Nicolai Sennels on UK against Tommy Robinson

To former generations, England exemplified democracy and was an upholder of human values and a democratic humanistic way of life to the world. It is a great loss and pity if today this same country becomes the first to bow down to their destruction. Today openly embracing the Muslim sharia and imprisoning heroic people who do nothing but stand up for these values leaves Europe much weakened in its protection of our culture.

Freedom fighters are the greatest and most important heroes of the world today and certainly it would be wise for any government with an anti democratic agenda to set heroes like Tommy Robinson free before too much of the their population begin to think and talk. That the world’s great example of Magna Carta and Bill of Rights (England) should come to this state is a dire warning to the rest of us.

We owe them all our best wishes, now is the time for the rule of the people to show its worth!

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UK: Muslim gangs raped underage girls in care homes
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  1. says

    Now the EDL site is down, hacked by a bunch of leftard facist thugs.

    The last I heard is that Tommy is allowed to receive letters, cards. Money, ie a po, has to be made payable to the Governor.

    He is away from the muslim prisoners, but has been housed in a cell in the basement known as ‘the dungeon’, but still hasn’t been allowed to receive warm clothing or a duvet. He has a legal team apparently, but up till now no budging on keeping him in until the New Year.

    And that pos Ahmed was let off with a slap on the wrist after killing someone whilst driving and texting !