured by shrapnel from a rocket in the Eshkol area. Palestinian sources report 39 Palestinian deaths, according to Israel Radio.

The Hamas cabinet headquarters were targeted with four airstrikes and were completely destroyed, a Hamas official told AFP.

The Israel Air Force struck 200 targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Friday, including 120 rocket launchers and 20 tunnels, bringing the total number of targets throughout Operation Pillar of Defense to 830.

Among the targets were Hamas Interior Ministry and Hamas police compound, as well as Hamas training facility and rocket launching squads.

On Friday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called US President Barack Obama to discuss options for “de-escalating” the situation in Israel and Gaza, the White House said.

Obama “reiterated US support for Israel’s right to defend itself, and expressed regret over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives,” according to a statement on the call….

Savagery thwarted: Iron Dome intercepts jihad rockets over Tel Aviv
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    Obama supports Israels right to defend itself, and that’s all he will do…He urges all sides to remain calm while he conducts an investigation…

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    Iron Dome intercepted 213 projectiles, maintaining a 90% intercept rate.

    What a wonderful, resourceful and humane people the Jews are. They could have poured all their resources of time, money and collective brain power into a super weapon that could vaporize their sworn enemies, instead they build a shield to protect their men, women and children.

    So, who are the peace makers? For they will inherit the Earth.

  3. says

    “Unfortunately, the jihad mass murderer was not in the office.”

    Coincidence or cowardice?
    What do you think a Muslim top dog would do in battle? Hide?

    The Prophet said, “By Him in Whose Hands my life is! Were it not for some men amongst the believers who dislike to be left behind me and whom I cannot provide with means of conveyance, I would certainly never remain BEHIND any Sariya’ (army-unit) setting out in Allah’s Cause!!! Bukhari 4.52.54

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    When you are the only civilized combatant, and you try and warn the civilian population in an effort to keep casualties to an absolute minimum, sometimes you lose the chance to strike your target.

    Better to miss an opportunity to kill this guy, than to hurt innocents. Israeli intelligence is good enough to find him again.

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    Glad to see that Obama stood up for Israel’s right to protect itself. Maybe he’s learned something from having had to give the order to whack OBL.

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    Never mind a thousand rockets, or the number that land in built up areas, or even the damage they do.

    Let any beligerent force send just one rocket to encroach the airspace of a Christian nation and fall on barren land, and we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

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    Oh Duh_Swami a rocketeer’s life is short, but he serves the mighty Allah and is rewarded with immediate access to the delights of Paradise. How do we know ? Muhammad said so and what more reliable source is there ?

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    I disagree.

    If you fire at my family whilst hiding behind your family, I will shoot you with or without your family.

    If that is too radical a concept for “civilised” people, Islam is destined to dominate a world of wimps.